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Bring on the Hobbit!!...


Bring on the Hobbit!!

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  • A review of Pony Express
    by jetjaguar1015 on 06/10/2009
    Enjoyable to read, and a cut above the average, although no surprises here. In reading, you can tell exactly what's going to happen as the story progresses, but it's still a fun ride. The action moves right along, and in no area does the story drag on. Plot points are neatly tied up for the most part, and the structure is textbook 3 act arcs. The characters are what you... read
  • A review of Neverland
    by jetjaguar1015 on 05/06/2009
    This is the story of Peter Pan, retold from a much darker angle, making Peter as much a villain as Hook is. While the idea is good, the execution needs some work. At 130 pages, it's overlong, and a lot can be cut out of this, still keeping the story intact. There are a lot of grammar, punctuation, and formatting errors (some characters and actions are capitalized, and others... read
  • A review of Gunfighter's Waltz
    by jetjaguar1015 on 11/29/2004
    Ambitious attempt to recreate the famous gunfight in Tombstone... Overall mood of the film was dead on (no pun intended). Positives: Great mood, costume design, and cinematography. Production values were top notch! Negatives: Minor, but noticeable...acting was decent, although closeups on the actors faces revealed fake-looking mustaches on boys, rather than grizzled men... read
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  • Tamlin on 05/06/2009

    Thanks for the review of Neverland. I'll probably shoot you an email about additional questions.

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