"Comedy may be big business but it isnít pretty."

- Steve†Martin


  • A review of Verklempt
    by dyoung13 on 10/29/2014
    The short film had a very hard to follow plot line where it switched back and forth between the three characters on the beach and a mad scientist that was attempting to blow up the planet. Each time it scenes switched a new element was introduced and had no significance to the plot point, the grim reaper for instance seem just added in there and had no purpose other than an... read
  • A review of The Infinite Flu
    by Harish Kumar V on 10/28/2014
    initially it felt as if he is a lazy guy, fooling around, then there is the buildup of suspense in the conversation...but...later i got struck by the reality that he is actually dead and his ghost kept the boss informed! That also reveals about the man being true and responsible but his boss is so inconsiderate. Good one!
  • A review of 1
    by EugyBizzaro on 10/23/2014
    The timing on this film is not full of suspense but boring!!!! Hitch knows his timing. It is an art to balance suspense in a film. This goes far too long and instead of interesting it leads to boredom. I find this film dull as dirt. Perhaps, if the dark figure turned and came slowly at the camera, as if to approach the viewer and scare the wits out of them or there is a thud... read
  • by bhussey on 10/22/2014
    The video is a very literal interpretation of the song....besides the part about the moon. This would have been awesome if it was shot in black and white, maybe more of the band playing the song, perhaps outside, by the light of the moon. A little less shots of the town being 'shut down'. My best advice would be to start again. Instead of looking at the song literally, create... read
  • A review of Death's Game
    by redtruck204 on 10/21/2014
    I'm not gonna mince words. Nicely shot. But photographed like a play. All from one angle- front with isolated close ups. Some camera movement, dolly, jib, actual placement would have been nice. It felt like a play being shot. Speaking of plays, this also felt like a school project. Now, I don;'t know who you are or why this was made but it screamed school project. Shot in... read
  • by VonNiederauer on 10/18/2014
    The Day Everything Changed suggests that an invasion (extra terrestrials is implied IE. laser gun ) has caused the inhabitants of the planet, ( Earth we presume) to alter their lifestyles. We get the story from a young girl, who recounts some details in a very imperturbable manner. As far as her acting, she did a good job. Her voice was steady, slightly ironic when needed... read
  • A review of A Liquored Vicar
    by max sappa on 10/17/2014
    Am I offended? No! Am I religious? No! Does this short feel too long? Yes! Does the acting feel like overacting? Yes, in parts... When you have the camera fixed on somebody for this long, you either have a great monologue, acted well (like the gold watch monologue in 'Pulp Fiction') or you have a well edited short version that get to the point. And this is the true reason... read
  • A review of You Deplete Me
    by Bill Albert Author on 10/15/2014
    There is a lot of truth in this movie. Who hasn't been in that position when you realize the person you thought was so good for you has done so much harm? This film works well on all levels. The photography, pacing, acting and editing all work at just the right pace to keep it interesting and changing. If anything had been off the entire piece would have fallen apart but... read
  • A review of Haiku + 1
    by Bill Albert Author on 10/11/2014
    A fun, light-hearted film about a guy who says the wrong thing to his girlfriend. Not like anyone else has ever been there. It's a fast paced, entertaining film that lots of people can connect to. I especially liked the editing creating a steady pace without going to slow or over the top. That is harder to achieve than you'd think. Well done.
  • A review of The Good Guys
    by Bill Albert Author on 10/10/2014
    When I watched it the first time it seemed like simple, well executed idea. Then I watched it a second time, and a third, and each time I did I liked it more and more. There is so much more going on here than you think at first glance and it isn't quite clear who The Good Guys are supposed to be. It's us or them feel is really interesting at the beginning but, after several... read
  • A review of Last Visit-revision
    by hickok113 on 10/09/2014
    I thought the acting was good and the little actress playing "Amy" did very well. The floor creaking in the dark was nice and eerie . The first scare scene when the "Man" is now behind "Amy" startled the hell out of me, so that was well filmed and edited. For being about ten minutes, the time went fast and I didn't lose interest. I did think that the drawing of the "Man"... read
  • A review of REDtest
    by hickok113 on 10/09/2014
    I thought the idea to use one room was good for ease of shooting and time for set ups. The beginning music was good. I thought the actress was good for what was required of her and she was attractive with a nice laugh. The red gave it a distinct feel. I was hoping for more than just her standing at the bottom of the stairs. Maybe having the three girls interact or something... read
  • by Greg Marangell on 10/04/2014
    I really liked this film. Happy Birthday My Dear had an engaging and well thought plot centered around a birthday party for Oscar. One of the hardest things for a short film to achieve is to get you to care about the characters and what is happening to them. This film does an exceptional job of showing what Oscar's wife is going through and you can understand her actions... read
  • by Bill Albert Author on 10/04/2014
    You never know who you are going to meet and sometimes a chance encounter can change everything. A nice short film, well directed and acted, the also proves opposites can attract. What I also liked about this is, with editing and camera work, there was an uneasy sense of danger with the driving and I half expected there to be a collision with some other car. It was a very... read
  • A review of Breakdown
    by Bill Albert Author on 10/04/2014
    A very nice and well thought out film with more than one meaning and lots of things going on. Breakdown refers to more than just the truck they are driving and I liked the way it plays out. Both characters have to be honest with themselves and each other about what the are doing and where they are going. They also have to face the fact that sometimes honesty can hurt. A... read