• OK Non Credited Review
    by danielmgee3281 on 08/23/2014
    If I had to judge what I saw I would say it was a sort of Half way house for addicts. They were struggling to transition off drugs and are still dependent on whatever chemical or lifestyle they are currently in. The use of the singer and ending on the lyrics and him on the bed left me to reflect on the lives I just briefly witnessed. If this was a trailer I am certainly eager... read
  • A review of tulip or rose
    by mcmason on 08/23/2014
    Thanks for the opportunity to review your work. I thought the film did a nice job of tackling difficult subject matter. I also liked the final shot where we see the couple together for the first time, face to face. That was sweet. A few of the problems I had: 1) The angle is the same for the majority of the film (he is sitting and she is standing), and they stand there... read
  • by TimothyStrader on 08/22/2014
    Wow! Really great use of the various film effects: Super 8, color, B&W. It made the home feel so sterile and surreal. It really added to the story. Overall, a great story. Man is slowly losing his wife to complacency. He enlists the help of a young guy to try and understand it better. Then, finds a way to put some fire back into it. Really, I only have a few criticisms. One,... read
  • by InPost on 08/22/2014
    Well, it isn't a bad piece of work. It just isn't remarkable in any sense. With all due respect to the film makers, I just didn't personally find it to be more than just, barely adequate. Adequate production, acceptable quality, bare minimum technically, feels like the basic video setting on a stills camera. Editing, music, lighting, sound, all acceptable, but that's it. Acting... read
  • by danielmgee3281 on 08/22/2014
    I enjoyed the build up to the end. I was pleasantly surprised to see the killer not be the boyfriend/lover. I enjoyed the psychosis of thought and the use of transitions as flashbacks to her remembering it was her and not her lover. I also like how you killed the lover off as well. The camera work was great the story was great and the use of color or the lack there of was great... read
  • A review of REDtest
    by Kristenwade on 08/21/2014
    The notion of coming down to the basement and seeing two other versions of yourself who are seeming to judge and laugh at you is an interesting idea for a dream. As with many pieces that fall on the more artsy side, I think much is left open for interpretation. Before reading the synopsis, I thought this short was about self-doubt. After having read it, I don't think I got... read
  • by EugyBizzaro on 08/21/2014
    O.M.G., the beat of the film is burned onto my brain. Elmerrrrrrrrrrrrrrr, you did it to me again. Zapped me. Always tongue-in-cheek, always twisted and a little on the dark side of life but always entertaining. Except for the slasher film you made. Anyhoo, it never dawned on me that Elmer ever went to school. I don't know why, I guess I always thought that Elmer just happened... read
  • A review of The Plumber
    by EugyBizzaro on 08/21/2014
    David Monstrola did a fine job acting. He is a little wet behind the ears though. You have to see the film, that's a good thing. Ray Lopeman, the plumber makes a good old timer. Steve Erickman is right there to assist in this surprise of a thriller. The story threw me for a loop and it is a great twist. I enjoyed this quiet and kreepy tale. Oh what a complete surprise. This... read
  • A review of The Policemans Story
    by saman on 08/21/2014
    I literally just opened up an account on triggerstreet today and I was lucky enough to be able to watch you short film for review. I must admit: i watched it twice. I truly enjoyed and highly appreciated that the use of bold elements like darkness, light and sound in your movie reminded me of the 'good old classic movie days', in a great way. I think it is very brave to... read
  • A review of The Carved Pumpkin
    by EugyBizzaro on 08/21/2014
    I say give me a good story and one good actor and I am a happy camper. Well, make that one good story and a pumpkin! I loved the special effects. The great sounds were all gooey and twanky and clangy and different and perfect for this film. This is good cleanly shot film. It is extreme fun and totally Halloweeny!!!!! Kreepy Good! Later......I am on my way to the store for... read
  • A review of Respect 101
    by Kristenwade on 08/21/2014
    Respect 101 is a creative response to the self-centered and 'disrespectful' reputation that the teen and 20 something generation have earned. The start of the film had me believing that it was a run of the mill psycho flick. The dual syringes was a subtle choice for murder weapons and I thought the idea of letting one survive was interesting. I was going to criticize how... read
  • A review of You Deplete Me
    by EugyBizzaro on 08/21/2014
    This is an actors' piece and Isaac Maxwell-Hunt does act. Everyone is touched by the pain that relationships can bring. The stats are against us from the start and yet we all plunge right in there and get back in the game to have our hearts stomped on. This is an excellent short film. The camera work by Jay Laker was smooth. The sound by Brad James and Jay Laker was clear... read
  • A review of Finding Dennis
    by EugyBizzaro on 08/21/2014
    Anthony Bradford is an excellent bad guy. He has a clean smooth bad ass style. Lauren Romeo is an excellent abused sister. The pairing of these two actors is balanced. This short film has excellent camera work and a haunting pace. The music is right there. The crew did an excellent job in making a nice clean film. Nothing needs to be added or subtracted. The locations were... read
  • WOW Non Credited Review
    A review of (Miss Kitty) Amy
    by lasemcbride on 08/21/2014
    I must start off by saying BRAVO. I couldn't tell whether it was a documentary or rel actors. If these were actors then they did a phenomenal job. The voice overs, the grainy shots, all made me feel like I was watching a documentary on junkies. I have no criticisms here. Great work
  • A review of Don't Say Nothing
    by lasemcbride on 08/21/2014
    Could of been more comedy. The music fit right but the plot wasn't clear enough for me. I enjoyed the bloopers more. Good camera work. Things were consistent but nothing surprised me. Why were the customers so angry? because he didn't say anything? I did enjoy the line about digging his parents up from the grave and F'ing them.
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