"Drama is life with the dull bits cut out."

- Alfred†Hitchcock


  • by argod on 04/17/2014
    Right off the bat, the wind story drags you in and engages you. I would like to see that more in segues or chapter beginnings and ends. It comes off as a nice impartial witness to the events. The following description of Isabelle is quite informative. This is where it kind of weighed on me like reading an encyclopedic entry with a scene layered on top of it. The universe... read
  • A review of SURREALITY
    by wopdom on 04/17/2014
    SURREALITY is an extremely well-written script. The action is clear and moves the story along nicely. Itís one of the strongest examples Iíve read on TriggerStreet in some time. With that in mind, Iíll relay any thoughts that I had that might be constructive, but this script is generally in a great place. On page 9 it is a very strong choice to have Christopher trolling for... read
  • A review of SURREALITY
    by TheRemedy on 04/17/2014
    What to say. This is one of the hardest screenplays I've ever had to follow. The story jumps around a lot between time. Sometimes it's in the past, other times we're in the current period. Maybe I'm not paying enough attention, but I did make a concerted effort to go back and reread some passages, but after the 4th and 5th time of needing to do this I gave up and trudged through... read
  • A review of Travelers
    by dedekmraz on 04/17/2014
    Insightful short, that makes the viewer think about his life and the absurd of trying to life the life by someone else's (society's) rules. Actor plays the part of a sad office worker superbly. The production is very good, although when cutting to different locations, the shots could be in the same frame, it would give the film much more professional look. But I am nitpicking... read
  • A review of Off the Cliff
    by dedekmraz on 04/17/2014
    A really nice narrative! Loved that the film looks into some philosophycal issues, with a touch of humour to keep the things little lighter. The subtle humour is very well thought of. The story itself is nothing special, but it gets (hopefully) the viewer to think about their life and the absurd of cursing a higher power for your own failures. the only negative would be the... read
  • by dedekmraz on 04/17/2014
    Great work! Enjoyed this film, it tells a story of a young man's search of a job. The song is of a narrative nature so the video doesnt have to be. But in this case, the video perfectly complements the story of the song. Its energetic, light and funny. It conveys a sense of adventure, youthfulness to the viewer. The sped up scenes of Europe are really well thought of. The only... read
  • A review of Kat
    by micheleraedejean on 04/17/2014
    I was surprised to see that this story has been posted since January yet it hasnít been reviewed. Well I read it anyway, I wanted to see why no one else had reviewed it. After reading it I understand why it has been left untouched. There isnít a coherent story here. The concept is interesting but the execution is severely lacking. I noticed many problems with grammar and spelling... read
  • A review of EPIPHANY
    by mgood on 04/17/2014
    Hi Theresa, I think you have the start of a good piece! I really liked how you managed to take us on a ride, and accomplished a fair amount in such a short page count. However, I think the lack of a successful build up really holds the story back. I see that there is the framework for rising tension; first the rain, then the rabbit, then the stag. And with sleeping children... read
  • A review of The Cat in the Frat
    by RL Nice on 04/17/2014
    First off, I'd like to say that this script has a great concept. A frat boy trapped inside a cat's body? That's very unique and original. But there are two main issues that I'd like to go over. First is focus. The story is about Tom as a cat. Thus, the story should focus on Tom as a cat. However, I came across countless scenes revolving around other members of Tom's fraternity... read
  • by micheleraedejean on 04/17/2014
    This story wasnít very realistic even though it was easy to read. Itís hard to believe you would tell a guy such a long story, a guy that you only had one blind date with, during an online chat session. By the time she hit send after two pages no one would have been waiting there in a real life setting. I have a step sister that married a gay man and found out in much the... read
  • A review of A Domestic Apocalypse
    by micheleraedejean on 04/17/2014
    When I started reading this it was written to read as if a washing machine was an evil object with a will of its own. Then after I finished I realized it was really a story about a whacked out guy who thinks a random act of electrocution was done by his washing machine on purpose. The whole evil machine incident took place in his head and was an original concept and much more... read
  • A review of Monster Rage
    by WLDWalker on 04/16/2014
    Nice story! I felt invested with the characters. I cared and liked them very much. You write strong dialogue - each character has a distinctive voice regardless of age or sex; your greatest strength. What hurts you, youíre being overly prosy. Establish a visual and move on. Youíre an intelligent writer. You covered just about every angle. No detail is too big or too smallóa... read
  • by telliott on 04/16/2014
    Horror is not my genre but I gave this short story a thorough read and came up with the following: Average story that has the potential to be great. There is no title on the first page. Also, paragraphs are not indented. Internet reading is leaning towards NOT indenting. However, I think paragraph indentation gives the human eye a break and it's just what I was taught... read
  • by htinney on 04/16/2014
    This screenplay has a very interesting and appealing historical setting - East Germany shortly before the fall of the Berlin Wall - and a great route into the youth culture - the burgeoning rock and roll scene that energized young East Germans. It is well structured and a fairly clean read with several engaging characters. It does, however, also have several problems. My first... read
  • A review of Ab Irato
    by TheRemedy on 04/16/2014
    This was a really slow read for me. One of those scripts where nothing happened for a really long time. For a while I was waiting for that big action scene that will make reading through all of this worth it, but instead I was left disappointed, like every season finale of Heroes. There's all this build up of the story and characters, and then the ending just sort of happened... read