• A review of April Dreams
    by linusonline on 04/11/2014
    the cinematography is really fantastic during the dream sequences. It really painted a lovely and colorful dream sequence. well done there! the characters were interesting enough to want to see more from them in a feature or a 45 minute short film setting. I'm intrigued by the backstory and I'd love to know more about your lead character. some of the sound is a little... read
  • by dedekmraz on 04/06/2014
    You will have a good laugh over this one, I know I did! It is a innovative horror/comedy, acted out with puppets. The story itself is pretty weird one, but it only adds the comedic effect. The jokes are good for the most part, some are orginal, some already heard ones, but still they are delivered in a funny enough way, that this doesnt bother you. All in all a nice funny short... read
  • A review of Don't Say Nothing
    by Akinscribe5 on 04/06/2014
    The narrative here is quite thin but it is very funny. The girl was cute & brought dimension to the piece. But ultimately it feels like this is the just the beginning of a larger tale. Our main character is bored for much of the short & wheb the protagonist is bored, then the audience is bored.
  • A review of Optimistic 9
    by curtdarwin on 04/04/2014
    Your lob line is: A pure soul attempting to find her path away from someone that has been entirely corrupted. First of all, a pure soul doesn't murder someone. I didn't understand that part of your script. Your short film was visually shot will. Will done with lighting and framing. It had a nice creepiness to it. But I would like to have known why your antagonist wanted... read
  • by sanandreasfault on 04/04/2014
    A few things up front - love the writing. Very funny and obviously comedic. The intro first 'rant' sets us up and - we have no idea where we are! Then as you tell the story (in less than 2 mins) you learn it's horror. Great job. would love to see more of your work! a few small notes - take what you want or leave it all. 1) The dialogue in the very beginning (maybe even... read
  • by curtdarwin on 04/04/2014
    This was an enjoyable little film. T'Lane Balue stole the show. She was the best part in your short. There wasn't any funny lines or jokes but her personality made it funny. There are several actress that I have come across in Hollywood who have her personality. Jim O'Heir did a good job as the cab driver. He did well playing the gruff cab driver who wishes his cab fare... read
  • A review of Toni
    by Gordon Milburn on 04/03/2014
    Luv'd the music, opening credits and the filming, thought, alright this looks professional. But just couldn't get into it, the actors didn't quite buy it, so therefore didn't quite sell it and the character on the bed, left me with more questions than answers. The use of counterfeit money instead of the usual drugs and street girls, was a nice change. Good Luck with your... read
  • A review of Respect 101
    by InPost on 03/31/2014
    At times, shorts on TS are almost painful to watch, and I feel the same terror the boy on the floor does when I hit the play button. But lucky for me, and the kid, there are some good ones out there. And this is definitely one of them. Technically, it is done very professionally, so I won't waste too much time going over the basics. Although I will say that the victim does... read
  • A review of exit here.
    by InPost on 03/31/2014
    After watching this, two things come to mind. One, don't do drugs. Two, trigger street really needs to create a new category for what I would call a 'scene study'. This type of "short film" really doesn't satisfy many of the requirements of what I personally would consider a short film. Particularly, a narrative. If I really rack my brain, I can maybe come up with a few concepts... read
  • A review of Scal's Big Tip
    by rexb99 on 03/31/2014
    Ha, ha. This film reminds me one of those silent comedy shorts from the 20s. Sort of a modern version. Not just because it was silent and not because I'm an old guy. (I wasn't there either.) It's because it has that kind of broad humour and morality that seems to have played well in those days. It still plays well today. You've got a good sense of cinema and it looks like you... read
  • A review of Finding the Words
    by max sappa on 03/30/2014
    'I am sorry' 'no'... I get that sometimes we do overthink words before we say them to anyone. I understand that eventually what it can come out of somebody's mouth is just an apology which is negated by the other person. Yet, I didn't feel fulfilled watching this short! I think that what is missing here is the hint of his mistakes. I would like to have a little insight (not... read
  • A review of Skillet
    by Akinscribe5 on 03/30/2014
    I'm actually a huge horror fan & it doesn't take much for me to appreciate a horror film - but this short lacked any of the promises horror offers. There was no suspense, no chase, & even the gore factor was a let down. For starters, if you're going to give me a Wolf Creek, Mick Taylor villain, he's got to actually be frightening. Neither actor was committed to the moment so... read
  • A review of THE MAFIA TYPE
    by Akinscribe5 on 03/30/2014
    The misdirection of the opening promises a narrative that will pay off that which is set up at the top. The Al Pacino reference pushes us out of the narrative to flashes of stronger filmmaking with better performances. As our protagonist faces no obstacles, never fails, & fears nothing, we are robbed of any triumph when he gets the money. The twist ending is a punchline that... read
  • by emily phillips on 03/30/2014
    I looked at the film twice. I wanted to double check my first impressions, as I had the feeling they were only reactionary, rather than thoughtful. The second time around I saw that this was an autobiography of the filmmaker, dealing with issues of self-acceptance, reactions to 'outside' world (violence or non-violence), utopia not being found, sense of victim and protest,... read
  • A review of Naughty Girl
    by tannerduck on 03/28/2014
    I'm really creeped out by your work. I was just assigned another one of yours 'Haiku + 1' from a few years back and just removed it. I'm not sure how many submissions you've put here to clog up the stream, but its definitely working- people are forced to watch these youtube, experimental videos. I thought your rhythm with the song was fine, and you definitely love to watch... read