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I've made a couple of short films, but have finally got back to rewriting my longer script....


I've made a couple of short films, but have finally got back to rewriting my longer script.

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  • A review of Off Book
    by K Jones on 10/16/2011
    This was an enjoyable light read with lots of potential. It seems quite original to do a funky modern comedy set in the world of the theatre (rather than film which would have been too much of an in-joke). I enjoyed the first third, as I felt I was with Michaelís experience. He and Rick are likeable losers. The plan to write the play also made sense. You want them to succeed... read
  • A review of Puzzle Man V4
    by K Jones on 12/06/2008
    At the heart of this script is quite an outlandish narrative concept. You either go with it, or you donít. I did, just about, because the script didnít take itself too seriously and the alternative reality near the end of the script is a marvellous idea and a truly original scene. I liked the fact that the earlier explosions were a prelude to something bigger and unknown. I... read
  • by K Jones on 11/20/2008
    This is an extremely well written script. It has a completely original take on a well worn horror genre. Whatís most impressive is the understanding that the best horror pics are underpinned by real human trauma. The best example I can think of to compare to is The Shining. These ďoldĒ people are desperate to cling onto their lives. Itís best characterised by Sally with her... read
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  • **DELETED ACCOUNT** on 06/11/2011

    Just a FYI, in your logline, there is no comma after "changes" ... ;)

  • Harf on 09/30/2008

    Thanks for reading and reviewing DB. You're right about expanding the Wendy storyline. I'd love to have George even suspect Wendy of using Cameron and ultimately of killing her father, but it would take another 30 pages to really hit on that note. But that may be the direction I head in for my rewrite. Thanks again.
  • ronaldfarnham on 06/25/2008

    No problem Kevin. I was completely honest. I liked the script. It kept me going the whole time.
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