• A review of THE MAFIA TYPE
    by Untitled8 on 10/01/2014
    I have not reviewed a short film on TS in quite a long time. It was first a bit startling to be reviewing a film that was posted 8 years ago, and even more startling to remember how abysmal the quality of the video compression on the site used to be. I really hope the levels have changed since then. A few of my thoughts, and constructive criticisms for the film were that I... read
  • by max sappa on 10/01/2014
    I have watched a few of your shorts based upon Peanuts (my favourite comic strip of all time) and I have to admit that the idea of seeing 'our friends' as adults is appealing. In fact, very appealing. That is why, the stories of these shorts should be stronger/sharper than just seeing Linus as a pot-head-slacker-behind-with-his-rent-telling-the-story-of-the-Great-Pumpkin. But... read
  • by InPost on 09/30/2014
    Wow! Kudos on landing the name talent, not an easy feat for the run of the mill "filmmaker". Overall not bad, the production value is pretty low, but the story is ok. I always thought Don would make an awesome don in a gangster flick, Nickie the nose style, given the chance I think he could knock it out of the park. But in a world of bubblegum and superhero movies, not easy... read
  • A review of tulip or rose
    by Bill Albert Author on 09/27/2014
    This is an excellent film and would like to see more of it. There are a lot of very well thought out things going on here and it smoothly covers some very complicated topics quite subtly. Everything comes together to create two believable characters in a realistic situation and environment. Well done.
  • A review of The Gauntlet
    by Bill Albert Author on 09/27/2014
    This is a nice little film using what was available to tell a short story. Is it a dram or a premonition? I don't know but it is a very good use of editing and sound to make a nice adventure. Only think that would have made it better would be a little surprise or two at the end.
  • A review of Any Legacy
    by Bill Albert Author on 09/26/2014
    A short, sweet, well thought out film here. Truly interesting and thought provoking and I liked it a lot. Excellent choices in actors to tell the entire story. My only complaint is it just seemed to long. The opening credits were slow and ponderous and to much voice over black before anything gets started. They say that when you die your life flashes before your eyes.... read
  • A review of Maximum Reality
    by Bill Albert Author on 09/26/2014
    As someone who has always felt the whole "reality TV" things was a pile of crap I really think this film is right. It shows just how dangerous those kind of shows are and it is 100% believable that this couple could do this to an innocent person. It's so real it is difficult to watch and I mean that in it's supposed to be that way. Well done.
  • A review of Like Bloody Lips
    by grimmfilmservices on 09/26/2014
    At first I was wondering if somebody really stabbed Elmer Lang. I can think of a couple of ways that might have happened. One thing I know for sure, that can't be the shirt he was wearing. No bloody lip stains around the cut. After hearing familiar music in the opening, seeing the stock footage, and noticing that this is from 2007, I find myself remembering more current... read
  • by grimmfilmservices on 09/26/2014
    It's hard for me to watch the Blair Witch/Cloverfield style for very long, but I could of taken another minute or two of your style humor to really build this story. The guy's been trapped in his house for three days and is obviously a little stir crazy. This seems ripe for character development. Ending was great. Overall a good job.
  • A review of Reeled In
    by lawopstipops on 09/26/2014
    Reeled In comes with a shock, a real twist in the story. It's a great idea, but I think the script needs more work. I wasn't "reeled in" in the beginning and I think this is either because the dialogue needs some work, or because the acting needs some work. Either way, I wasn't immediately engaged in the story. I sort of stayed with it because I need to do the review and get... read
  • A review of From Darkness, Light
    by lawopstipops on 09/26/2014
    From Darkness, Light is a clever idea. If the story were longer, I don't think it would work, but because it's short, it works. Although at first I thought there was a problem with the software. So, perhaps some kind of visual, like a flicker in the darkness would help, would suggest that ... there is something there, something of a story, something of meaning. In both a literal... read
  • A review of Okay
    by lasemcbride on 09/24/2014
    I watched it a few times and i didn't get it BUT on the flip side, I really enjoyed it. Pro quality. The acting was god, the subtext, the dialog, the camera angles. It felt very professional. Not too mention the sound. when I read "is life over after the collision" and then watched the ending again, I see that they were in a crash. And the "you think we'e gonna make it" was... read
  • A review of The Policemans Story
    by max sappa on 09/21/2014
    ...and then there is 'The Policeman's Story' which by (very) far is amongst my favourite short films here on Trigger Street!!! I was on the edge of my seat to the bitter end and, while we are there, what an ending!!! The technical aspects were really good too and in a tale like this you really need to have everything right to get a 'full immersion'... Also, I would not touch/edit... read
  • A review of Trap Door Action
    by Bill Albert Author on 09/21/2014
    It's a difficult film to review. there are somethings I liked about it and somethings I just didn't get. I liked the idea of these two ladies having fun at this clothing store for a day and they looked like they really enjoyed it. I would have liked to have known more about them. I just didn't like the loud and crashing music as it distracted from the video and was just... read
  • A review of Respect 101
    by Bill Albert Author on 09/21/2014
    Who hasn't been in the position where you see someone who is so disrespectful and rude you wish you could teach them a lesson? That type of attitude is becoming so common you wish someone would do something about it. I really like what's going on here as it touches a nerve. At the beginning you feel sorry for the punks that are tied and bound, then you don't, then you do... read
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