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Another frustrated film fan, playing with a digital video camera....


Another frustrated film fan, playing with a digital video camera.

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  • A review of Quiet Darkness
    by josh222 on 03/04/2005
    A guy wakes up and finds out there's a nuclear war, so he kills himself. but it was all just a dream, and he wakes up again, only to find out that there really was a nuclear war. yep, thats about it, pretty pedestrian, but go ahead, its your 4 minutes. in the first scenario, the strategy of using a radio update to portray the impeding destruction is somewhat effective. in... read
  • A review of Caught on Film
    by josh222 on 02/18/2005
    A pretty worn concept that was probably fun to watch by those involved, but isnt handled with any kind of special capability or touch that would carry that fun over to an audience. None of the actors did anything to hinder the production, but didnt do anything to get it really moving either. Some ok laughs, but again, lots of misses, and many that just sat there and smelled... read
  • A review of Forgiveness
    by josh222 on 02/18/2005
    pretty well done, storyling that hinges on confusion as to what its all about. I'd give it high marks for uniqueness, and simplicity, and for stretching the limited budget through an interesting concept. the production end (acting, direction, camera work) was good on all accounts, but never spectacular. A good use of simple means to create a tangible and effective story.
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