• by sergiev2 on 07/21/2014
    Hey Shastina, Your grandfather was a privileged man. So few people are able to live a life that is enjoyable - let alone one that people want to write and read about! From his adventures during the depression to the war, it was very engaging! One problem thought, I got to know the actions of the man, but not the man himself. Biographies are always difficult - to convey the... read
  • A review of Data Dump
    by Cab Coola on 07/20/2014
    Hey Steven, this was another solid science fiction story that I've come to enjoy from you. It was Fifth Element meets Dark City which, for me, meant awesome. It started with a husband and his wife living in the near future, going through their daily motions. It was a time where robotic servants and dogs were the norm for the upper class along with smart phones, houses, and... read
  • by micheleraedejean on 07/20/2014
    I have read one of the so called gospels and it seemed fairly self-contained as far as I remember. I don't think this piece spread any light on the one I read but it might if I am assigned any of the other ones. By itself this was kind of boring although if I had read more than the one story about Father Michael maybe it would have interested me more. I have read several other... read
  • A review of Paul-pulation Bomb
    by filmfamman on 07/19/2014
    Hey, Caleb. This was a very well written, gripping beginning to a much longer story, possibly a novel, or a screenplay. The dialogue and tension between the three characters was crisp and increased the drama with each page. Over population in our world is probably the most important issue facing the human race and our mother earth. But little is being done about it (it seems... read
  • A review of Lost Love
    by sergiev2 on 07/19/2014
    Hey Cab, This is the best piece of yours I've read yet! You capture what it is to have the wound of an old lover lingering in your soul. It's a terrible, terrible feeling - one that I know well. I was with your character's struggle all the way to the end of the world. How did you decide upon that song? I myself have used it in one of my stories - perhaps were tapped into a... read
  • A review of Aswang Abomination
    by sothen on 07/19/2014
    Interesting concept, and there is a lot of potential here for an engaging horror fantasy type short story that I'm sure a lot of children would enjoy. Overall, it's lacking in clear direction, and the first person presentation might not have been the best choice. Also, there was a lot of descriptive repetition. "Orange eyes" appears so often, it takes the reader out of the... read
  • A review of Role Reversal (Rev.)
    by blueberryjim on 07/18/2014
    Caleb, I've reviewed four of your stories now. You do good solid work. I enjoyed this one as I've enjoyed your other ones. Interesting story here. I liked how it was one little reveal after another. I think the best part really was the very ending where we learn that someone had done to Eros exactly what he had done to Vicky. This was a good final twist in a story filled... read
  • A review of The Arrival
    by telliott on 07/18/2014
    This is my kind of story. It’s about ordinary people. However, THE ARRIVAL has nothing ordinary about it. I’ll sound like a drooling sycophant but it is extraordinarily well-written. For a rather longish short story the pages flew by. I was finished before I knew it, never once having looked at the page count. The writer draws the reader in with the first sentence and... read
  • A review of Dwelling
    by Cab Coola on 07/17/2014
    This was a very well written story about a homeless woman, trying to regain her life after a spell of bad choices. It started out with the woman debating about adding to her poem when cops interrupt her. From there, a whole new world opens up and the surroundings I imagined she was in changed. It was well told and never gave away too much. It comes to be that the woman is... read
  • by sergiev2 on 07/17/2014
    Filmfan, Your atmosphere is pretty incredible. The laws and events you have assigned to these creatures was something to behold. However, I was not able to really glean onto anything throughout your narrative. The idea of an intergalactic roadtrip is cool - but WHY is it that these creatures are attracted to this culture? The biggest example I can cite is Galaxy Quest. The... read
  • A review of Eighteen
    by Cab Coola on 07/16/2014
    Hey Taylor, this was a very good tale about a virgin being egged on by his more accomplished friend. It was structurally flawless and the concept was very realistic, something all guys talk about at one point or another. The dialogue was strong and brought the characters to life. The story starts out at a bar with the braggadocios Dan trying to convince his buddy, Billy Lee,... read
  • A review of Aswang Abomination
    by Schism83 on 07/15/2014
    Hello, hello. I just read 'Aswang' and here are my thoughts and comments. I liked this story. It's written in an overly simple voice and style, one that I thought I would quickly tire of, but it's consistency and frankness turned out to be intriguing and comforting. It was a throwback to basic, childhood stories, something around the campfire or under the sheets with flashlights... read
  • A review of Peace of War
    by Bcogan on 07/15/2014
    Very well told, I was caught off guard when the transformation shifted to him waking up choking his girlfriend. It is a powerful story about the struggles of PTSD, although I never heard any like that, i have heard of many very similar and it truly fits the message "A war is not always over when the fighting is done" Although I think the title could have been different like... read
  • A review of 'Voodoo Chile'
    by Cab Coola on 07/15/2014
    This was a beautifully written allegory of adultery which kept me glued to my seat throughout.You had me from the opening line, "When she woke, she was naked, naked and wet with sweat, but she didn‟t move." It was an intense opener and already had me wanting to know more. Was she kidnapped? Sex slave? How was she going to escape? But I wasn't even close. The writer brought... read
  • A review of Role Reversal (Rev.)
    by CaryPohlhammer on 07/15/2014
    This was interesting. Reading it, it felt like a soap opera. There were many twists that one couldn't have seen coming. First, we see Vicky has a husband, then we find out the narrator has a wife, who was sleeping with another man herself. It was unique in a way. I did feel the story could be a bit longer. I knew it was an office party and the beginning, but I didn't know... read
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