"While one person hesitates because he feels inferior, the other is busy making mistakes and becoming superior."

- Henry C. Link


  • A review of REDtest
    by lasemcbride on 09/19/2014
    While I was drawn by the log line, the actual film didn't deliver in my opinion. I think it was clever but it can't stand alone. And by stand alone I mean: If I had not read the log line, I'd have no idea what the film was actually about.
  • A review of The Carved Pumpkin
    by Vortex2vortex on 09/19/2014
    Hi there, an interesting short film about a pumpkin. There seemed to be quite a bit of mechanics that could have been edited out, for example, the sound, some chunks of the carving process. I kept waiting for the story to begin, and it did when the nuts were roasting in the oven. Was the pumpkin crying??? If it was, I was expecting a better pay off at the end, instead it... read
  • A review of Maximum Reality
    by Vortex2vortex on 09/19/2014
    Hi there, your short film was not exactly my cup of tea. A tad disturbing. What I liked about it was the twist in the beginning when the victim was tricked. You could have juiced out a bit more conflict in the car, but I guess you wanted to move on to the interior scene. I would have kept your movie in the car and play off that twist... And perhaps the victim could have... read
  • by Brent Aultman on 09/15/2014
    The Doggers in the Mist trailer synopsis promises to contain cinematic themes similar to those found in Bad Taste, Shaun Of The Dead, American Pie, and Airplane. But instead it just lacks humor, context and visual telling. The editing is flat, and bores the viewer instead of drawing them in. I would say it needs work before being submitted to any festival.
  • A review of Our Lives Were Saved
    by Redhera11 on 09/15/2014
    Great topic. It is always good to hear the stories of those who were there and lived it. I thought the opening would have been better suited to meeting the man first instead of the war. He's a great character and seeing him in his life now would be much more a introduction. More images from his youth and time in the war would have been nice. The footage is interesting... read
  • A review of What Would You Say
    by max sappa on 09/15/2014
    ...well done! Great BW cinematography, very good street talents and the music was also very nicely used - although, in a good way, very manipulative too. My only complaint would be... well, if only it were a tad shorter... but this is a minimal issue for me... I am looking forward to seeing a long feature doco from you. It will happen... Peace
  • A review of THE MAFIA TYPE
    by Redhera11 on 09/13/2014
    I like that fantasy starts this little film and the reality ends it. I think open endings are compelling and they force you to look a little closer rewind, ask questions. The cast is good and the script is well written. I would have liked to know a little more about the trials of the protag. It would have been nice to see a little more of his personal side. The daughter... read
  • A review of Madman Tape 3
    by Redhera11 on 09/13/2014
    Murder has always been one of my favorite things. I like that his flaccid cock is what drove him over the edge. I just don't know where my loyalty lies. I don't know who I like or who I don't like or even if I can make that decision. A story needs a beginning. A starting point should not be in the middle. I felt like we were already in flight at the top. There was not... read
  • A review of Echopraxia
    by max sappa on 09/12/2014
    Where do I start reviewing a short horror film that is not really a film and nor is a horror? Yes, I appreciate that it is a mash up and it is experimental... ha! Yes, it should have been under EXPERIMENTAL. Because I am one of those people who believe in expectations... so if I read the word HORROR I am here sitting on my chair ready to jump, to squirm or at least to kind-a... read
  • A review of April Dreams
    by max sappa on 09/12/2014
    I love the way you start the movie. A guy with problems who escapes reality... In fact the first minute is amazing!!! The cinematography, the mix, the acting and the dialogues... but then, what happens during the next 9 minutes!??? Too much exposition, patchy acting, the mix goes all over the shop with the main actor's voice barely audible... and the story goes somewhere predictable... read
  • A review of Respect 101
    by DavidWLitwin on 09/09/2014
    Respect 101 is very well acted and filmed. The story grabs you from the moment the "teacher" yells "ping, ping, ping!" - demonstrating the misguided and self-oriented usage of the cell phone. The story starts off brutal and abrupt, and makes one feel like they about to view a Saw knockoff. But once the turn of the story occurs, you realize just how clever the writer of the... read
  • by gusbrum on 09/08/2014
    Upon watching the film, I have to admit that the idea is interesting, actually very interesting. However as a concept it is half baked. Usually as a story teller you have to be clear about the story you are trying to convey.On this one I am not sure what is that I am watching, I don't know if it is a documentary or fiction. In the end an idea that is actually quite interesting... read
  • POS Non Credited Review
    A review of The Trip
    by themanager on 09/06/2014
    Yes, you understood the title correctly. This "film" is a piece of shit. The animation was terrible, there was barely a plot, and the dialogue was amateurish at best. (My apologies to the amateurs out there) The scenes were mostly unconnected and the music cues seemed to be attached only to one character or angle in each scene so that jarring music would begin and end abruptly... read
  • A review of Alastor
    by SteveStaff778 on 09/05/2014
    The first 30 seconds or so caught my attention immediately, the lighting was just dark enough to allow your mind room to create frightening imagery that wasn't actually there, which I found to be enough to stir a little fear in me. However as things moved on I became slightly less engaged, although there was a good level of technical proficiency, visuals were consistent (if... read
  • A review of It's Just A Movie
    by michels287 on 09/02/2014
    I never thought I'd feel bad for electronic devices before! That's a compliment. I enjoyed watching this film from beginning to end. Your shots were interesting to watch. Also nice use of sound. I felt like the film had a structure with a solid beginning, middle and end. The suspense carried throughout and made me wonder what I was going to see next. Keep up the good... read