"It’s hard to be funny when you have to be clean."

- Mae West


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  • A Non Credited Review
    A review of Say Nothing
    by NrK360 on 11/17/2005
    This film is hilarious. Great comedy spin off of Say Anything. I didnt see the climax coming it all. I cringed at first, and then laughed my ass off. Good camera angles too, nothing special, but still very nice. Nice sound when the guy is hit by the car too. Good music choice too. I give it an A, loved it all.
  • A Non Credited Review
    A review of ESC
    by gelo on 12/23/2004
    This was very wierd. The plot was strange and cut short. I didn't exactly understand the point of the piece.On the other hand, the filming was very professional. Lighting and sound was good. Acting was OK and the techniques you used were really effective.Overall, I would give this piece an A.
  • A Non Credited Review
    by sbasti3 on 01/24/2006
    I shocked at the production values of this film. This film had first rate animation, graphics, sound, cinomatography, ect. The animation is just as good if not better than the Jimmy Neutron film. The director matt is very talented. He not only gave this short a great visual feel, I also liked the way the plot moved. I also enjoyed the sick twist at the end.
  • A Non Credited Review
    A review of BREADWINNER
    by matteo prezioso on 03/02/2006
    Yup, Brilliant. Ok I am not to compare your short with Raging Bull (and I won't), nevertheless, I really really enjoyed it. Well done. First of all the use of B / W & colour 16mm was very convincing. The location was superb and gave great depth to your story. The fighting scenes were, too convincing and I could feel the hero's struggle and anxiousness. Camera angles cut... read
  • a Credited Review
    A review of A JOURNEY TO HEAVEN
    by rdarcy on 07/20/2009
    I felt that although some of the dialogue was quite snappy there is still quite a lot of work that the script needs. I've put my thoughts in no particular order. I don't think you're really taking advantage of the descriptions of characters and places, I didn't really get a picture of what a lot of the characters looked like: 'Alice, an old medium sized ship' This is the... read
  • by ALEX THE GREAT on 05/10/2012
    I've appriciated the story and how is articulate.A story without time,in the sense the author gives informations about time, but time losts importance and what stays is just their frindship. There are no names, the importance is the fact that he chosed to die, their freindship and the that a person miss another one. language: monotonous language, which doesent' mean boring... read
  • A review of Keepsake
    by **DELETED ACCOUNT** on 01/01/2003
    I found this film brought back some very uncomfortable childhood memories, and I found it very difficult to watch. I was slightly disappointed by the quality of the picture, but that could just be my old computer. The music was very chilling and fitted with the film very well, and altogether, it was an excellent, if slightly disturbing, experience. I don't know how the director... read
  • A review of I Chanced Upon a Faun
    by Tripsheet Revision on 01/12/2012
    I’ve been away several years, but in finding this wonderful, strange, bewildering story it feels like I haven’t been away at all. I love it now as I did before. There’s a spirit here, rebellious and roving and riotous, a sense of thumbing the nose at convention, of shunning pretention, so that one lives at the very furthest outskirts of society proper. This coupling had,... read
  • by sifumark on 11/07/2007
    Poor grandma! I don't think anyone enjoys being crammed in a dryer! Old Grandpa found out the hard way, one dosen't always slipp on a banana peel! This short film kept me very entertained. I would have liked to see it a little longer in length. I guess it was as long as the film maker thought that it should be.
  • A review of Babylon
    by **DELETED ACCOUNT** on 12/03/2003
    This film has an original feel to it. The music has a dreamscape element to it and you feel that you are on a journey going somehwhere I liked the way you shot it in black & white as it made it look quite old in a sense and a bit surreal. a good film keep up the good work.
  • A review of CALLBACK
    by **DELETED ACCOUNT** on 01/25/2008
    After reading the Production notes I would guess that you are really pleased to get a result from this flick. You probably already know what is coming next...Way too dark for most of the time. Luckily you had many other good things going for this Film. Which weighs against the lighting issues. Such as a great script. Excellent acting. Good directing and editing. I'm impressed... read
  • by Kennthhudson on 03/04/2004
    After about 25 pages of reading I was really starting to question were this story was going.I did not think I would be able to read it all if it continued to be this slow of a read. I was wrong the story was great and it did keep my full attention. I also learned a lot that I never knew about a DJ I loved to listen to. I had to read it a 3rd to really understand how the early... read
  • by **DELETED ACCOUNT** on 06/30/2013
    A pleasant diversion. Good coffee break reading material. No problems with style/punctuation/grammar. Would do a little work on the formatting, though. If there was a theme in the story it was to point out the insecurity/uncertainty of youth. It was nicely done without the ham-fisted, wordy prose of some authors. I liked the recurrent use of "The Day...", even though at... read
  • A review of Two Dimes & a Nickel
    by burntjacket on 03/08/2006
    Very well done. Endearing subject matter, and the actors were convincing, location was good and camera angles and lighting were fine. I missed seeing the composer of the music in the credits? Maybe it was there. The music was perfect for the piece. As my teens were fighting in the background about petty things I watched this with a breath of fresh air. Thank you.
  • A review of A Gentleman's Game
    by John Quest on 09/24/2008
    Review of “A Gentleman’s Game” 9-22-08 Hey Kevin Hope all is well and going good. My review; Page 3. When you make the introduction of characters could you be more definitive weather they are black or white? Due to the premise of this script (Ethic issues between blacks and whites) it would help to know the skin color of the characters. As of page 21, I feel there is... read
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