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  • A review of TURNAROUND
    by ajhconcepts on 01/13/2004
    This film has managed to capture a confusion that comes after a good night out, as well as incorporate some elemnts of high quality film making. The production values grab you at first, aiding the viewers pleasure, then the wacky protagonist enters in midshot within an enigmatic pan.Guided by the background score, the character seems to become one with the viewer. It enlightened... read
  • by Alexander Selkirk on 11/17/2002
    This wacky little short has a few endearing qualities which give it some aappeal. The phon not available thing has been used to death however, and I would suggest it can be left to RIP. That being said, the narrator has a sincere sound to his voice, and that, coupled with the restrained and appropriate sound track, give the piece a tight, controlled feel which helped to stabilize... read
  • A review of God Plays Solitaire
    by tompriestley on 03/29/2005
    A very fun piece, with a fun concept that generally carried well though the pace (although I wasn't %100 sold on the twist ending) Acting was mostly okay, but there were moments performed much better than others, and at times people looked like they were trying not to laugh (which may be the case, but it makes a better film without it) Camera work was good, and the special... read
  • A review of The Napoleon Effect
    by mirthfulone on 07/01/2004
    Interesting concept. I like the fact the main character is flawed...he is not super heroic or very smart...a sort of everyman. I also like the historical aspect and the minitures motief. It is different, which is a good thing. The court scene did not work for me. Nobody in court mentioned the fact that Noel was saving people. Plus lottery officials can verify who claims... read
  • by JeffreyTravis on 03/20/2003
    This had some very funny moments, and was an original concept-- an absolutely absurd group. The camera work and editing was great (the night scenes were lit so well!). The story was a bit over the top for me at times, but some parts had me laughing out loud (the reaction to the guy who says he's too fat- I roared). Some actors were better than others, but not bad overall. Seeing... read
  • A review of Klown
    by sdrogue on 10/26/2005
    okay this was silly, but you put effort into it and that counts for something, not much story but still funny in its own way....its a killer clown, you have tapped into the strangest phobia of all, my only suggestion would be to cut it down to 3 minutes...jokes that are drawn out only get worse
  • by chrisa on 02/03/2003
    This "film" (which seems to be a rarity on a short FILM site to use actual film) was well made and mocks all the things we want are but think we aren't - PRETENTIOUS FILMMAKERS. There is some witty voice overs (obviously adults imitating little kids, but I don't think that was a secret). Overall, the camera angles are weak, but the point is still made & it's clever. Good work... read
  • by Zo on 11/20/2002
    Bizarre humor a la Pee Wee Herman, catchy music, as mental teen ager goes into various realities with blonde, bouncy, foul mouthed sister and a bunch of multi-colored socks. Introduction to legal terms given hence can be viewed as educational. Would work well on TV for example on Adult Swim or to replace South Park. Wry sense of humor required.
  • A review of JON NOVAR PART 1
    by **DELETED ACCOUNT** on 01/17/2003
    Well, lets see now....hmm.....that was....INSANE! You certainly have a wild imagination and I can't help but feel you have some deep inner meaning to all your humor, I felt like I was being brainwashed. I'm gonna go take a nap now and re-think my life. Maybe take a shower too.
  • A review of Peace of Mind
    by diggerdawwg on 11/14/2004
    I always hold a place in my heart for super 8 films even when the gross constitution of such consists of pratfalls and overlapping voice-overs (it actually looked too nice to be super 8, but I trust the uploader). The film starts with a title card reading "Untitled" then black then "Just kidding here's the real title," and if you laugh at that you will be a fan of this film... read
  • A review of WACKY-TV
    by JonCow on 09/05/2006
    A spoof at its spoofiest. The characters are more than cliches, they are larger-than-life-cardboard cutouts that are propped up, trotted out, and used for target practice, but that is what is needed for a farce like this. However, this is where structure comes in. You need to set up motivations early, so that when all hell breaks loose, everyone’s actions are recognizable... read
  • A review of WACKY-TV
    by elysiumfilms on 09/06/2006
    This is a very intersting script, that at times was enjoyable and other times wasn't. I think there needs to be more drafts for this to be structured into the final piece, because well there are some problems with it. But first I want to say, what I liked about the script. I must says it was much to my joy, that the reader was able to realistically enter the competitive world... read
  • by WilRobinson on 01/26/2003
    it was a pretty crazy story. kind of reminds me of something like "the hunger". it's kind of funny the way the woman is so casual about killing her boyfriend. maybe a little dialogue might have been nice. the script wasn't too bad, but still could use a little work. i think the dismembering part could have went on a little longer. that kind of made my stomache turn.....
  • A review of THE NIGHTWALKER
    by Motorbrain on 05/26/2005
    I liked the special effects in this one. The narration was great; nice tone of voice, a little muffled at times, and good writting. It was funny, weird, and spooky. Excellent editing and use of negative images. I didn't quite understand what happened to the person after getting taken over by the night walker and I thought the adventure stood on its own before the fateful... read
  • A review of Tell 'em, Elmer
    by wavecal22 on 08/18/2010
    'Tell 'Em Elmer' journeys into the mind of a crazed musician. Though the acting is strong in the first half, mid-way through it seemed like he started to crack up- which isn't necessarily a terrible thing. Given the character it seems perhaps fitting. The dogs are a hilarious concept, and their sound effects, while not the highest quality, heightened the experience. Though... read
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