• by InPost on 05/24/2014
    Basically a low budget music video for an obscure band and an even more obscure song. Not quite sure what I can say other than, I really don't like this type of music. If I could offer anything, I would say, try to tell a story that is the subtext to the song. And maybe some camera work.
  • A review of Nicks
    by serge rocco on 05/24/2014
    The film starts well. It's fun up to the point where people look back at the lead character in the streets because of the cut on his neck. You have good editing. Then it goes in a different direction and becomes pretentious. The poem thing is unnecessary and boring. It's too bad because the beginning is really entertaining. You could have better production values. Selecting... read
  • by max sappa on 05/22/2014
    I love music and I believe that the soundtrack in this music video is nice and have this very 'Dylan' quality to it. However, I am not a big fan of lazy filmmaking. Driving around and showing some CLOSED signs a bit of driving and a band singing for a few minutes doesn't seem like a lot of work - and it isn't. Also, because there are not 'visual' surprises after the first... read
  • by Smythee on 05/21/2014
    Blockhead starts with its main character, Linus, getting stoned with the aid of a bong. The blanket he puts over his head, while he’s hotboxing as they call it, is a gag on the dirty rag the peanuts character carries everywhere. It's a fun but obvious device. Andy Stewart as Linus plays the part quite well. He’s convincingly muddled. The tilted camera and jump cuts giving... read
  • A review of It's Just A Movie
    by Smythee on 05/19/2014
    Does anyone like being told what to do? Does anyone really like censorship? Censorship has its uses in certain areas, like in the protection of children or society's most vulnerable, but it's difficult to justify it in any other contexts. Adults should be free to decide what they watch, listen or read. It's a free society! (well it is these days...) Back in the days before... read
  • A review of Maximum Reality
    by puckclektr on 05/18/2014
    I'll start of by being brutally honest. Acting killed it. Not in a good way, but the twist had me fooled. I thought the guy in the car was the husband until I saw the guys face. Then I couldn't believe how the writer would think that we were dumb enough to think the girls would get in the car and not notice it was him. Then the twist. Neat little story and concept. My... read
  • A review of The Infinite Flu
    by puckclektr on 05/18/2014
    As I was watching this it reminded me of the numerous times I have done the telephone debate with myself. I got a little chuckle out of it. When he called in dead, I was kind of confused as to why he was calling in. Was it just a humerous way of telling your boss you quit? Apparently not. Overall decent short film.
  • A review of Can't See Me
    by Jeremiah Rounds on 05/18/2014
    Decent cinematography, but lacks depth. It's a collection of metaphors without a through-line deep enough to carry the characters. I did like the concept of being bound by the things we think we are in control of, but as a concept, I feel it could have been explored better by focusing on just one character's journey. Locations were nice, but seemed to be used merely because... read
  • A review of Meat
    by Jeremiah Rounds on 05/18/2014
    Utilizing stock footage is an interesting creative choice, and while I found the subject matter and musical score complimentary, the editing itself felt almost accidental. At many points the cutting points seemed to lack any semblance of reason or rhythm and felt amateurish and aimless. Overall feels like it would benefit from a second pass of editing, focusing on purpose rather... read
  • by max sappa on 05/15/2014
    Elmer! After 3 or 4 reviews of your work I feel entitled to call you by name (whether it is real or fictional). What can I say that I haven't already said about your movies before? Probably that the quality is always pretty average but the content... well the content hey? I am warming up to it... and yet I am in two minds with this (yeah, I've got issues of my own) and although... read
  • A review of REDtest
    by max sappa on 05/15/2014
    Great directing, mise-en-scene, and nicely shot but the suspence, drama and mystery is just not there. In fact, I don't even know why but it feels long too. I think that for this kind of short you need to label it well. Well, I would have ticked the experimental genre for starters. It needs another editing too and bring the whole thing down to a minute. So technically great... read
  • A review of Lonely Joe (Final)
    by serge rocco on 05/15/2014
    The look of the characters, the background scenery and the lighting are cool and pretty well conceived. The animation is a bit stiff though and the voice-over too monotonous. Lots of the characters' moves seem to be repeated. You have the nice looking design, a good concept, you can improve it by making it move more smoothly and adding more locations in the story.
  • A review of When Hope Is Helpless
    by JakeFree on 05/15/2014
    I liked this video. You could tell it was something real that happened and you just kind of set up the camera and let the viewer go through the experience with you. I think some of the best stories are told like that. Just sucks the experience had to be a negative one. I feel like some of the usage of pictures was a bit repetitive but doesn't effect the emotion or message you're... read
  • A review of CONVICTION
    by JakeFree on 05/15/2014
    This is probably the best short film I've seen on this site so far. Great camera work, Good editing, great script. It's a good concept that you address in such a way that makes the audience think and still able to enjoy the film without becoming too controversial, although whenever anybody addresses whether or not god exists, its going to be considered controversial. That's... read
  • A review of It's Just A Movie
    by JakeFree on 05/15/2014
    I feel like you tried to mix humor with art and it backfired when it came to getting your message across. Mostly seems like something you made to display your after effects abilities and just happened to have a lot of red dye and corn syrup laying around the house. Some nice stop motion in it though. Mostly see it as a display of technical skills