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  • A review of A Broken Rule
    by kepow on 04/25/2010
    Hi Karyn. This was pretty easy to read with few spelling/grammatical errors, etc. and I thank you for that! On the other hand, this type of review is hard to write, because it's difficult to pinpoint where the problems lie, because it's written so cleanly. Anyway, I always start with the page notes and conclude with a summary, so here goes: pg.4 "And where am I gonna go... read
  • A review of The Janitor (REVISED)
    by kepow on 04/21/2010
    pg.1 Needs FADE IN pg.2 "IĒm not going to hurt him. FATHER Donít hurt him. SAMMY Iím not going to hurt him." I think the first "I'm not going to hurt him" should be deleted. Also "FATHER Okay. SAMMY Go on. FATHER Ok." I would stick to the proper spelling of "okay". Either way, just be consistant and don't spell it both ways. pg.8 "SAMMY (O.S.) You have your deal." This... read
  • by kepow on 04/12/2010
    Hello. First, my page notes, followed by a summary at the end: ------------------------------------------------- Title page... you need one. pg.1 A couple of formatting problems right off the bat; your scene headings should look like this: EXT. WHEREVER - DAY Yours are missing the period and a space after the dash. Also, remove ALL of the CUT TO:'s from your script, because... read
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  • ABRogers on 04/26/2011

    kepow wrote:
    Yo, bring it!

    I kinda brought it.

    (at least to the poker table - shut up before you use the term "maximum power" when referring to my lack of cornholing skills, Power. I'll be practicing before I get back there...)
  • ABRogers on 03/25/2011

    kepow wrote:
    ABRogers wrote:
    Yeah - I'll take the poker and you get to cornhole...wait a second...

    Where in all of this do I lose, again?

    Oh-ho-ho! Don't underestimate me! I've been practicing the art of having tricks (and cards) up my sleeves and I will most definitely be forcing the other fellows into running elaborate cornholing plays that'll thwart all your attempts to kick my ass.

    Yeah...who'm I kidding...I've been sitting on my fat ass talking shit for months...this is gonna be a win-win-win(-win?) for you, for sure. And the payback I'll give ya is that I'll actually move to your god-forsaken town and haunt these games until I overthrow you like a house of cards in a California quake (which sounds far scarier to me, I'm sure; Damn, I REALLY need to work on these. But, it *is* only midnight, so I *did* just wake up...naturally...)
  • ABRogers on 03/25/2011

    aww...*that's* now how it works; there's no payback involved here! I'll get back to you sooner and just let you beat me at cornholing. Yeah - I'll take the poker and you get to cornhole...wait a second...
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