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  • A review of Swing
    by **DELETED ACCOUNT** on 03/13/2007
    Well this short certainly started of slow amd I felt the actor held appeal of some description. I loved the shot of the clouds and the the camera movement at the end focusing on the newly found happiness - I am presuming he recalls his happy childhood on a swing in the park thus compensating for his lost love. Quite a good film but waht cerainly shone through was the immediate... read
  • A review of Stan and Duncan
    by bmdcowan on 01/12/2005
    I'm not sure where you wanted to go with this. Unfortunately, it didn't take me anywhere. I suppose the initial concept has some merit, and if you had focussed on some aspect the two characters share because of their orphan experience and thrown in some conflicts between the two that would have eventually been worked out because of the one common bond between them, you would... read
  • by cybernaut on 03/14/2005
    For the most part I liked the short. I think its potential for ideas can be expanded. Going through the door and becoming 3-D reminded me of a Homer Simpson episode in which they did entered an alternate universe and became 3-D for a Halloween episode; it was striking and memorable. There were times when the animated characters did nothing for stretches, and then there were... read
  • A review of Shard (Rewrite 2)
    by jayelveejr on 02/19/2009
    I reviewed this a few weeks ago if I recall and kept it again because I wanted to see what changes you've made or if I would have the same reaction. I think it's still good and tighter but I must admit I have the same view as before. Like I stated earlier, the descriptions are outstanding, so vivid and well written that this script is a pure visual delight. If this ever makes... read
  • by Kamakazie on 11/20/2002
    Ken's sister should have her own show...I seen her in someone else's film and she's hot. The whole episode should have been shorter and just about the Strike as that was the only funny part. By the way, reviewer ERVFilmZ's idea about making out made me laugh more than the actual film so what does that say boys and girls?
  • A review of Burnout
    by GimmeABreak on 01/13/2007
    My reading notes (these are typically questions that arise as I read or items that pull me out of the story): * your SP doesn't have page numbers * slugs shouldn't specify the time of day * "Wildwood, New Jersey only has a handful of tourists this time of year." - how is the audience going to know this? * action blocks are easier to read if you limit them to 3 or 4 lines *... read
  • A review of The crystal shard
    by Bmaddox on 07/13/2008
    I didn't care for this very much. It wasn't particularly interesting even though the fantasy world created might have potential if things were more fully developed. I didn't empathize with any of the characters or their plight. There was just not much reason for the reader to care about the events in the story and their impact on the lives of the characters. Characters existing... read
  • A review of OneDayOne
    by fuller on 01/21/2003
    This movie could have been more. The use of two cameras was executed well, but I thought the story should have been more. Some camera angles were too akward. For example when the two characters are lying on the bed the camera is very far away when it should remain up close and personal. Overall it was an interesting short.
  • A review of Sleep Happens
    by DonaldD'Haene on 11/13/2003
    And then you make a short about it. What I liked about this one was the supporting players were very the woman who handed the lead the pamphlet. Great deadpan. I also think our beleagered lead did an okay job in his role. He isn't funny, but that, perhaps is the point. He's the straight man with characters surrounding him. Good choice.
  • A review of Don't Say Nothing
    by eBabe on 10/30/2013
    Something has to happen. Really too much time with nothin goin on. A short has to move in quickly and score with a beginning, middle, and then tie it together. All that footage on the headphones...yikes. All those facial ticks...yikes. I feel like the ending was thrown in there cause nothing convinced me that the actor had to get there, to that point. I think the script needed... read
  • A review of Hold-Up
    by gregbeck on 01/09/2003
    That looked as it was something somewhat tame and played out until the last frame. That is as dark an ending as I can imagine. Very good, because I have a million questons in my head. What would the guy do if he knew he killed the little girl in trying to scare the clerk? Or, did he know exactly what he was doing in placing the shot where he did?Part of me hates this movie,... read
  • A review of Slow Emotion
    by Mattgarvey on 06/04/2005
    Have to be honest Lawire i was a little bit disapointed by your film i found it very slow moving and foudn teh story dull. It was a bit of a Fight CLub esq idea with the different sides of peoples personalities taking ove rbut taht isnt a bad thing. Dint like the way showed the main guy being pulled ot of the frame it made it looked cheap especially with the titles. But apart... read
  • A review of Some Winners Quit
    by Hal Jordan on 02/17/2004
    This was a by-the-numbers student film. Let's see. All takes place in some guy's campus apartment. Check. OTT, melodramatic performances (the "more is more" approach). Check. Loads and loads of high-school drama class dialogue. Check. Don't mean to be too harsh (hey, I've made films like this) but this sort of film strikes me as very self-indulgent. It is not wrong... read
  • by DamageX on 03/30/2004
    Pretty funny, it does a good job of capturing the Starbucks craze. The humor was good, I loved the part when he is talking about the chairs and the energy that flows around the chairs. The acting was very good and I thought the actor really made this piece believeable and humorous. The editing was a bit inconsistent and dragged at times, but that is only a minor complaint... read
  • A review of Veterinarian
    by swifty on 03/05/2003
    This film was too slow for me. The black and white photography was very nice and sharp. However during an action sequence, like the one of the bart train, there should have been blur and fast cuts. Each cut averaged about two seconds which is way too long. I wanted a faster moving story. And the story was very weird for me (SPOILER). A Nazi Veterinarian? I thought the... read
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