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Construct with consistency, light with clarity, decorate with ambiguity....


Construct with consistency, light with clarity, decorate with ambiguity.

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  • by kmwriter on 07/06/2009
    Jim Carrey trumped you with “Yes Man,” but a familiar formula isn’t always a bad thing. There's some funny stuff here, but the major issue with this script is a lack of momentum and character arc for your protagonist, Cali. She has dreams, sure. But I’m not sure what is handed to her in the end was in any way related to this experience she has. First priority is structure:... read
  • A review of Man vs. Self
    by kmwriter on 07/02/2009
    Not a new premise – Back to the Future is the most obvious comparison you’ll likely get. But there’s nothing wrong with a successful formula, if done well with originality and freshness. Unfortunately, Becket was too familiar a caricature of every Jason Biggs/Adam Sandler character written and every cliché (whiz kid, friend’s hot mom, etc.) was used. With some funnier comedy... read
  • A review of King for a Day
    by kmwriter on 06/18/2009
    This was a fast read - a fairly light standard rom-com. Though the characters were conventional, one strong positive was the quirky, fresh dialogue. Brief, pointed sentences always work better in film and push the pace forward. Unfortunately, your leads were funny, yet emotionless. I had trouble buying into the logic of their relationship and never felt like I was rooting for... read
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  • **DELETED ACCOUNT** on 10/17/2009

    Not a problem. It was a good story. Ever think of turning it into a short script?

  • agilitygsd on 08/16/2009

    Are you OK? I've noticed you haven't been on "the street" recently - hope you're just busy writing - miss reading your wonderful reviews -

  • Ducey on 07/11/2009

    Your reviews are excellent.

    Here's hoping you draw an assignment by me.
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