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I want to say a special thanks to everyone who reviewed my latest script. I'm working on the rewrite now....


I want to say a special thanks to everyone who reviewed my latest script. I'm working on the rewrite now.

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  • A review of Home For Christmas
    by Kathy H. on 10/21/2007
    I liked your video. I thought it moved along well and had a pretty solid concept. I think the comments about the tampons gave too much away about the character. I think it would have been better to have him say something neutral and then show what he did for a living now. A stronger contrast would have been better. The shadows at the bottom of the frame, in the begining,... read
  • A review of Into The Darkness
    by Kathy H. on 10/07/2007
    I think this is a very timely story, one that a studio head would most likely consider. The dialog is good, the main characters have individual identities, and the action scenes are well written. Here are my notes as I read along: Pg 22, “her eyes betray her longing”… good description, but I don’t know what she’s longing for. For Matt? For the truth? Not sure. By page... read
  • A review of Deep Secrets
    by Kathy H. on 10/02/2007
    I think this script was very well constructed. The story moved well and the characters spoke with believable dialog. The action sequences were well written, especially the chase scenes. I had trouble believing some elements of the story. For example, most Native American tribes have a very strong tradition of gambling. In some tribes for example, heaven is described as... read
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  • Michelle77 on 11/06/2007

    Thanks, Kathy! I'm blushing!
  • **DELETED ACCOUNT** on 09/17/2007

    Aww shucks...thanks Missy!
  • Kathy H. on 09/05/2007

    I recently gave someone the suggestion to hire a proofreader.

    Today, I got a review that contained at least twenty type-o's and dyslexic mistakes. I think I need to follow my own advice.

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