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I'm straight gangsta....


I'm straight gangsta.

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  • by Jordan Anthony Thomas on 11/30/2011
    Okay, there was five minutes of enjoyment. First, I laughed my ass off at the concept. It is somewhat of a fish out of water story. Second, I like drugs and sex. Third, the characters where wonderful and well defined with an edgy off-the-cuff sort of style. Fourth, the narration is smooth and well delivered. What are we on was solid....sixth...good sound... read
  • by Jordan Anthony Thomas on 12/12/2009
    Finally a movie about a man who has the same phobia of pregnant women as I do! It really was time to show preggos in the creepy light. Give it a low budget and get it on late night cable and you got a solid win for the writer. It is what it is and doesn't apologized for it. I love that. May it be judged as an absurdist comedy along the lines of Frankenhooker and The Toxic Avenger... read
  • A review of Snoqualmie Falls
    by Jordan Anthony Thomas on 12/11/2009
    Always a good time reading a local script. We sure need more movies set in the Northwest. I got the feeling that the broadstrokes were there but the entire story felt very rushed. This one came in at 94 pages so there is a lot of room for growth. Concept: Love the concept. It felt like a Stephen King story in the beginning. I was expecting Dennis to lurk in the shadows more... read
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  • gordonkris on 12/12/2009

    Ah, Frankenhooker! Mr. Henenlotter is a hero of mine. Brain Damage is a masterpiece. Thanks for the review!
  • RJWIII on 12/12/2009

    Thank you for reading and reviewing ‘Snoqualmie Falls.’ Have a good weekend.
  • **DELETED ACCOUNT** on 11/30/2009
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