"Finishing a book is just like you took a child out in the yard and shot it."

- Truman Capote


  • by filmfamman on 07/23/2014
    This was a rather well written, gritty Dystopian story taking place in Dublin and other parts south in Ireland from the year 2050 and beyond. The characters were fairly well drawn as we read about the terrible times of Liam from when the tyrannical dictatorship of the current president of Ireland clamps down on the citizens. Liam's Gay parents are rounded up, reminiscent... read
  • A review of Insane-O-Tron Part I
    by filmfamman on 07/23/2014
    This was a very entertaining and imaginative Sci Fi story, with some good emphasis on fantasy. There were some bizarre concepts in this story, from Harry the Hair cut, to the Timesaurs. But it was all very entertaining that it was all acceptable to the reader. It is very appropriate that the mysterious machine is named the Insane-O-Tron, since this story and it's images... read
  • by Hznfvo on 07/23/2014
    The dialogue in this piece is okay as far as dialogue goes in that it reads organically. What this story suffers from most is the voice telling it. I get that you were trying to create an authentic southern voice but it reads incredibly awkwardly and makes it hard for the reader to continue reading. Some of the sentences are too long which again makes reading this piece very... read
  • A review of Lost Love
    by telliott on 07/22/2014
    Darn you, Cab Coola. Why'd you have to write such a great love story? All I have to offer are some typos and errors. I enjoyed the heck out of this story even if it relied on the protagonist's amnesia. Amnesia is a convenient literary tool and I think it happens more on the written page than it actually does in real life. However, I could be totally wrong. Hope I am... read
  • A review of The Perfect Day
    by Cab Coola on 07/22/2014
    Hey blueberryjim, I waited and waited to be assigned one of your stories and it never came to fruition so I just reviewed one anyway. I owed it to ya. This was a very entertaining and comical story barring the tragic end. It reminded me a lot of 'Bugs Life and 'Antz'. The way the characters of bugs were giving human characteristics. It was like spending a day at an amusement... read
  • A review of Desperate
    by micheleraedejean on 07/22/2014
    I expected this date to go badly but not so weirdly bad, a crazed Muppet? This started out really good and quite believable and then it got ridiculous. I am not into slapstick and this is definitely of that genre. Because of the quality of writing I wish the author had chosen not to go in such a bizarre direction as I think he has the ability to have made this quasi-believable... read
  • A review of Drinkers VS Computers
    by Cab Coola on 07/22/2014
    This story hit home for me. It was very reminiscent of my test taking days. The characters were likeable drunks who put their energy into drinking and only got jobs because it was a necessity. The dialogue and descriptions were funny and light hearted, making this a very entertaining read. Good imagery here: "Grey light oozed in through the venetian blinds like wallpaper... read
  • A review of Glimpse
    by Cab Coola on 07/22/2014
    This story felt like I was at Woodstock with a couple of hits of acid in my system... in a good way. The concept was unique. I assumed it was about a man dying of some heart disease. Either that or he had one hell of a hallucinogen in his bloodstream. The way you told this story was creative to say the least. I was drawn in from the opening paragraph with the worms and the... read
  • A review of Clickety Click
    by micheleraedejean on 07/22/2014
    I have read a couple of this author’s stories and it is obvious off the wall is his style. This story goes to show that teenagers addicted to their phones have been around quite a while. The author is trying to capture the thinking that is going on during a family photo session. It’s a novel idea but a bit slow, I think it would be nice touch if a real photo of this session... read
  • A review of Bloody Rocks
    by sergiev2 on 07/22/2014
    Hey Sasnak, I was thrilled to receive another one of your stories after enjoying "Normal People." This was a stab at something different. Your writing has a definite style - reminiscent of Thomas Pynchon. Your syntax is really odd - but is not without its flavor. Let's talk about your story. Why is that Vince's partner wants to finger him? You have yourself a hard boiled... read
  • by telliott on 07/21/2014
    I read part one of ISFFD so I could try to give part two a proper review. This review covers certain aspects of part one but focuses on part two. I think that the idea of extra terrestrial beings, especially teenagers, going on an intergalactic road trip for spring break is a solid concept. The ET teenagers go on such a trip, which is a rite of passage into adulthood. They... read
  • A review of Paper Bull
    by filmfamman on 07/21/2014
    This one was a very long one, of very odd characters, in pueblo county, Colorado. I could almost hear Slim Pickens as the narrator of this story (especially the way he sounded in the movie, Dr. Strangelove). For some reason I found it hard to believe that any woman would be attracted to some one like Paul, but then when you compare him to Ferris and others in the story, it... read
  • A review of Data Dump
    by sergiev2 on 07/21/2014
    Hey Steven, This has been your best so far. It was a nice quirky comment on our over-reliance on tech. I know when I leave my house and my smartphone isn't with me, it's like going out naked. I have two big suggestions that I think would help improve this story: 1. Don't erase the memories of your characters. Everyone who reverts to a toddler gonna have a tough time in... read
  • A review of Not My Secret to Tell
    by sergiev2 on 07/21/2014
    Hey Karla, This is the fourth or fifth story of yours I've read. You definitely have a voice to your writing. You develop character through your writing. To despite the facts of this strange union coming forward by the line, I believed in the past between these two. I was hooked. The only suggestion I have is to indent. Everyone does it, you should, too. That's it. You're... read
  • A review of City of the Past
    by Cab Coola on 07/21/2014
    A broken man enamored with the past. The writing was well done and the structure was good. The story, however, I did not quite grasp. At first, It felt like Sneer was a private detective, searching for someone or something. But... I was completely wrong. Was he just a homeless man, reminiscing about a past that he messed up? And why was the librarian so irate with him? Maybe,... read
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