• A review of Scene from Macbeth
    by neal0018 on 02/18/2014
    I'm a big fan of Shakespeare and Max did a nice read. He was suitably wild-looking for an ancient Scottish king, but honest, could you nae find him a proper kilt, man? The beige skirtey thing looked a little odd. Unusual setting with all the peeling paint and graffiti, but quite effective. Not really enough in it though to get a vote for festival submission from me.
  • A review of Finding the Words
    by BUNKER on 02/18/2014
    I really liked this, very well shot, nice and short, the perfect length for the internet. I really enjoyed watching the build up. If anything I would have liked to have seen it end with the same results minus any dialog. It kind of felt like the dialog made it a little too on the nose and could have been expressed through actions. It would be a little different if maybe the... read
  • A review of Noir
    by BUNKER on 02/18/2014
    I'm having a hard time coming up with anything to say about this one. I liked it. I thought it was well shot, good pacing and pretty fun. It was interesting to see that old school humor performed by such young actors. Good luck with this and any of your future projects.
  • by BUNKER on 02/18/2014
    Let me start by saying that I found this interesting. One of my good friends is a vet tech so I found this to be a cool way to see a visual example of what she does in a day. I feel this is a good piece of marketing or a great tool to share with new clients. When I review shorts I think to myself whether or not I would accept them into a festival, and even though I thought... read
  • A review of Clean Before Loading
    by JITofe on 02/18/2014
    A bag full of… past, fear, mistakes, nothing? Who knows. Everyone carry whith one of them. Everyone try to go along the life trying to maintain this bag under control. Sometimes you can’t bear the bag’s weight but you’re not able to open the bag, look inside, and throw away some things. The past, the fear, the thoughts, everything is in this bag. You need the bag, or maybe... read
  • by Daniel Broadhurst on 02/17/2014
    VAMPZ! Episode 1: I Am a Vampire, Duh! is a short film that makes more fun out of itself than the (comedy, mystery/suspense) genre that it pretends to be. Spoofs can be really good and they can be extremely bad, but this one has a charm that puts it in-between. The script itself doesn't give the actors enough structure to create proper comical timing and the actors are slightly... read
  • A review of A Random Chase
    by Daniel Broadhurst on 02/17/2014
    I love art pieces. I love visuals that capture moments. I love the way anyone today can pick up a camera and shoot. But in 'A Random Chase' there are a few things I do not love. For example: I consider lighting and sound to be as, if not more important to the film than just a simple narrative. A better and more suitable location could have help this piece to be a little more... read
  • A review of The Blind
    by BUNKER on 02/17/2014
    I'm not sure if I get it, but I did like it. I found myself laughing out loud when he seemed to be taunting himself. There was a parallel universe thing going on right? Well done. It's always fun to see content that's actually entertaining that was made with limited resources.
  • A review of Book of James
    by BUNKER on 02/17/2014
    I really enjoyed this short. I'm not a religious person but I know enough to understand the religious references. I didn't fully understand some of the procedural references (IE why one side would be preferred to the other, or what these kid's duties actually are) but that didn't stop me from getting the over all story. Well done.
  • A review of Celebration
    by Gabi Miles on 02/16/2014
    I thought this piece was well written and well directed. I found the acting very good, particularly from the bald actor. I loved his monologue towards the end of the film about his excitement of being someone other than himself. I also enjoyed the whole taramasalata part, I found that very funny. The only problem I had was I think perhaps that 9 minutes might be a little too... read
  • A review of You Deplete Me
    by xania on 02/16/2014
    Overall a solid piece that grabbed my attention. The room was used very well to express the protagonists inner turmoil. Other highlights were the clever editing that showed the protagonist's distressed state. There could have been a more vivid use of sound to add to the feel of the piece. Overall it was a solid bit of filmmaking.
  • A review of Thwarted
    by xania on 02/16/2014
    Overall I thought the film was creative in it's use of stock footage with a V.O. element. I would have started the film about a minute in just to get to the heart of it. I liked the clever use of zoom with the still images and the music matched well with what was happening onscreen
  • A review of Can't See Me
    by VampzTV on 02/16/2014
    Can't See Me is a short art film about the connections we have between each other and the the objects in our lives. These connections are symbolized on screen by blue cords that connect each character with their corresponding object or person. In some of the scenes, however, there's an offscreen "character" whose only visible feature is their hands, which are painted red... read
  • A review of Shelter by the Sea
    by VampzTV on 02/16/2014
    Shelter by the Sea is basically a poem about a homeless man with footage of him living in a "shelter by the sea". I'm hardly a poet connoisseur, but I did enjoy the poem. As a film however, it had a lot to be desired. Considering that it was not a narrative film and it would most likely be classified as a short art film, there was no effort put into it. No interesting camera... read
  • A review of Don't Say Nothing
    by BUNKER on 02/16/2014
    I thought this short was well shot. I like the main character and the story he goes through. Working graveyard, just kind of giving up and living life out of spite. I even like the story of his breakdown. I wasn't however a fan of the guy on the phone. I didn't find the nonstop cussing to be funny. I'm not a person that's offended by foul language either. I just if this guys... read