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After two years of battling the writer's block I am hammering away on another story....


After two years of battling the writer's block I am hammering away on another story.

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    by jokermik on 03/02/2005
    I like how quickly you got to your inciting incident/setup. This is how it's supposed to be done. I would take a hard look at some of your dialog. Just two examples of dialog that were kind of cockeyed: "you blacked out, so to speak" and "this quote unquote blackout". Who the heck talks like that, especially doctors? Pare it to the bone. The watch throwing and smashing got... read
  • by jokermik on 02/27/2005
    You have a good way with words, but there is a huge hole in setup and structure. Unless you have these two you ladies running around naked for the first twenty minutes you really have to get to the point, the setup. It takes much too long for the reader to get an idea of what this story represents. Wanda and Betty make a great team but you need to give them more to do early... read
  • by jokermik on 02/23/2005
    A fine script with potential. But the action is slow in coming. I was on page 50 and all we had was a wimpy hero who didn't want his demon bodyguard killing the people that killed him. C'mon. Dawson needs to get a littlre riled up before this, or at least ask for something more than leather clothing. Cut back on the exposition, too detailed. Why say a character unzips his... read
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  • chalkoutlinefilms on 05/04/2008

    Hi JokerMik - If you are still out there I'd like to talk to you about your script, "Dogman."


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