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  • by **DELETED ACCOUNT** on 12/20/2010
    The Twenty Twelve Prophecy by Charlie Marsh I don’t get it. The Sheema/Darlek relationship(not) is just too ugly and pointless. And, what happened to planet earth in the middle? I thought that was the main chunk of plot. Never mind. The dialogue is awful. Characters like androids. The whole thing’s confusing. P4 Attempting to soothe his animalistic desires, she calmly... read
  • A review of Eagle War
    by **DELETED ACCOUNT** on 07/23/2006
    The writer of Eagle War has a way with words. No question about that. His vision is in the details, and there are details aplenty here. This is a screenplay in need of editing so ruthless that the results may well be catastrophic to the frail story buried beneath action and description which may run nine, sometimes a dozen, lines long. Pages pass and few words are uttered... read
  • by KDAMAZON on 07/10/2008
    Aznora Critique First the nit-picky things... Don’t specify the colors of things unless they are absolutely vital to the story. For example, on Pg. 7, you state that she sits on a BLUE couch. Leave that to the set designer. Your job is to tell a story and make characters come to life. Also on Pg. 7, you were a bit redundant when you stated that an unknown object rattles around... read
  • A review of Anne Bonny
    by bjacob33 on 07/07/2010
    I couldn't resist doing the pirate-speak in my title of this review. Just so you know, there are a few typos that would not be detected by spellcheck so you may want to keep an eye out the next time you review. Here are a couple issues I had with the story. 1) I am always conscious of when an African character gives himself up to save non-Africans. It is flattering of the... read
  • A review of Anne Bonny
    by **DELETED ACCOUNT** on 10/12/2010
    I’ve had the pleasure of reading two screenplays about Anne Bonny in the span of twenty-four hours. So it was interesting to compare and contrast how each writer drew from the life-story of the titular character and weave a tale from it. I very much liked what you did here. Seems well-researched. The tone and diction evoked authenticity to the period which was very much appreciated... read
  • A review of Catherine
    by marleyluvsfilms on 11/04/2003
    This was a little dark in certain areas but spooky it was. It had a peeping tom look to it. man, I really liked some of the camera angles but this one project who need some one with lighting experienced. I wish i was there on this shoot, I would have tricked those scenes to be spooky, but good job. I am impressed with the production team and want to see more.
  • A review of The Critic
    by jackierr on 06/08/2008
    This was a cool film, I enjoyed it. I do feel that some of the performances were flat, but the actor who played the critic did a good job in inspiring a sense of command. There were some punchlines and beats in the script that were missed and the manager could have benefited from being cast a couple years older. Narratively, the story didn't seem to have a clear cut protagonist... read
  • A review of Heads or Tales ?
    by Masked Mogul on 05/11/2004
    Bizarre. Funny, and bizarre. A lot of work in this I suspect. It's hard to tell wether I enjoyed it or not. I did laugh out loud at the Darwin story title. And the accents were good fun. I think though that the actual concept spoke for itself and therefore there could have been an injection of more of the Darwin humour. I wonder if in this case a straight forward story telling... read
  • A review of Chihuahua Popcorn
    by bthielke on 08/02/2006
    I quit Dannie! This was the funniest dang thing I've ever read. I stand humbly (okay I'm actually sitting) before your comic genius. Concept- awesome, funny funny funny. Story- At times it might have been a little hard to follow the totally wild, madcap action, but I think that when filmed it will be just a total frenzy. A couple minor things- somebody has to reload at sometime... read
  • A review of SHIFTER
    by snoopy1239 on 01/14/2005
    Wow! What a rollercoaster ride. I'm still dizzy. I read this for fun, and boy was it fun. So quirky, imaginative and unique. Your originality can't be challenged. Yes, there may be various technical/structural difficulties, but you have so much potential as a creative writer. Admittedly, there were some scenes that went over my head, but it didn't matter as we quickly moved... read
  • A review of Aquarianna (v2)
    by elysiumfilms on 11/06/2010
    This was an entertaining script which was a fast read, which had an great storyline and fantastic characters to match as well. It has that lovely feel of a bygone era as the writer fills the script full of details and characters from a another time. STORY Was engaging, as ships are mysteriously sunk by a sea monster and a mermaid goes missing. You know that this is one man's... read
  • by BlackCloud on 11/18/2002
    With pieces liek this I tend to use the "is it better than SNL or Mad TV?" question. the answer here is yes. Of course, this season in SNL sucks, but you have some very funny moments here. Instead of going to the reality scope (very funny) twice, it could be funny to see some interactio with the bunny. Although, I'm sure that'll be extra hard work and more expensive.
  • by bo hitchcock on 09/11/2006
    This was very clever and a fun little adventure through a delightfully sick little fantasy. The story is simple as is the music. It was not too long, well...the whole strike thing was just a tad too long, but so what? Mr Rogers on a very bad day, AYE AYE CAP'N
  • A review of 4 Easy Payments
    by go4wartz on 07/29/2005
    My interest wasn't totally piqued but I tredged on and trust me tredged IS a word. I will give you what is due and what is due is some cinematic "props." G. You guys have some great looking foitography and some stellar sound effects that make up for anything else that may or may not be lacking. You certainly have a seemingly high production value and it paid off indeed... read
  • by El Duderino on 04/09/2007
    I thoroughly enjoyed reading this screenplay. Good concept. A man finds out he’s going to die so he decides to make up for all the things in life he regrets not doing. This is strong - and a grabber. Good story. It was a fast read and kept moving. It never got slow, which is impressive for a 117 pages. The characters and events were rich and felt real. Excellent character... read
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