"In this industry, the new owners prefer to kill anything they weren't responsible for."

- Tom†Berenger


  • A review of Trap Door Action
    by EugyBizzaro on 03/19/2014
    Cute little film but it could have really been so much more. It could have been A.G. It just had no surprises, no SHABAMMMMMM. It could have presented a parallel universe, say the fashions on the street. Just a suggestion. This film needs to take one more step...to reach a higher level. One can have the best camera in the world but seeing with the camera is another thing! This... read
  • A review of LOVE (re)CYCLE
    by EugyBizzaro on 03/19/2014
    O.M.G, Gavin is stuck in a robotic cycle. Caught in a loop, caught in a loop. This is a seamless short film. The filming is perfect, the acting seamless,the mood is mundane and the timing is oh so glum!!!!!! This film is sad and dark. It was very Alfred Hitchcocky, a very dry paced tongue in cheek film. I loved it! Not every film has to take place in ", Mr. Rogers Neighborhood!"... read
  • A review of Madman Tape 3
    by AnneAlexanderSieder on 03/19/2014
    Personally, I like films that are a bit ambiguous and let the viewer come up with answers on their own however, what was missing for me was Jack's journey - his emotional arc. He basically started and ended in the same place, then was replaced by Jake who presumably would start the process all over again into infinity. I would have like to see a greater range of emotions... read
  • by max sappa on 03/18/2014
    Let's start with the positive... This short is competently shot, directed, edited and the song during the title is great too... However, my problem was mostly with... and here we go with the negative... Well, the acting was very inconsistent... the main character is not sufficiently concerned and the whole thing feels a bit relaxed... there is not real conflict there and... read
  • A review of Trap Door Action
    by linusonline on 03/18/2014
    Not quite sure what to make of this because I'm not familiar with this type of film. It seems more like footage for a commercial than a narrative but I'll give it a try nonetheless. It's edited well and the camera, while at times feels a little washed out, does do a good job of highlighting the clothing and the models. The style of shooting reminds me of house of style from... read
  • A review of Trap Door Action
    by chessaol on 03/18/2014
    Title of film: trapdoor action By Louise Peacock . Mechanics:: Lighting: Room light, which was adequate. Staging: the costumes were changed and that was the film. Several of the costumes mad the heavy makeup girl look really dumpy. The effect was poor clothes not some clothes are good some not. Special effects:. Everything is done on a narrow screen and that is distracting... read
  • A review of See What I Hear
    by chessaol on 03/18/2014
    Title of film: See what I hear By DJ6Filmz Storyline Very negative story about a man whose cup is always half empty. Mechanics:: Mike canít hear but he answers the phone? Lighting: room or ambient light is used and camera angles keep the lighting OK Staging: Special effects: seeing the sound is well done. Film quality: adequate to the tasks asked of it. Shooting... read
  • by tannerduck on 03/18/2014
    Hiya! Here's a review for you on 'Blockhead' (there's a sort of instant commentary first and then my general conclusions): 0:01 I like your disclaimer. Therefor, I like you. Hi. 0:57 I love this waiter. His smirk is amazing. His one liner is amazing. I laughed. Yessss. 2:36 The fake gag is awesome. I wish there were more than 3 camera shots though. But then again I kind of... read
  • A review of Madman Tape 3
    by linusonline on 03/17/2014
    I like how you visually expressed both personalities. It made for a fantastic merge as each character arced and switched control. Nicely done. Showing the murder was also a strong choice. It added to the pressure and the dramatic tension for our main character. I'm intrigued to see more from these characters. It was a fun film and I am hooked to see more. Thank you... read
  • A review of The Forest
    by RJamesonSmith on 03/17/2014
    THE FOREST is a visually interesting short film by Dimitrios Papagiannis. The film is short - and provides little context for the story, which seems to be an allegory of sorts. The film introduces several attractive women - our protagonist is dressed in white, and is clearly attempting to save someone important. She narrowly evades a much more sinister looking woman accompanied... read
  • A review of Optimistic 9
    by tannerduck on 03/17/2014
    Hi! Here's a Play by Play reaction followed by a conclusion. I'm so glad I decided to watch this out of 'Free Will'. 1:32 Omg this is really disturbing. That little girl just completely freaked me out. The realness of her situation too- the filming of it. The slowness. The horror. My heart jumped at that second and I felt really insecure of my surroundings just now. 1:46... read
  • by tannerduck on 03/17/2014
    Hello! These are the notes I took while watching it, so I can remember my first impressions: 1:18 I'm think that the shower scene + the photograph scene means this guy is committing suicide/is depressed about a girl? In which case, I'm not engaged. However, the visuals are really enticing, I've never seen a short that looks so cinematic and British and clear water, droplets... read
  • A review of Dangerous Enough
    by linusonline on 03/16/2014
    Well that was interesting. I applaud your courage for sharing your stance on a controversial word. Your basic concept of using the n word definitely raises a conversation and debate. The execution doesn't really work for a short film. I'd there a way to get your POV across without just talking to the camera? If explored further this could turn into a topical short that could... read
  • A review of The Infinite Flu
    by linusonline on 03/16/2014
    I loved the reveal at the end. I wasn't quite sure where the story was going but that twist at the end made perfect sense and made me smile. Well done! I would've loved to see what was going on at his job on the other line. The boss could've been a great antagonist. All in all shot well, edited well, acted well. Can't wait to see more from you.
  • A review of The Infinite Flu
    by rockaway77 on 03/16/2014
    This piece was interesting. I feel that Bobís relationship with his boss is negative, but at the same time, the boss didnít sound surprised of his actions. So good job showing us their relationship, in that short time. Bob sounds pretty ok, for a person who will never feel or get better. Maybe he accepted the fact he wonít get better and is at peace with it. So who are we... read
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