• A review of SAND BANK
    by Nidhi on 07/20/2014
    I liked your idea and it's execution. Your characters were able to generate realistic tension that we see in couples or experience the same in our relationships. The fact that he is a writer added more to the drama! Videography and edit could have been better. On the whole, I enjoyed your film! Good storytelling!
  • A review of Scene from Macbeth
    by Nidhi on 07/20/2014
    I like the lead actor and the setting. Also it's always commendable to interpret a classic story. Sadly I couldn't understand it as the audio was really bad and the video quality was also poor. The edit of having the actor inserted from time to time only distracted. If possible, please add subtitles and also have a good dark background score. Good Luck.
  • A review of A Very Important Call
    by InPost on 07/20/2014
    This is a great little short. Its fairly predictable from the start, but the funny acting and competent camera work make it entertaining. It does drag out a little in the middle when it's obvious what is going to happen. But the character keeps it light. Overall a great effort
  • A review of Awks
    by curtdarwin on 07/15/2014
    There's not much to say because this isn't really a short. I chuckled, it was a little funny but there isn't anything to this. I don't think Triggerstreet should allow one minute shorts to be reviewed. You probably have some talent and should try to write a short that has a good Premise with three acts included. Better luck on the next one.
  • A review of The Carved Pumpkin
    by bengutteridge on 07/14/2014
    Ok so this is what it's all about. This film might essentially be someone mucking around with a pumpkin and filming it be oh what great mucking around it is.. there are a lot of great ideas in here, moments of comedy, tension, yes I realise that it is what it is but I remember this guy from another review i did ages ago and this guy has real talent and here again it shows (allbeit... read
  • A review of Beach House
    by bengutteridge on 07/14/2014
    I know a lot of people like these kind of ironic films but personally they leave me cold. I'm sure the people that made it had a lot of fun making it and it is kind of fun to watch i guess but really while It's meant to be ironically bad - for me it really just seems bad.. I'm sure these guys could come up with something more original if they tried.
  • A review of Clean Before Loading
    by Studio2grl on 07/14/2014
    "Clean before Loading" is a cute idea. Shorts need to be really funny, insightful, or just sort of clever. I'd say you covered the last two pretty well. I love the set up with your male protagonist alone in the laundry mat. Some nice shots and we all get that the couple in the corner make him uncomfortable. It was a nice touch to bring them back at the end for the bookend... read
  • A review of Any Legacy
    by Studio2grl on 07/13/2014
    Interesting concept of an old man's lonely last days told through vignettes and flashbacks with voice over. It feels like an experimental short. I think the strong POV shots and inserts work to make it a richer piece. However, it doesn't quite cut together as cohesively as it could. A lot of shots linger too long and with the narrative it just feels a bit slow and unmotivated... read
  • A review of Awks
    by Studio2grl on 07/11/2014
    Awks by Tombola Pictures is a comedy about that awkward moment when you mistake a phone conversation to be directed at you. I like the simplicity of the shots and the dual screens. You've taken a short bit and made it into something more, but it feels a little incomplete. This would be hilarious in a movie or sketch and maybe could work in a series where multiple locations... read
  • A review of The Carved Pumpkin
    by Studio2grl on 07/11/2014
    This is my very first review on the site, so I'm not 100% sure what kind of feedback you need. I love these type of art films. At first I thought it was motion stop animation, but by the end it seemed more like a video where the frame rate was dropped, either way it has a lot of potential for an interesting visual display. The sound effects weren't bad, but by the end, I... read
  • by mchhokar on 07/11/2014
    Great choice of background music and camera work! I was engaged right from the beginning. It feels like a lot of work has been put into camera angels and editing and which is good! Well thought out plot. I was little confused watching first time and so watched again. I think the script is great but execution could be improved reducing a bit of confusion (shouldn't be confused... read
  • A review of Sunset
    by EugyBizzaro on 07/10/2014
    The is a jem of a film. It is a quaint little black and white film with all the simple but wonderful qualities of the old silent films. The acting is wonderful. The set and costumes are good. The crew did an excellent job. No one died. It's a cute little romance and would fall into that area of film I call... a Chick Flick. It has that sappy ahhhhhhhhh, which is perfect for... read
  • A review of Still Falls the Rain
    by EugyBizzaro on 07/10/2014
    I always say give me a good solid story and one actor that can at on a stage and I am a very happy camper. Well, this film has a story with allot of heart. The acting is seamless thanks to Ben Walker, Clive Willhand-Hill and Jeffrey Lipman SNK. The film has good effects, costumes and sets. The music is like icing on a cake. The crew did a great job!! This short moving film... read
  • A review of The Hunt
    by Michael Hudon on 07/08/2014
    I am puzzled to why this SHORT film fell so short of any sort of plot. I wish them all the luck in the world on their next project. The camera work was ok - so write, write, write, and then re-write. Without a plot and a resolution - the story will never be well received.
  • A review of CONVICTION
    by max sappa on 07/08/2014
    I love the acting of both actors. Absolutely loved what they did!!! Camera work? Fantastic camera work and editing! Music? Very nice indeed... The big let down is the story though. Unfortunately in this time and age is trite and kind of predictable - and it is almost trendy these days being an atheist. It is a pity because the first half of the movie had me really engaged... read
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