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  • A review of RIPE
    by Keira Michelle on 01/15/2006
    Wow. I can see why this film was award Official Selection. This has to be one of the most touching short films I've ever seen. In my opinion, the casting was faultless, as was the directing. The music couldn't have been more fitting; sympathetic to mood and emotion and beautifully simple. The imagery was evocative and well suited to black and white. I would love to see other... read
  • A review of Hunter's Gold
    by Keira Michelle on 01/15/2006
    Okay, well, first of all I think what this film really needed to make it believable was some backstory on the Recluse. Although, in fairness, this could be included in the longer 14min cut of the film and was, in this, the casualty of a re-edit. I think without some backstory the whole plot is questionable because we can't see what led the two kids to seek him out so fervently... read
  • A review of Destiny in Blue
    by Keira Michelle on 01/15/2006
    This film is very unusual...which is not necessarily a bad thing, I just don't know where this film could go in terms of festivals etc. I liked the animation. I didn't really like the music in the first half, it felt a bit dry. I think it could've done with some voiceover (or screen captions perhaps), just to give the story a bit more life. All in all, not a bad experiment... read
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