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  • A review of Love Hack's Revenge
    by jiggson on 04/11/2013
    This was a well written screenplay with few typos or formatting errors. The characters all had clear voices and I could easily follow the plot and story. The one element of the structure that could use some work is the use of Voice Over. Voice Over is a difficult thing to pull off successfully and it does not work in this script. The short segment at the beginning between... read
  • A review of The Girl of Givet
    by jiggson on 04/04/2011
    The Girl of Givet was an easy enough read and the time period, though used often, still has plenty of potential for compelling stories.  I did feel that it should have focused more on Adeline and her story, given the title. This is a hard screenplay for me to review for some reason, so I am just going to list out some of the areas I felt could use some improvement. Opening... read
  • A review of Hurricane Season
    by jiggson on 11/15/2007
    This was a pretty standard, come from behind, underdog story. That being said, I rooted for the kids and wanted to see them succeed. Past the middle of the story, Eric was an easy character to support. His breakdown on his sisters and girlfriend was hard to swallow. It will be hard to root for a character who is a complete ass to little girls and forces them out of a... read
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  • Brandon Taber on 10/04/2009

    Guess you have to change the name of your Zombieland script now, huh?
  • Paul Iacono on 04/14/2008

    Hey, thanks for your comments on "Strange Days". Funny thing -- I just uploaded a revised version last night, and I saw your review this morning and thought "Wow, that was fast!" lol. Then I realized you reviewed the old version, of course.

    To be honest, I've never seen any of Rob Zombie's work, so maybe I'll check some out. (On the other hand, you couldn't pay me to watch the "Saw" series or "Hostel" .) I was going for more of a David Lynch kind of feel.

    (And FYI, I'm aware of the difficulty I'll have selling a screenplay in which one lead gets ass raped and the other gets shot in the face. I can just see actors scrambling to take either role lol. So this has been more of an educational exercise for me, really.)

    Again -- thanks so much for your comments!

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