"Drama is life with the dull bits cut out."

- Alfred†Hitchcock


  • A review of Celebration
    by mabendotti on 03/03/2014
    "Celebration" develops well and keeps you interested. The nuances and comments made by Colin allows the viewer to understand he's in control of the situation, and not Michael-- as it appears to be. That creates a paradox between them. Interestingly Michael who comes across as "stronger" is being masterminded by Colin; Colin's observations and comments about Michael being in... read
  • A review of It's Just A Movie
    by **DELETED ACCOUNT** on 03/03/2014
    This was a clever use of metaphors and the horror genre to make a telling point about censorship based on one person's narrow philosophy about content and message, with the medium being the victim because of the message. Also, the extreme violence and resulting blood-letting from a mechanical device conveyed a senseless and narrow attempt to eliminate censorship - a kind of... read
  • by chessaol on 03/02/2014
    El Bolso Lavida By Juan Calle Agredano Y Jose This is a short film about a jumper. I donít like dark films. The film was shot on location at night on a bridge, The language is Spanish with English subtitles. Well Done. Casting: The woman was not really believable but her facial expression of emotion was very well done. The man was well done and played his character naturally... read
  • A review of You Deplete Me
    by chessaol on 03/02/2014
    You Deplete Me, Trombola films By Brad James and Jay Laker The film is less of a film than a poetry reading, which is very well done. Dialogue is mostly very well written and attempts to rhyme do go astray at time, The criticism if the rhyme is minor because the dialogue is for the most part excellent. Lighting: I hate dark films! The lighting is very well done for the... read
  • A review of Brides of Desire
    by rexsikes on 02/26/2014
    Well acted, well shot, lit, edited and scored. All ducks in row made this an enjoyable, short,not too long story. Impressed with how it looked and flowed. Even felt a little sad for him at the end... nice work - obviously director can handle a story and the filmmaking components. Well done, enjoyable.
  • A review of Nicks
    by rexsikes on 02/26/2014
    Clever, bizarre, humorous and even slightly disturbing or unsettling.Not sure what to make of this offering - I like it, I like the actor filmmaker but not sure I would want to be his friend. It is an uncanny charm he has. Well shot, constructed and executed. Technically, simple and done well. What I question is value. This fits into a selfie photo or video category, a self... read
  • by JITofe on 02/24/2014
    In Triggerstreet you can find all kind of films: good, bad, interesting, boring, professional, shamefulÖ This time itís a car advertisement, that show us how zombis like the new chevrolet spark. The commercial is well done, zombis ok, victims ok, plastic arms ok, bad teeth ok, etc. This amateur job is funnier than a lot of professional adverts.
  • A review of Scene from Macbeth
    by murraysatchell on 02/21/2014
    Overall, I thought the editor did a superb job of following through on what I can only assume is the director's intention of making the speech as disjointed and grim as possible. Coming down to the setting, I got what the director was going with, but the graffiti made the whole short distracting. I was confused as to when this short is taking place. The fire suggests that... read
  • A review of Lonely Joe (Final)
    by rexsikes on 02/21/2014
    Odd, raw, fascinating, rough, childish, bizarre, are a few words to describe this short. I get it and don't get it. The animation is basic but the filmmaker tells story, utilized standard filmmaking shots to tell it, edited like a movie - and weird content. I didn't at first, but grew to like the fact that the character spoke in gibberish but Joe understood her. A modern tale... read
  • by rexsikes on 02/21/2014
    This short seems to be exactly what it purports to be, an extemporaneous reporting of facts, by on camera narrator, with added video footage to add visual detail to the narrative. While not my cup of tea, I grew to like the narrator personality. The added footage sometimes, blurry sometimes not added to the overall ambiance. Though the narrator looked older - I would expect... read
  • A review of The Fuzz That Wuzz
    by jrubes on 02/21/2014
    While I enjoyed the light flavor of this short film, I'm not sure I understand what the point of if was. It didn't feel like a complete package. Short films are better when they have a beginning, middle, and punchy end. The main character was humorous and I like the idea of the hairy man marrying the woman.
  • A review of Travelers
    by Matthew Stonier on 02/20/2014
    A great collection of footage, cut together with an expertly shot, edited and directed scene of what's inside (and outside) of many of the world's "imprisoned". Although the idea is far from foreign, the solution and revolution of this idea, can only be taken seriously, once we action these dreams. The writing in the film is infallible, and although this is a fantastically... read
  • A review of Boats
    by max sappa on 02/20/2014
    I have enjoyed Boats. Good Production values, funny lines (and yet the story has been done to death see 'The Office' to name one), OK actors (the guy who gets fired at the end is a big let down) and generally well directed and edited. The song/music is catchy and funny. What else can I say? If you make a TV series based on this I'll watch it... definitely...
  • A review of Madman Tape 3
    by max sappa on 02/20/2014
    Let's start with a positive comment: the acting is top notch... But then... The cinematography is purposefully simple (and yet it should have had more amateurish since it is allegedly a Madman's tape) and yet there is something missing on this regard. I explain myself better... this starts as a video journal but then we see the main character's alter ego appearing on camera,... read
  • A review of From Darkness, Light
    by Matthew Stonier on 02/20/2014
    The concept takes charge in this thought provoking art-piece. Without being melodramatic or forceful, it was a clever use of the medium to get the storyteller's point across. However, (even though it crossed my mind) I'm sure many of us spent a few minutes trying to figure out if the work had started yet. So maybe just a small clue that it's begun, would engage the viewer from... read