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A Nigerian writer for stage and screen....


A Nigerian writer for stage and screen.

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  • A review of Wollemi Pine
    by jaywriter on 03/07/2011
    First of all, I enjoyed reading the screenplay. I must say the storyline was quite cute. I really loved the suspense. I really didn’t ever guess it might be Ryan. Thought it was going to be one of the adults. So you really did the suspense part well. Your characterization was also good especially Eric, Ryan and Sarah. I felt you didn’t quite explore Eric well but still liked... read
  • A review of Off Broadway
    by jaywriter on 01/15/2011
    Read the review carefully but always write what you are inspired to write. You are the voice and nothing is more important than your voice. Your screenplay was quite an interesting one. I very much liked the way you used a whole lot classical songs from classical Hollywood musicals. They characters were also good ones. The best part of the screenplay for me though was the... read
  • A review of The Leaner
    by jaywriter on 01/13/2011
    Read my review carefully but you are the artist. So always write what you’re inspired to write. I have to say this was an enjoyable read. I am a great fan for good rom-coms with a good drama-ish tone. And this was that kind of script. There were lot of things that I loved about the script and I’ll mention a few. Your dialogue was very good. Quirky, funny and with a lot of... read
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  • Tim Groenendyk on 03/08/2011

    Thanks for your review of Wollemi Pine Jay! Appreciate you taking the time to read it! Good luck with your own writing too.
  • **DELETED ACCOUNT** on 01/26/2011

    Thanks for your kind review of "Zen in the Art of Domestic Surveillance" and for your encouraging remarks. Good luck to you in all your endeavors!
  • wanderingmbhorn on 01/24/2011

    Thanks for a wonderful review of DREAM-WALKING! I appreciate your kind words and am glad you enjoyed the screenplay!

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