"The height of cleverness is to conceal one’s cleverness."

- Francois de La Rochefoucould


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    A review of Exit Strategies
    by tarboy on 02/23/2010
    First off, congratulations on finishing a screenplay! That's a big achievement! This is just my opinion. Take it with a grain of salt. I have to admit I read the first four pages twice. Not use to a sp without one mistake. Your descriptions are a bit wordy. Magnificent floor to ceiling windows allow the diners to look out over the city like gods Not needed. You already stated,... read
  • A review of White Room
    by mattlock on 03/20/2012
    Sorry Mazhar, I hate to say it but it's nothing we haven't all read and seen before, the bit about his daughter was grim to say the least! I felt like you threw that in to shock us into some interest, Was the devil in white from the film Constantine by any chance?. Redemption comes from the heart not by being backed into a corner, you should have let his wife into the room,... read
  • A review of Exit Strategies
    by holmes5387 on 03/03/2010
    I've just finished reading Exit Strategies, and in short it's a well paced action adventure that may perhaps borrow a bit to extensively from its inspiration. I watch a lot of movies. I imagine I received this script because it falls into line with the type of films I enjoy. Unfortunately that is both a good and bad thing. The writing is good, the pacing is good, and the... read
  • A review of Wee Entity
    by dtpro99 on 08/26/2003
    Cute. Nice use of lighting, and suspense. Pretty obvious UFO elements (use of lighting as known by X files genre). Kudos to the animation inserted into the middle of it. Nice job. And the ending punchline? Uh, okay. Whats the moral of the story? Is that 50 words?
  • by chinaski on 01/12/2003
    I really liked this one. Silence can be very scary. It made me think, rather than placing evrything out in front of me. I thought it did a good job of building the suspense. When he peeked around the top of the steps and saw himself ( doppleganger?) at the bottom of the stairs, I was scared @#$%less. Great job, keep up the good work.
  • A review of Lady X: The Client
    by burgos387 on 05/23/2005
    I found this to be an interesting sort but it left me with more questions then answers, which maybe what the writing/directing team wanted. I found Lady X to be rather sloppy for a mystery woman. The team found here quite easily, and seemed to be able to trail her without a problem, which bothered me. Why can't they capture someone that can be tracked so easily? Where the... read
  • A review of Baby x
    by OLFP on 03/07/2003
    I disagree with some of the reviews that Baby X received. I personally liked the home video feel to it because when violence in the home happens it is never in beautiful glossy photography that one remembers it. It's your vision! So if you see it as shaky and choppy or dark then that's all there is to it. Anyone who can't relate or understand what abuse or domestic violence... read
  • A review of Lady X: The Client
    by IMG on 12/30/2003
    Although I almost sent this to the HOJ for review at first, upon viewing this it does tell a complete story by itself. There is a fine line on something like this with a self-professed episodic production, but it does stand on its own two legs so I decided to let it go. Camera work, audio, editing were all very good. The story was a bit weak, but the use of the "flash back"... read
  • A review of Angel's Kiss
    by **DELETED ACCOUNT** on 07/22/2012
    I won't mention typos -- There were many but I wanted to focus on the story. I like the concept, but plausibility is lacking. Unless Angel was retarded and drooling on herself, no initiation pressure, would prompt her to put a gun to a General's head. Not believable. I would suggest framing her. Your narratives composed a novel. Every action, glance, jump, kick, was described... read
  • A review of xyz.
    by **DELETED ACCOUNT** on 12/07/2005
    Not a great film, but Coen certainly displays more of a command of film as a visual form than most of the films I've recently reviewed. I must also say that even though this entire film is, very basically, three people eating soup - there is more atmosphere, suspense, and tension here than in the other submissions I've seen. But Coen, where do you go from here? Overall:... read
  • by xbain on 01/24/2003
    You defeniteluy have talent Rama. The way you use your style and original concept will go a long way for you if you keep this up. My favorite part was realizing (BEWARE- SPOILER AHEAD) that the person in your house was you. But there were also many problems I had with your short. Black and white does nothing for me, maybe it does for someone else but not me. The story majorly... read
  • A review of Opal
    by goldensloane on 12/26/2002
    There are some well-choreographed action sequences and special effects, but the characters lack any real depth and the plo, in all its various digresions,tdoes not hold together. It's much too confusing, and suddenly at the end, the reader finds out Robert is really one of the thieves. Now the part about the theives got interesting, with their technology and the alien artifact,... read
  • A review of O's and X's
    by filmfamman on 09/19/2013
    This was a well put together story about an aging NFL star who is on the brink of losing his career and free spending, shapely wife, Rose. I liked how the prospect of using performance enhancing drugs remained as a temptation through out the story. The descriptions and dialogue between Nick and his wife were very well drawn out. You could feel the pressure that Nick was... read
  • by evertonfan on 02/07/2003
    What an excellent little film. It is very refreshing and encouraging to see a short film so masterfully created. Congrats to everyone involved because this is really what the art of the short film is all about. Teriffic idea and awesome execution of it. Wow I'm speechless. After all that wading through mediocrity here is the MOTHER LODE!!!
  • A review of The Return
    by **DELETED ACCOUNT** on 01/07/2003
    I can't think of anything that great about this. It seems as though the movies with the most hype and the least amount of content are the ones that people like the most. I like films that express somthing, films that say somthing new or have a point of some kind. This just feels like another episode of the X files. Where was Mulder? What's the point?I really don't feel like... read
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