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  • A review of The Infinite Flu
    by JohnnyCoffeen on 07/23/2014
    This is by far the best film I've seen on this website. With that said, I feel its greatest weakness is the acting -- actually more so with the voice actor on the other line of the phone. I feel like if this were to be redone, maybe rethinking the dialogue a little bit more wouldn't hurt -- possibly that would help the acting if it were to be handled better. But conceptually,... read
  • A review of Irreparable Damage
    by JohnnyCoffeen on 07/19/2014
    Running Notes: Great job on a very smooth first page. Quick dialogue and description that really sucks the reader in. From the logline, this makes me think it could be similar to The Producers. I love the commercial on 2 -- some much that I think it'd be better if you started the film with it. Maybe (and I know you shouldn't type this kind of thing into the screenplay itself)... read
  • by JohnnyCoffeen on 07/18/2014
    Running Thoughts: I see that this is a sequel, so I'm glad you re-described that main character rather than just carrying on like we knew who he was. In fact, what’s nice about this is how you already know really well who the character is, along with the film feeling like it’s starting in medias res. Also, you have great, vivid descriptions so far along with some well-done... read
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  • neal0018 on 02/20/2014

    Thank you, Johnny, for your good wishes, and I'm glad you like the idea of turning 'Thinking' into a short. Pick out the best bits, you could have a ripper of a short, and there's plenty of film festivals to enter shorts into that'll get you a name for yourself. Actually, as a short, you could even try crowdfunding to get it made - Kickstarter or something. Got my fingers crossed for you, mate!
  • Russ2007 on 02/02/2014

    Thank you for reading Anna & The Cat and the notes. These will be very helpful in the rewrite. Greatly appreciated.
  • TheLastGlance on 01/28/2014

    Yo, thanks so much for the review of "Rex". I appreciate your thoughts!

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