• by curtdarwin on 06/26/2014
    I was expecting a short film and received a music video and I was glad I did. Under the Montauk Moon is the kind of music I like and look forward to seeing your other work on Youtube. I have a minor suggestion and that is maybe show the effect the end of the season has on the people, do they need government handouts, how does the community help each other out in tough times... read
  • A review of REDtest
    by curtdarwin on 06/26/2014
    Really, you had three girls just stare at one another and you thought it would be terrifying? There was nothing to your short. What was your premise? There was no Act 2. You just had a girl run down some stairs for Act 1 see herself sitting on a couple of couches and then run up the stairs. And that was it. Good luck to you in the future.
  • by curtdarwin on 06/24/2014
    You did a very good job on your short. Most shorts that I've seen are usually terrible but I enjoyed a Little Bag of Happiness very much. I don't have anything bad to say about it. I will say some minor criticism so this won't be a total love feast. When Abbey is nearly hit by Nicole, Abbey just opens the car door and gets in. There is no yelling at each other or asking... read
  • by Smythee on 06/24/2014
    This is protest film, centered around the BP gulf oil disaster. It starts with news footage. Sadly the footage goes on for so long that soon I wondered if it was a documentary. Overall the setup could have been delivered to the audience in a fraction of the screen time. The story dives into the consequences of a 'rush on water' at the local store. The biggest problem is... read
  • A review of Under the Bridge
    by MadAng on 06/23/2014
    I was unable to watch the video, not to sure why. I have all the plug-ins needed to watch it, I never had a problem watching anything else. It sounded interesting, kind of really wanted to watch it. I Might have to try again in the future. Sorry best of luck.
  • A review of Shelter by the Sea
    by paulcorey on 06/23/2014
    Hi, First off, I really enjoyed your short. The subject matter was interesting and the narrating poet was superb. My main criticisms are with the imagery used. I found the cutting to be too much. Longer takes create more of a sense of reality - I think the homeless guy's situation needed to be grounded more in reality. The images felt repetitive, but maybe that's what you... read
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