• A review of The Infinite Flu
    by amibrown on 06/07/2014
    I really loved your film, The Infinite Flu. The ape imagery in the beginning was cool and interesting lead in to the film. The very abrupt cut of the music was a little distracting - and I would have liked a fade out better I think. The main character's acting was pretty good. The phone call was great. It was amusing and funny. I think the little twist there at the end... read
  • A review of The Policemans Story
    by InPost on 06/06/2014
    Fantastic! I don't think that there is much more to say about this project other than that. It was produced at the professional level with excellent work by all involved. I quickly forgot that this was a TS assignment and just enjoyed the story. I assume it is meant for consideration.
  • by linusonline on 06/06/2014
    Creepy and cool. I love the concept and the tone. If this was turned into a trailer for a feature then you'd have a fantastic indie horror film that could be satirical and gleefully horrific; everything a solid horror movie needs. I think you did an excellent job with setting up a crazy world and this is the start of a very cool idea for a feature. I hope you keep going... read
  • A review of Book of James
    by linusonline on 06/06/2014
    I enjoyed the back and forth between the two boys, but how is this a comedy? This feels like more of a clip from a larger piece than a short film in of itself. Book of James is a good start to a character introduction and I'd love to see more of these two as they interact and philosophize over religion. It's a nice touch to see a side of an alter boy who is supposed to be... read
  • by linusonline on 06/06/2014
    The concept for this is original and interesting. I liked the guy coming over to rob a woman who is about to kill herself. It's a neat little moment, but why does he stay? Seems like he would take the money and run. Does he do enough to really get her to jump? She seems so shocked by his careless demeanor that she doesn't kill herself, why? I think the characters motivations... read
  • A review of It's Just A Movie
    by linusonline on 06/06/2014
    This really made me nostalgic for those days in the 80's and the birth of digital technology. This was a time where violence in film and media was a very topical issue, but that was thirty years ago. This piece while good, feels dated. I feel what is lacking from this piece is a perspective from today's viewing audience. What is their impression of violence and censorship?... read
  • A review of The Infinite Flu
    by neverquitt on 06/06/2014
    You've done exactly what I've been pulling out my hair to do. It's very challenging to get to the point and to do it in a stylistically engaging way. Respect! You didn't waste any time with unnecessary shots, while the shots you did use were visually appetizing. The editing complimented the rhythm of what was happening. The actor was funny without trying to be - that's refreshing!... read
  • A review of What Would You Say
    by neverquitt on 06/06/2014
    Powerful idea and beautifully executed. Despite not being a believer myself, I was moved. Mainly because you really got people to open up and be honest with you. Getting to see people being intimate, vulnerable, and talk about something that they obviously care a lot about is rare and precious. It was also refreshing to see that you talked to people of different backgrounds... read
  • by chickswritingpartner on 06/05/2014
    Congrats on getting your short film done and out there. Hope you're working one another. Overall, I liked this one. It's economical in getting to its key moments and reveal at the end wraps everything up nicely. There was one awkward moment for me. When the husband gets a phone call in the middle of his speech ti seemed forced that he would pick it up like that. Later... read
  • A review of Choppers @ Noon
    by roberthenry on 06/04/2014
    Is this really a short film? Thats what kept going through my head while watching this. At the beginning I thought I was going to watch an experimental film, but then all of a sudden it cuts to the filmmaker complaining about being a filmmaker, seemingly based on some bad critiques of his film. He then decides that his film maybe wasn't that great and goes on to tell us... read
  • A review of THE MAFIA TYPE
    by roberthenry on 06/04/2014
    I see that this was originally submitted about 8 years ago, so I'm not sure if my feedback will be relevant at all, so I'll keep it brief since I was assigned to it. For the most part, it was entertaining. Most of the acting was pretty good and the cinematography looks good. I'm only saying no because the quality of the video on this site is rather poor, so it could have been... read
  • by ReturningVideoTape on 06/04/2014
    This is a tough one for me to review because I'm not really sure what it is. First, I think this was an experimental film, but then performance footage came in, which made me think it was a music video. After that I noticed the footage was from a live performance (not scheduled for a film shoot). This made me believe that this is a weird fan made unofficial music video. All... read
  • A review of I Held
    by ReturningVideoTape on 06/04/2014
    I actually stopped watching this once I realized I didn't know how to actually review this short film. I wouldn't so much call this a short film as its really more of a documentation of a performance piece. I suppose I could review the documentation of it, but that seems like an exercise in futility.
  • A review of Toni
    by neverquitt on 06/04/2014
    Makes a good pitch, but some technical issues. In future, be careful with sound and editing - both are sometimes disorienting. Moreover, when casting actors, especially for this kind of genre, make sure they know how to own the language spoken by these kinds of characters. Or have them research and rehearse with people that are familiar/similar to these types of roles. I'm... read
  • A review of Optimistic 9
    by neverquitt on 06/04/2014
    What worked best for me is the way Christopher Dunnes told his story, OPTIMISTIC 9. He made bold choices with his cinematographer and editor using chilling shots composed by an engaging rhythm. What worked least for me is the leading actress and the ending. Needless to say, stories of this kind are very challenging for an actor. Despite, what seems to be, a dedicated actress,... read