• A review of Osiris Torn
    by EugyBizzaro on 06/12/2014
    Good graphics and a nice flow to this modern version of the tale of Osirus. A love story with the pace of the Missouri River flowing though it with its twists and turns and unexpected sights. This was something different from Elmer Lang and he left me again with a smirk on my face and a tad of knowledge in my brain. A fun tale of history as told with the mirth of a true Missouri... read
  • A review of The Fuzz That Wuzz
    by EugyBizzaro on 06/12/2014
    Elmer. Elmer. Elmerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!!!!!!! You get me every time. That down home pace and the charm of a Missouri story teller. What are they putting in your cornflakes in Missouri??????? At first, I was like what-the heck? Then you reeled me in as usual, with a giant wiggle worm. Good graphics and a funny tale of love and violence. I didn't know if I should laugh or cry while... read
  • by EugyBizzaro on 06/12/2014
    This short film moves along and is quite witty. It has some twists and turns on the ride. Shelly Caravella and Samantha Cole are excellent performers. Good minimal production with no excess. The crew presents a tight and complete presentation. Good visuals and sound. Nice overall smooth flow to this film.....with a drum roll at the end. Dah.....dum.....dah......dum. It is an... read
  • A review of Travelers
    by EugyBizzaro on 06/12/2014
    Great acting, Alex Manich! A somber and reflective moving story. A wonderful seamless presentation with an excellent flow thanks to Mike Weldon. Modern and flowing sound by Nick Nylon. This film has a kewl pace and is an excellent morality tale. Does one spend ones life in a Kafka Office Cubical or leave the Drone Gray Skyscraper and security............Or leave the Grey Box... read
  • A review of What Would You Say
    by linusonline on 06/11/2014
    I understand the theme of this piece, but it just didn't resonate for me. Not for spiritual reasons but because it was too long. This could've been a thirty second commercial and it would have more of an impact. The stock footage and city shots in the beginning lasted 2 minutes! I was like "okay, I get it". And most people gave the same response. There were some variety... read
  • A review of Toni
    by linusonline on 06/11/2014
    This definitely feels like a scene for a bigger story so I'll try to focus with that in mind. I enjoyed the camera work and the lighting and sound. From a technical standpoint everything holds up. The acting wasn't very good however. The performances felt rushed. Watch your swearing. I'm not saying censor yourself but when characters just say fuck over and over to sound... read
  • A review of THE MAFIA TYPE
    by Nidhi on 06/10/2014
    Your film does boast of some good acting, but somehow the feel is very dated. It's a good angle but not a great one. The feel is that it is from 90's. The production quality is below average. Yet, I see a lot of potential in you as a filmmaker. Good Luck!
  • A review of Don't Say Nothing
    by linusonline on 06/10/2014
    I liked the idea and you show a great point of view as a filmmaker by showing a classic scene about the mental state of a man pushed too far at a soul crushing job, but I felt like you went a little too far with the believability and the short stretched into a full blown cartoon. It was just too wacky for my taste. The guy on the phone was way too unrealistic. No one calls... read
  • A review of Trap Door Action
    by neverquitt on 06/10/2014
    I respect people who have the courage to go for something unconventional and funky. But it was hard for me to appreciate your creativity in this project, because it was never made clear why this documentary was made nor what it's really about. If we don't learn anything about the store, its owners, its products, costumers, and its location, I find it hard to accept this project... read
  • by max sappa on 06/10/2014
    The world has been wiped out (or almost wiped out) by a crazy/deadly disease... Yes, the premise is not the most original and yet you have managed to find a different angle. A disease that make the victim inflict pain to themselves? And then we find out that all of the crazy myths of these days - hey where is the Reptilian theory? - are the cause! My only problem with this... read
  • by neverquitt on 06/10/2014
    By ending the film the way you did, I felt like the man behind the phone is the true protagonist of the film. Yet we never get to know him; we're never given any information on what he's been through, in order for us to understand why he intentionally ruins so many people's lives. Of course it's interesting to observe the victims struggle, but, in this case, I would have... read
  • by linusonline on 06/09/2014
    The production quality of this short all look and feel high. This comes across as a passion piece with a specific point of view from the writer and director. I did enjoy the cinematography. But this overall feels like style over substance with an ambitious project that doesn't quite fit in ten minutes. This would work better as a feature or a forty five minute short film... read
  • A review of Respect 101
    by linusonline on 06/09/2014
    Suspense vs surprise. That was the biggest downside to this piece which comes across more as a scene in a bigger story than a self-contained short in of itself. Don't get me wrong, the story is in capable hands, but the construction of the scene feels strange. Why did he let the kid go? Why go through all that to do of planting a fake victim, giving him a non lethal dose... read
  • A review of Beach House
    by Nidhi on 06/09/2014
    I liked the photography and the edit. The frame rate of this film was not right. Became jarring to see after a while. Don't know if that is the effect you wanted to keep. Acting, mediocre, so was the production quality. The surprise element doesn't really take you by surprise. Good Luck!
  • by Nidhi on 06/08/2014
    There is obviously a lot of reference to history. I liked how you mixed a lot of media together and also the classic background score. But what was this film trying to covey, beats me! Please take care to avoid shadows next time you film. Production quality and lighting are ordinary. Inserts are good.