• by cphillips103 on 05/13/2014
    I'm a little mixed on this video. Pro: The song works with the combo of rapid fire montage as a music video. The editing is very good and paced well with the evolving song story. It reminded me of some of the MTV classics videos that didn't have a produced narrative but were montages of energy and related textures. Con: The issue I have is that the locations seemed to bounce... read
  • A review of Respect 101
    by cphillips103 on 05/13/2014
    I like this short. Watched it on the HGTV through AppleTV, which gave me a chance to really check it out. The short was spot on as far as camera, lighting, and editing. Great use of a single location. The lead actor was very convincing. Great job. I thought it was a little interesting to start on the old man complaining. It was as if he was delivering a monologue to the viewer... read
  • A review of THE MAFIA TYPE
    by rtori on 05/12/2014
    You have a good story, good actors and excellent production values. The film is really entertaining and funny. I like the camera angles as well. And it's a real surprise when the camera pulls back to reveal the director in front of the monitor (revealing it's just a movie). The editing at the very end is a bit confusing (when he is arrested). Good work and really entertaining... read
  • A review of The Hills Are Bare
    by dedekmraz on 05/12/2014
    Good opening shot. The buildings in poor condition are really soulless and "bare", like the hills of Betlehem. If that is your own song then congratulations, nice melody, nice allegorical lyrics. The only thing i didnt enjoy was the poor quality of the shots, you could get yourself a better camera, because you have some good ideas. Keep up the good work!
  • by chrisjm on 05/12/2014
    A very interesting video. But I was left wondering what exactly it is about! It doesn't give a location, reason, explanation for who the people in the video are and where they are living. If the video was meant to do this then it has done it really well. Although I'm not sure if that is the intention, so it's very unclear. However it certainly did create a lot of intrigue and... read
  • A review of Okay
    by Frankvespe on 05/12/2014
    Here on Long Island this weekend, four teenagers were killed in a head-on collision which some believe was caused by distraction, perhaps texting, perhaps an argument, so seeing this well crafted film really made much more sense, sadly. This is how shorts films should be made, tell a story, well executed, well acted, well everything. Wow!
  • A review of A Random Chase
    by InPost on 05/11/2014
    I'm happy to indulge the filmmaker on this screen test. It was kept short enough to not make the viewer feel like their time was wasted. The lighting and camera moves and placement were great and it did have a very professional feel. Especially the shot from under the stairs. It very well could have been a shot from a bigger action flick. Well done.
  • A review of The Carved Pumpkin
    by rtori on 05/11/2014
    I would have a million questions as to how did you do this and that. This is great animation with beautiful shots (the rack focuses on the seeds inside the oven look really good), but that doesn't tell a story. The use of sound is really interesting and creepy. You could use those talents at animation to tell a compelling story. There is too much emphasis on the technical aspects... read
  • by serge rocco on 05/11/2014
    If the idea is to make a socially conscious music video about human misery, it lacks some sort of impact. It's not particularly pleasant to watch and very minimalist. Your camera goes in all sorts of directions without much logic. There is nothing much to add. Being able to hear what your subjects are saying would have made it more interesting. Good song though.
  • ??? Non Credited Review
    A review of Stephanie
    by serge rocco on 05/11/2014
    Great composition in your shot and the idea of telling a story in one shot is interesting and challenging, but then what? It's intriguing at the beginning and one really wants to know what happened to Stephanie, but nothing is explained at the end, and that makes it weak. You need a resolution. The camera should end its move on a clue that explains everything. There lies... read
  • A review of Off the Cliff
    by rtori on 05/11/2014
    Here is a great charismatic talent in front of the camera with a good voice and nice composure but the concept behind the project remains unclear. It's also too confined in terms of location. Having your lead character (the only actor) walk around in circle in his studio for so long is a bit boring. You could have had him delivering his monologue while walking alone in the... read
  • A review of Regret
    by rtori on 05/10/2014
    The whole thing looks like you're videotaping an audition in your apartment. The lighting is flat, you have no props feeling the frame, like in the overlong opening scene where they are talking at that table in front of a white wall. Also, you don't really know where the characters are. Is it a hospital, a cafeteria...? There is no real sense of time and space. You need... read
  • A review of A Very Important Call
    by dougmattingly on 05/10/2014
    One of the challenges to independent short film making is making a film you can afford to make. These film makers did a good job keeping it simple: one actor in one room. I've never been a fan of telephone calls in films. I think that if you can find a way to get two characters together in one place to talk, you're much better off. It's much more visually interesting than... read
  • A review of The Pact
    by dougmattingly on 05/10/2014
    I think the film suffers from technical problems mostly, sound being possibly the biggest issue. While the visual of the rooftop is very nice, the problems it presents for sound are immediately apparent. The actors' dialogue is often hard to hear. When an actor is closer to the camera, he is heard more clearly, leading me to believe that the sound was captured directly in... read
  • by Jason Asnes on 05/09/2014
    I'm assuming that this is supposed to be a music video for the song? I think that it would of been more interesting if had you shown Montauk during the busy Summer season, then showed the people leaving, had footage of shop keepers closing up for the season, & then showed the closed businesses. That way, the song's theme would've had more impact instead of just all the footage... read