"In this world there are only two tragedies: one is not getting what one wants and the other is getting it."

- Oscar Wilde


  • A review of Echopraxia
    by max sappa on 09/12/2014
    Where do I start reviewing a short horror film that is not really a film and nor is a horror? Yes, I appreciate that it is a mash up and it is experimental... ha! Yes, it should have been under EXPERIMENTAL. Because I am one of those people who believe in expectations... so if I read the word HORROR I am here sitting on my chair ready to jump, to squirm or at least to kind-a... read
  • A review of April Dreams
    by max sappa on 09/12/2014
    I love the way you start the movie. A guy with problems who escapes reality... In fact the first minute is amazing!!! The cinematography, the mix, the acting and the dialogues... but then, what happens during the next 9 minutes!??? Too much exposition, patchy acting, the mix goes all over the shop with the main actor's voice barely audible... and the story goes somewhere predictable... read
  • A review of Respect 101
    by DavidWLitwin on 09/09/2014
    Respect 101 is very well acted and filmed. The story grabs you from the moment the "teacher" yells "ping, ping, ping!" - demonstrating the misguided and self-oriented usage of the cell phone. The story starts off brutal and abrupt, and makes one feel like they about to view a Saw knockoff. But once the turn of the story occurs, you realize just how clever the writer of the... read
  • by gusbrum on 09/08/2014
    Upon watching the film, I have to admit that the idea is interesting, actually very interesting. However as a concept it is half baked. Usually as a story teller you have to be clear about the story you are trying to convey.On this one I am not sure what is that I am watching, I don't know if it is a documentary or fiction. In the end an idea that is actually quite interesting... read
  • POS Non Credited Review
    A review of The Trip
    by themanager on 09/06/2014
    Yes, you understood the title correctly. This "film" is a piece of shit. The animation was terrible, there was barely a plot, and the dialogue was amateurish at best. (My apologies to the amateurs out there) The scenes were mostly unconnected and the music cues seemed to be attached only to one character or angle in each scene so that jarring music would begin and end abruptly... read
  • A review of Alastor
    by SteveStaff778 on 09/05/2014
    The first 30 seconds or so caught my attention immediately, the lighting was just dark enough to allow your mind room to create frightening imagery that wasn't actually there, which I found to be enough to stir a little fear in me. However as things moved on I became slightly less engaged, although there was a good level of technical proficiency, visuals were consistent (if... read
  • A review of It's Just A Movie
    by michels287 on 09/02/2014
    I never thought I'd feel bad for electronic devices before! That's a compliment. I enjoyed watching this film from beginning to end. Your shots were interesting to watch. Also nice use of sound. I felt like the film had a structure with a solid beginning, middle and end. The suspense carried throughout and made me wonder what I was going to see next. Keep up the good... read
  • A review of REDtest
    by williamf129 on 09/02/2014
    First, there is nothing terrifying or hallucinatory about the images. I don't know, I am trying to be helpful here, but I am not sure where to start. Let's start with the camera angles: they are ordinary, nothing about them suggests hallucination, or terror. The 'actors': same thing; nothing in their actions or reactions to suggest... well, anything. Too generic. The lighting:... read
  • A review of The Last Fade Out
    by chicks on 09/01/2014
    Some nice atmosphere going on here. I especially love the rain. Really gives that damp achy feel of a New England winter. A couple of shaky handheld shots that distract a bit. I think the stationary shots work better for the pace and tone. I would let the editing breath just a little more for the same reason. I'd say the same with the dialogue. Leave an awkward pause... read
  • A review of The Last Fade Out
    by nathanielupshaw on 08/30/2014
    I like the color scheme of the film and the eccentric young hit man. However, I couldn't connect with the Old Man wanting revenge for his daughter's death. One moment where this could have helped in connecting with him is if we could have seen him leave a couple flowers at her grave, or even see him induce a lot of drugs, sex, and be careless with other hits to show his pain... read
  • by Optimus50 on 08/30/2014
    I will have to say the that the photography was good, shots were intermixed and angles of view were as constructive as you can be basing an entire movie in the car. I wasn't really happy with the car almost hitting the girl and then her just walking around the side and getting in, you missed a great opportunity to really get the audience involved, i mean who doesn't gawk at... read
  • A review of April Dreams
    by InPost on 08/29/2014
    Wow! What an awesome location to shoot in. Kudos for that if nothing else. And choosing the time of day to shoot was brilliant. Now, having said that, I hope you can take my critique in the most positive way as possible as that is how it is intended. The story is ok, but not really developed in the sense I really care what is happening or about the character at all. Also the... read
  • A review of Madman Tape 3
    by lcrae29 on 08/26/2014
    I like the fact that the film was in black and white, and I also like the many ways the filmmaker showed us the main character's inner thought with the superimposition of the face. The editing was good here - it played a big role in making us feel on edge - similar to how the main character was feeling. I liked the twist at the end - I won't say what it is in case someone... read
  • A review of Lonely Joe (Final)
    by lcrae29 on 08/26/2014
    I didn't see the other versions of this film, but the film had a good story to it and I was able to follow it thanks to Joe's voiceover at the end. I liked the computer animation - it was well done. However, one of the things that bothered me in the film was the woman's lack of speech. Why couldn't we understand what she was saying? The editing was okay, but it could've been... read
  • A review of REDtest
    by TimothyStrader on 08/26/2014
    Some really cool shots. I really enjoyed the framing, the camera movement and the close ups. The shot where she is looking at her doppelgangers from the stair well...awesome. Love the backlight, overexposure in the stair well. And, she has a wonderfully expressive face. She looks malicious on the left and sweet but evil on the right. Then, the real girl (I guess she's the... read
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