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Started the Screen Actors Studio where he teaches and coaches actors for TV & film auditions. For more info about JD go to www.jdferrantino.com...


Started the Screen Actors Studio where he teaches and coaches actors for TV & film auditions. For more info about JD go to www.jdferrantino.com

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  • by jdzone2001 on 02/11/2012
    I liked this shortfilm. Especially since it was part of a 48 hours assignment. The script worked for me. The casting was good. I thought the actors did a good job. The camera and lighting was fine. Sound was also good. The film moved along nicely and held my attention. Good job!
  • A review of Eliki
    by jdzone2001 on 11/18/2010
    What a great location. The boy did a great job. He was very natural in his acting. The sound was good along with the camera work. The editing worked well and kept the pacing flowing nicely. I felt the story was somewhat weak. But I did like the idea of the treasure being the cinema. Good luck in the festival.
  • A review of Dirty Job
    by jdzone2001 on 11/13/2010
    I thought you did a good job with the set decoration and all the props etc. Very realistic. The voice over was done very well. The camera work was interesting along with the editing. The story to me was nothing really new. Especially since I have seen this many times with all the CSI TV shows and crime dramas. Good luck in the festival!
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  • sinhat on 08/02/2009

    Thanks for the review. I see on your profile that you have quite a bit of experience in the film&TV field, so your review was very appreciated. That short was just something of an experiment like you said; it was shot in one night, minimal takes, etc. I was wondering if you could review my other short on this website (summer lovin'). It has more of a developed story, characterization, etc and I would be grateful if you could provide your input on it. Thanks again for the review
  • Hall E Woode on 09/26/2008

    Thanks for your review of The Baseball!
  • MikeyMook on 08/02/2008

    Thanks for your feedback.

    It couldn't really have been filmed with two opposing styles, because that would've killed the idea of it being filmed in real time by the players. The anti-climacting ending was a style choice because I wanted the viewer to think more about the difference in cultures rather than the on-screen violence.

    Sorry it didn't appeal to you.

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