"Anything you’re good at contributes to happiness."

- Bertrand Russell


  • A review of SCORCHING
    by micheleraedejean on 10/26/2014
    The writing was done well but it went on longer than I felt it needed to in order to get the authors viewpoint across. I thought the language seemed a bit advanced for a sixteen year old but crazy people tend to be advanced for their age. Not sure what I was supposed to think about the part about the kid killing his mother with cancer but since he is crazy maybe that was the... read
  • A review of Reviewing Rachel
    by shastina456 on 10/25/2014
    Great idea for this story! Everyone on Triggerstreet can relate with not stealing other writers' creations. The story felt a little too wordy at times. The incantation on page four and five did not make sense to me. The line on page four, " Her widow-peaked black hair with the opalescence of blues and greens were as dark as a murder of crows, " sounded corny to me. I'm certain... read
  • A review of UNSPEAKABLE
    by telliott on 10/25/2014
    To me, this story is not a quick read. That is intended as a compliment. This story is meant to be read slowly, sensually, like the reference to the dance between William Holden and Kim Novak in PICNIC. The writer’s mastery of language, descriptive and eloquent, takes the reader on a journey toward a love that is …. well, unspeakable. Every word the writer uses seems well... read
  • A review of All Island Number One
    by telliott on 10/24/2014
    I loved this story and I hated this story. Loved it because the character (Maayon), a former soldier in the baby brigades of Sri Lanka, just wanted to know how his family was. Hated it because Maayon’s forced role as a child soldier stripped him of his children and his dream of becoming his country’s number one chess player. I loved it because he still dreamt of becoming that... read
  • A review of All Island Number One
    by sergiev2 on 10/24/2014
    Hey Asanka, You have a wonderful narrative here. The only thing holding it back is the language. I don't know the dialect in Sri-Lanka - believe me I have written in dialect before and some people need to do a double take, but as long as it's genuine and doesn't detract from the story. This, I feel is the latter. Be mindful of grammar and punctuation. Syntax you can fuck... read
  • A review of When I Woke
    by jojoe on 10/24/2014
    cm, you described everything, even what type of pillow there was. Poe wrote that every sentence of a short story should progress the story toward a single theme. You decided that your story would be a sensory experience for the most part. You shouldn't have. It would have been far more powerful and clever to use only the details that a loving husband and father would have in... read
  • A review of Thief In The Night
    by James Moriarty on 10/24/2014
    MICHELE has created a simple, but clever story of a working class thief (JAMES) who was denied food as a child. As a late adolescent, James breaks into homes at night, and raids the refergerators. The STORY is how his psychological problem is cured. The writer, uses neat, clean copy (+ a lack of commas), to bring the reader to the last page and solve the problem. In psychotherapy,... read
  • A review of Certainty
    by cmcloughlin1218 on 10/24/2014
    From the opening line you pulled the reader in to the world of the med student. His thoughts his feelings, what he sees, and the turmoil he is experiencing because of his friends departure. The characters are very well drawn. Monty seemed older. His distraught demeanor and overall hatred for the world just seemed older. Ruben has a youthful energy. A desire to win by any... read
  • A review of Indigo
    by nemdab on 10/24/2014
    Very well written. You have a good control of language. I found a couple of phrases I didn't like (using sans instead of without), but as it was written in the first person I put this down to character. The prose moved along well and kept me wanting to read on. The story was short, which suited it well, but meant that I was very aware that something had to happen, and found... read
  • by asankagurusinghe on 10/24/2014
    I have read quite a few stories like this on the site but it is well done. Told from the perspective of an affable drinker at a smalltown bar, it morphs into something else entirely. You could imaging Joe Lansdale writing something like this. I wouldn't say there was much more to it, but it zips along and is entertaining enough. You could picture the characters and when the... read
  • A review of Egyptian Cotton
    by telliott on 10/23/2014
    Flash fiction expertly written, Egyptian Cotton takes the reader into the world of its character with rich descriptions and graceful arrangements of words. Hard to offer any improvements for this one. Only a few things come to mind. On page 1 reference is made to the woman’s leg, as it “was a dancer’s leg”. Two paragraphs later it is mentioned that she could have been a... read
  • A review of Egyptian Cotton
    by micheleraedejean on 10/23/2014
    This was a very creepy piece, as intended I presume. I didn’t particularly like it but I don’t think I was supposed to. It was craftily done and error free. Not much I can tell you to do with such a short work. If you were going for a short story I would say that I would like more descriptions of the murderer’s mind and how the crime was discovered but given this was very short... read
  • A review of Drinkers VS Computers
    by telliott on 10/23/2014
    Getting a reader to like an on-the-dole, lives-with-his-older-sister, hard-drinking uni grad is not easy but this writer manages it quite well. I could picture the main character and his hang-over as they frantically kissed their benefits goodbye in the local Working Skills Center. Some of my favorites: Itched like chickenpox. Grey light oozed in through the venetian blinds... read
  • A review of Angel
    by Michael Leath on 10/23/2014
    This story was well crafted, and had a feel of a letter from home, more than a piece of fiction. The characters were clever and the dialog sharp. While this was an enjoyable read, I did find myself thinking this was more a series of vignettes rather than a story with an arc. Your voice ion this is pleasing, familiar, as if this was a friend telling about their summer vacation... read
  • A review of Egyptian Cotton
    by theauthor on 10/23/2014
    Not the writing, the character is brutal. I thought this was well-written, poetic in its off-the-cuff kind of approach. The ending is swift and unexpected. If I absolutely had to nitpick any grammar: I would put 'bare leg' or simply 'nude' and I believe it should be minimal instead of minimum. (But don't trust my English. I got high grades on creative writing so I slagged a... read
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