Review of: 13.45 (part 2) 

reviewed by James Moriarty on 02/25/2012
Credited Review
James Moriarty
13.45 = 4 Chapters make a Novette Credited Review
V4 explores the low level anxiety that an adolescent male feels. The conflict was started by an act of violence/rough play on the soccer pitch. Was it intentional, or part of the game? An athletic board will decide.

Good writing: "stud with eyeed trouser has kept me going...talking about someone else's problems."

I have reviewed V4's three other stories that relate to the world of soccer. I think she has the material to produce a 100 page novelette that soccer fans and parents can identify with. She has the characters and basic story sturcture, but she needs to develop and refine it.

material: Scott's parents arguing that leads to divorce; Ama, girl friend who doesn't make it with the lead character, but plays a role. The teachers and coaches in the school. All characters we know from our own lives. Professor Moriarty, writing from the Magic Kingdom, Disney World, Orlando.

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