"When critics disagree, the artist is in accord with himself."

- OscarWilde


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  • A review of Conventional Defences
    by gulfcoastomega on 04/28/2012
    I'm not usually a fan of vampire stories but this one was a fun read. As the story opens the vampire is beginning to stalk his next victim and we get inside the vampire's head as he enlightenes us into the myth and folklore surrounding vampires and the defenses used by humans against them I like the vampire's no-nonsense tone as he described the fine details of his history... read
  • by marley209 on 05/29/2005
    To say that this film is not my cup of tea would be an understatement. I have a hard time reviewing films like this because of that reason. Technically, it's not a bad short, really. It's filmed well, the synch with the music works, the intermission part made me scratch my head, but I suppose no moreso than the rest of the film. At least it was interesting to watch. I did not... read
  • by oddoppo on 02/24/2005
    'Moto Jango' effectively illustrates the futility of war. The music, 'Autobahn Man', is a good choice; the frenzied rythm underscores the tension between the two actors and the song title fleshes out the identity of Bastille the Clown by invoking the Nazi War Machine's Autobahn. The editing creates the sense of a choreographed dance between the actors and the rythm is well... read
  • by kkatherine on 02/02/2007
    Okay, so there's some talent here. You almost made me care about someone making a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. You did it quickly and with some style. Nice touch on the credits. The only problem is the "almost" word. I appreciate that you didn't use any dialogue and got the point across. The music worked. You're at the top of the hill, just a little more push and you've... read
  • P&P Credited Review
    A review of Possum and Pizzaiola
    by badgebarman on 12/09/2008
    This was a very touching lttle story based on the premise that whatever our national, cultural or social backgrounds, we all like to eat, and a meal shared can be one of the best ways for people to bond. The actual story was very well told, what struck me after a few pages was how well this would adapt to the cinema, it was written in an almost slow documentary screenplay... read
  • by elmerlang on 12/14/2005
    This was fun, a bit treacly, a bit ridiculous, and those are very high bars to set and pull off. Your credits were fun, the acting was fair, the camera, editing and music were well done and helped things along nicely, the script was a bit slight, good luck with more.
  • by micky3g on 12/02/2002
    Well, that was a real Piece Of S--- (crap). It would seem to me this “film” is nothing more then some more religious dogma. Nothing original there. It even could not use it’s one ideas of Christ, it had to rip off a known piece of art work. To bad that the making of the film didn’t live it first, or they would have seen how wrong they are and I wouldn’t have to had... read
  • A review of Happi.
    by molla on 05/18/2005
    Interested, well can't say much good for a monologue, the idea and the point of the plot a like, but need a little of polish, i bealive that with a little of extra work you'll have a great story, work on it, i like it and never stop the film ideas from growing in your head. me best wishes. Remember character development and lineal story.
  • A review of No Laughing Matter
    by kimmieyan on 02/10/2003
    This screenplay left me with mixed emotions. On the one hand, the concept was really quite interesting. But on the other, the characters and dialogue were a little lacking. It was like a novel that, while interesting, didn't have enough of that special something to really make it work. This project would be much better if the dialogue and characters were stronger, less... read
  • by TassieTzavaras on 01/07/2007
    Good job, well done. Characters were fun and well developed. Story was tight. I expect to see this soon. Questions to possibly ask: Have we seen enough of Isabel throughout? Are Tom's motives clearly defined? Is the movie best served to stay as comical as it is at the expense of more dramatic moments? I found the first half of the script to be more tight, with cleaner... read
  • A review of El Squeeze
    by meclynes on 02/14/2003
    In the first few seconds you see the actor sitting on some steps you think what the hell?The first few seconds look too deliberate, bad acting, but then, the chase scene!? The Chase scene could have been much shorter. The Pee scene should have been shorter, much, much shorter. The whole story is just a man trying pee. If I could say it, I'd say p... poor acting p... poor movie... read
  • A review of The P.A.
    by Oakhill193 on 01/24/2008
    Who doesn't want to see a movie about a struggling screenwriter who makes good? However, I don't think ever has been one. And this needs a bit more work to be considered as well. The plot was almost like PRETTY WOMAN since being a PA is one of the lower forms in the industry. And this PA makes it with the big time actor. The story works in that manner but some of the dialogue... read
  • A review of P.A.M.
    by nesw on 07/29/2014
    I did enjoy Shelia's flashback scene. I would have liked a couple more scenes with humor like that one. Some of the writing was repetitive ("He did this..." "He did this..." "He did this..."), so the writer should consider varying the sentence structure when describing action. Also make sure the action matches what is going on. I doubt a character would give someone a disappointing... read
  • A review of P.A.M.
    by DavidStokes on 07/28/2014
    CONCEPT / LOGLINE: Your synopsis and logline are woefully underwritten. Put some more detail into it. Sell your movie to your readers. Theyre not 12 and wont be seduced by GUNS, GORE, ZOMBIES! Put some thought into it and sell it. CHARACTERS: Ryan, John and Dean were underwritten. Totally interchangeable and didnt really seem to have their own personalities outside... read
  • A review of Hell Hath No Fury
    by parkwood on 11/30/2002
    Technically, this piece is well done. The theme, to me, seemed to be of the liberating nature of one's own stereotype. In this case, "cutie" liberates herself upon realization that the zombie chasing after her is objectifying her by calling her "cutie." The resulting outrage turns the tables on the zombie. I felt that this piece was rather tame and that it woulda been more... read
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