"All paid jobs absorb and degrade the mind."

- Aristotle


  • A review of Pictures By My Mama
    by ejjambaro on 03/23/2014
    All honesty, it just wasn't entertaining. Documentary films should be something that's interesting to the audience, that gives some sort of message and not just be a glorified vanity to the person this was dedicated to. I didn't see no political statements, just that the old was old and that times have changed which is basically the status quo. It needed a hook but I'll take... read
  • A review of Sleeping Dogs
    by dedekmraz on 03/23/2014
    Positives: - Cinematography. Beautifully shot, nice lighting, good shots that go in hand with what is happening with the story. Various techniques of shooting. Nicely done. - Good acting, especially from the actor who plays Bones - great sound! Very good sound effects and postproduction in general. Negatives: - the begining is very slow paced and long, could be a little... read
  • A review of Dog Days
    by dedekmraz on 03/23/2014
    Nice short, with a well thought story. Acting and camerawork are a little of sometimes, but all in all a fun to watch film. POSITIVES: - good story - well paced, viewer is never bored, and excited about what's going to happen next - Actor who plays Troy gives a great perfromance - Cinematography is generaly good, albeit with some exceptions NEGATIVES: - Mafia boss/bartender... read
  • by max sappa on 03/23/2014
    Having puppets in a comedy horror works very well. Firstly, there is nothing new about horror these days, so it is quite improbable to make a fan squirm and/or scare. That is why I did enjoy the idea and the production values. The music, the cinematography and the direction works very well. Yes, but... ... but now let's talk about the horror... what I didn't really enjoy:... read
  • A review of THE MAFIA TYPE
    by redtruck204 on 03/22/2014
    Sorry, couldn't resist. I know there should be no discussion about HD vs SD but the quality of the resolution was very distracting. Too many blocky artifacts. At times you did look like a cross between Ray and Harry Shearer. That aside, I enjoyed this very much. Well put together, location work excellent, overall feel was very real, not something a couple of kids threw... read
  • A review of Noir
    by redtruck204 on 03/22/2014
    As with all young filmmakers, casting friends/people who are young impacts the final project. We have all done it because we have to at some point. So- the actors are too young for the parts they play. There, I've said it. (but you already know this.) Moving on. This was a very nicely shot piece. Good composition and some fine angles and camera work. Also the lighting choices... read
  • by magi hart on 03/22/2014
    Elmer takes me on a journey to no where...along the way is pain, shock, a chuckle, and wonder. A map of sorts teases, and I could've lingered with it a few moments- the sighting just a flash, not enough time to focus. But the ride is no less rewarding. I'm taken far and wide...into lost values... suffering...a giggle of relating...only to return to question. What is "Don't... read
  • by max sappa on 03/20/2014
    I don't know what I have just watched and I feel even strange now reviewing it. Technically speaking I didn't mind it. It was simply shot (a selfie of a shooting I guess), edited and there was an interesting use of archive footage. The music was appropriate for the material... well, let's talk about the material... As human beings we always try to make a meaning out of anything... read
  • A review of SONNET XIV
    by dedekmraz on 03/20/2014
    Loved this short. The cinematography is excellent. The scenery, amazing colors and setting, It all sets the tone of the short nicely. Actress does a nice job, narrating the poem convicingly. Enjoyed the last shot, zooming in the actress just finishing the last words of the poem. And one can never miss doing one of Shakespeare's work. Good work, keep it up!
  • A review of Toni
    by chessaol on 03/20/2014
    Title of film Toni By Innpost What is it about? The Guy Toni has been replaced by a girl tough, the drugs and other things are still available What is the wow or hook to get us to watch? The potty mouth girl jump-starts the film with a bad-guy routine. She gets softer at times and keeps the viewer on his toes. Storyline: did it make its point? Yes. Transparency: Did... read
  • A review of Finding the Words
    by chessaol on 03/20/2014
    Title if film: finding the words By Mister T What is it about? What is the wow or hook to get us to watch? No hook or wow and the introduction is slow paced. A little livelier introduction is in order. Storyline: did it make its point? Yes and very well. Transparency: Did I see the end coming? No it drug its heels until the three words at the end. MECHANICS: Lighting;... read
  • A review of The Policemans Story
    by dedekmraz on 03/20/2014
    Great short! Nice buildup to the climax, very intense throughout. On the positive side: - Cinematography. Really well done. The lighting was great. Dark to set the tone of the film, but jet the actor was well lid, so the viewer can see his facial expressions. Also enjoyed the switch to handheld to add anxiety and build the tension up. - Good execution and portrayal of the... read
  • A review of A Very Important Call
    by dedekmraz on 03/19/2014
    On the plus side: - Cinematography. It is energetic and diverse enough to carry us seamlessly through the film, considering the tough task of only having one scene and one actor. Goes with the emotions and messages of the scenes, changes tempo on right times to demand the viewer's attention. Maybe just little too much cutting, but that's just my personal taste. - Good idea... read
  • by max sappa on 03/19/2014
    Nothing much to say apart from: Great Work! I really liked this short on many levels. The parody of 'Night of the Living Dead' has been done to death (yes to death ah, ah, ah)but here works very well, the make up is very good, the acting is convincing (and the last zombie driver is hilarious)and overall it is a very polished effort. But eventually is the writing that counts... read
  • A review of Travelers
    by linusonline on 03/19/2014
    A really cool introspective into the mind of the corporate drone. I loved the style and the professional quality. I just hope I don't rewatch it too much cause it'll make me rethink my day job. It made me fondly remember my days in New York. Please keep posting more work. I dig your style. I'd love to see what else you could do with a great character that you could clearly... read
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