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Writer/Director of "Sex After Kids" and "The Untitled Work of Paul Shepard" - sometimes he says funny things on Twitter @LaLondeJeremy...


Writer/Director of "Sex After Kids" and "The Untitled Work of Paul Shepard" - sometimes he says funny things on Twitter @LaLondeJeremy

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  • A review of Fixed Shadows (r)
    by Jeremy on 05/26/2011
    I'm a guy who likes a film that takes twists and turns. A mystery to figure out - and you've got a doozy here! The writing style is clean and smooth - the pages turns themselves and outside of a formatting thing that I'll mention below, I'll be damned if I found a single typo or error. More people should strive for this kind of perfection before uploading! There is a difficulty... read
  • A review of mama louche louche
    by Jeremy on 05/23/2011
    The journey to anywhere always starts with a first step, and I can only assume that this script if one of your first steps into the world of screenwriting. The following review is meant to be constructive, so please keep in mind that I'm not saying anything to be hurtful. From the first page it was fairly clear that you haven't spent a lot of time studying the craft of screenwriting... read
  • A review of Got to Get Back
    by Jeremy on 05/11/2011
    First off, you've got a very crisp and clean writing style. This was a very fast read - you handle your action sequences with flair and originality. This isn't meant to be an insult, but this kind of made me think of an 80's/90's flick starring one of the big action guys - like Arnold or Van Damme, or one of those guys. Big dude with a heart of gold kind of film. The... read
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  • WStuntman on 08/16/2011

    Just checked and i think i read the original....scanned both briefly to see the difference and have to say the first seems to read better than the V2....going on the first couple of pages anyway.....example...the exchange between Elwin and Jayme has more Witt in the first whilst it seems cramped in the second (guessing you was trynna cut down pages, right? haha)....jus thought i'd let u know :)

    oh and i came across it by triggerstreet's suggestion of similar work to an old version of a SP i had up.

    Yea will take a look at the site and the discussion...i look to learn where ever i can...haha

    Good luck man, will keep a look out for ya work, hope its as good as this one... :)
  • WStuntman on 08/16/2011

    Just had a read of your script Love sex and death in the 21st. Didn't have much of a critique for it for a review but just thought I'd commend you on how brilliant this is. This is what films are made for- to make people take a good look around, and this one really does ask for one to take a good look at the ridiculous shit going on. haha really enjoyed the knock down on Oprah. Hope this script makes it one day, would love to see it on screen. Thanks for the read. Absolutely brilliant :)
  • MattyMustng on 07/19/2011

    Whatchoo talkin about Willis?
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