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  • A review of Shriek
    by Jenene on 09/12/2008
    WOW! That is such a tiny picture. I did like the story idea and the little bit of action, but it was very hard to see what was actually going on and also hard to hear the dialogue. Overall for a first time film short it wasn't bad at all.
  • A review of WRAPPED
    by Jenene on 05/27/2008
    The synopsis states "two kids go on their last adventure and discover the imaginable...really? I didn't see and adventure. What I saw was two kids in a barn doing what kids do, get into things, which is not an adventure. Making the rug part of the story was interesting but it didn't do much for the story. The story was boring and not very interesting.
  • A review of The Butterfly & Me
    by Jenene on 05/27/2008
    Technically the shots are very clear and concise. I really like that about this short. I understand wanting to find love and about his lonliness but I don't see how the butterfly theory works here. I'm not sure if he has a look of intense sadness or if he looks confused. When he is walking through the people he is looking at all the women and he looks really creepy almost... read
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