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Hi...my name is Bill. Yes, I am a homegrown movie dork. This..addiction started as a child. Going to the movies was the once a month out time. A sanctuary from the storms that life can give us. These memories are very profound...


Hi...my name is Bill. Yes, I am a homegrown movie dork. This..addiction started as a child. Going to the movies was the once a month out time. A sanctuary from the storms that life can give us. These memories are very profound for me. New Years Eve 1979, while family and friends partied the night away a quite 9 year old watched The Good The Bad and The Ugly. Right after the birth of my kids and meeting thier mother, the instance that affects me the most is that fall night in 77 when my friend and his dad took me to see Star Wars. Don't get me started on the affect of Wrath of Kahn. This has grown over the years, refined, into a serious love of film. In my 20's I started seeking out indie and classic films. I researched my favorite directors, because I wanted to see the movies that impacted them. I knew I had a problem when the first AFI list came out and I had seen 90% of them. I once had a drama teacher tell me that an actor is somebody who couldn't do anything else; that is how I feel about film. I am just a poor guy from the midwest wanting to share in the art of making a good film.

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  • A review of The Beneficiary
    by justbill2020 on 09/14/2011
    This was a great story of revenge. It contained all the premises I enjoy from a good story of vengence and redemption. As Niche said when hunting monsters beware not to become one yourself, and this idea is somewhat structured into the development of Durazo's character. The story also follows the concept I like that when you take the path of vengence be prepared to dig two... read
  • A review of Closure
    by justbill2020 on 08/25/2011
    I want to start by saying what a great story. When I started reading it the story grabbed me right away. I enjoyed the use of flashbacks to reveal the actions of the different characters and how they tied to one another. It was like Snatch, Pulp Fiction, Dogma, and the Order all rolled into one. Good pace to for revealing the true nature of the characters. Having god and... read
  • A review of IRONMAIDEN
    by justbill2020 on 08/24/2011
    I want to start by saying I was very entertained by the IRONMAIDEN screenplay. I have always been a fan of the ordinary person thrust into extraordinary situations type of plot. The story was good, creative, and dynamic in it's scope. I enjoyed the scope of the story; streching across time and space, mixing in historical context, and the whole utimate good aganst evil ambiance... read

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    With one of my favorite times of year coming up I thought I would put up ten horror movies to enjoy. I love all movies but horror has always held a special place in my heart. Being from Ohio my weekend time on a too cold or wet day was spent getting introduced to classic horror by the likes of Dr. Creep and Super Host. My imagination was feed by the great performances of Bela Lugosi, Boris Karloff, Peter Cushing and Vincent Price. The effects of the Japanese mega-monster movies or the works of Ray Harryhausen may seem dated by todays standards but they entralled me, opening me up to new worlds. That is right, I am not one of those who cringe in fear during a horror movie but instead annoyingly sit with a feverish smile sounding like Flounder from Animal House going "Oh boy this is going to be great." Anyways for Halloween I wanted to put up a list for any other fellow film dorks to enjoy, debate, or speak softly behind their hands in awe of.
    These aren't in any paticular order, it isn't fair to them.

    Eaten Alive. I wanted to open with the great Tobe Hooper, but not with the more typical well known chainsaw movie.

    Black Christmas. The original from 74 will blow you away; you must at all cost avoid the craptacular remake.

    Captain Kronos Vampire Hunter. I think this is my favorite Hammer film, screw the crap that keeps getting remade because this movie would be awesome.

    American Werewolf in London. If you haven't seen it watch it after you smack yourself; if you have isn't it about time to enjoy it again.

    Devil's Rejects. I don't care what you say, it is amazing. It is like a perfect mix of Craven, Hooper, and Peckinpah; it will make you cringe because it is good art.

    Dead Alive. Had to have a zombie film in here somewhere and this one from down under is a fun ride. Early Jackson film with loads of gore and tongue in cheek antics.

    The Thing. Had to be a Carpenter movie up here, and this is a must see. If you have never seen it watch it with the lights and don't stop the ride until you get to the end.

    Suspiria. An amazing movie; the camera angles alone are enough to freak most out. Add the creepy music, locations and people and you have a horror classic.

    Last House on the Left. Again I can't stress this enough, don't watch the remake. The Craven original will twist your insides and leave you like a witness to a disaster.

    The Hunger. A good reserved vampire movie with a killer cast, watch for a quick walk on by William Dafoe.

    This is not a best of list, that is a horse of a different color. I just wanted to give some different films for the season so anyone who might need a film idea can use it.

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