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  • by JohnnyCoffeen on 02/13/2014
    I will give you some tips and I believe that if you follow them, the quality of your second draft (and the quality of your feedback) will greatly improve: 1. Clean up all of your typos, formatting issues (random parts of the script had an additional space in between words or sometimes no spaces between words). I know this might be a first draft and you’re looking for feedback... read
  • A review of EDGE OF MANIA
    by JohnnyCoffeen on 01/26/2014
    Running Notes: I've gotta say that you have a great set-up here. I also like the Shakespeare quote. The whole brain-related set-up and Shakespeare references makes this script and my newest script have some stuff in common. Great, great first page! Super visual, fully of mystery and action and shows us what we have in store -- a Breaking Bad type hook. These pages read... read
  • by JohnnyCoffeen on 06/05/2013
    I like to review scripts pointing out the good/bad things I read along the way so you know what a reader thinks when reading your script. Running Thoughts: Just a simple observation – on your title page, the title/your name seems offset to the right. Perhaps you should use the “center paragraph” option or whatever it’s called in Final Draft. I’m on page one and so far I... read
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  • neal0018 on 02/20/2014

    Thank you, Johnny, for your good wishes, and I'm glad you like the idea of turning 'Thinking' into a short. Pick out the best bits, you could have a ripper of a short, and there's plenty of film festivals to enter shorts into that'll get you a name for yourself. Actually, as a short, you could even try crowdfunding to get it made - Kickstarter or something. Got my fingers crossed for you, mate!
  • Russ2007 on 02/02/2014

    Thank you for reading Anna & The Cat and the notes. These will be very helpful in the rewrite. Greatly appreciated.
  • TheLastGlance on 01/28/2014

    Yo, thanks so much for the review of "Rex". I appreciate your thoughts!

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