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Aspiring writer/director from Tennessee. As far as I'm concerned, anybody that gets to make movies for a living is the luckiest person in the world. I reckon that means my goal is to be one of the luckiest people in the world....

Short Film Favorites

Caught in between (high) by endreberentzen Uploaded: 01/07/2003
This film is a personal story about a the feeling of helplessness I felt dealing with depression. It shows the... more
Echopraxia by AlCielo Uploaded: 11/02/2006
A woman and her psychiatrist h ave similar dreams with different interpretations. more
GUIDE TO DATING by shnev Uploaded: 02/13/2003
Comedy, Documentary
Looks like you're going to get lucky. Execulatte presents "The Man's Man Guide to Dating". Our collection of dating... more
Hot Foam by Spinnaz Uploaded: 05/03/2007
Comedy, Documentary
A film-maker spends the afternoon with an eccentric puppeteer. more
Love Story by olivergray Uploaded: 04/07/2005
Comedy, Drama
Young lovers argue, then things really get out of hand when a stranger gets involved…. more
Two Jocks & A Fanny Pack by MikeyMook Uploaded: 07/16/2008
Two Scottish lads get more than they bargained for when the make fun of a local during their holiday in Oregon... more
Up The Hill Backwards by jamespharaoh Uploaded: 07/28/2004
Comedy, Drama
The café is a hive of energy and activity, a place where everyone wants to be. Anyone who is anyone needs to be... more