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  • A review of Memories of Máte
    by genovafilms on 01/20/2003
    This short is a moment is time captured. Short, sweet senimental. For me there was no real story or substance behind it. The camera work was shaky. There were a bit too many dissolves i the beginning. I did like the transfer from black and white to color and back to black & white again, that was nice. Maybe if this was part of a larger scheme I would have appreciated it... read
  • A review of Bait
    by RichieRuns on 07/07/2003
    Wild action. I like the dialog between Putz and Joel. This started funny and fun, but continued more of the same, which became tiresome. The descriptions do a good job of capturing the tone of the action, even the cliches - which would not fit in another script. But descriptions to amuse the reader that will not be clear on screen, i.e. the van not bus joke, is not screenplay... read
  • by **DELETED ACCOUNT** on 02/01/2013
    As a city resident I recognise the authentic feel of this story. New York is as much a character as any of the people. I only know New York from fiction from previous generations so I do not know if this is what contemporary New York feels like but it reads real. The concept risks being too hackneyed but is handled well and it makes for a gripping story. The characters are... read
  • by hypnoteyes on 01/17/2003
    Wow, technically the cinematography and editing were excellent. This was a very nice piece. Very moving. Loved the feeling in the narration by the son. The production values were very high in this piece. You should be very proud of this short. Hope to see many others from you.
  • A review of Rivers
    by **DELETED ACCOUNT** on 02/08/2013
    This tragic tale is set inside the head of a man destroyed by guilt. It is a place that only a writer can go and it takes a strong imaginative writer to make it convincing. It is pulled off well and the grief and guilt of the father is touchingly portrayed. Flash backs I found jarring but I think that was a good thing. The change in font and narration style take you away from... read
  • A review of The Butterfly Man
    by mcclanahanbozo on 11/22/2004
    I have to say I enjoyed this well written story from the beginning to the end. I only watch one war movie and that was saving private Rayon. Reading your script I can see myself watching it at the movies. I felt it was very Interesting, and a great pace to all the terrific action scenes. Tiger and Thorne, we’re really excellent characters, great job. I did fell there... read
  • by dleonetti on 04/09/2008
    The major element in this screenplay is mood. Mood in the sea. Mood in the characters. Mood in the small town. It all seems to fit together in a story about a brooding, lonely woman caught in a town by the sea, and longs to escape. I loved the visual image of Kate taking up watch on the beach and looking out to sea. In the end, I was wishing that you would end the story with... read
  • A review of The PRODIGAL
    by First Ten Pages on 07/28/2011
    Hello! I'll split the review into two parts - STRUCTURE - Format was all over the place. Took me out of the story immediately right from page one being on the title page and FADEIN: not FADE IN: Descriptions of characters with no indication of their age. Giving character background info in action lines that viewer cannot see. Example, "Cody has ten films to his credit..."... read
  • A review of POETIC BLUE - REVISED
    by andreimarko on 10/07/2003
    Believe me, I temper my reviews for the genre I'm looking at. I don't hold action scripts accountable to the same standards of "plausibility" or "character development" as I would a serious character driven drama. There's a place for movies that are, in the end, completely ridiculous. However, this script still doesn't make the grade. There is no reason for this contest... read
  • A review of The Shill Bidder
    by bo hitchcock on 07/08/2006
    The black face thing remains flattly unfunny. Interest wanes right from the git go. There may be some huge irony that is delightfully disguised in some complex Freudian theme. If there is such a theme it eludes even the most careful re examination, so what can one say? A "BIDDER" PILL
  • A review of Wide and Open Spaces
    by Spodaking on 05/28/2004
    This plays big, like a feature in a theater. And to top it off it was made in just over 48 hours? Impressive! So many elements to this hit their mark - costumes, location, wonderful score, solid performances. Very large group of people in your credit list - Julie deserves commendation for keeping everything and everyone focused for 24 hours. That had to be daunting. Good work... read
  • A review of To Hunt A Bumblebee
    by ShandsJC on 03/06/2010
    I have absolutely no idea how the title of the story is relevant, but I DON'T CARE. To Hunt a Bumblebee is a fun, fast-paced, action-packed story, with clever dialogue and interesting twists! As I read, as the characters developed, I began casting the movie in my mind. From beginning to end, I was totally hooked. Only a couple criticisms: The wrap-up of Marie's story line... read
  • A review of Shoot the Shooter
    by daysrfree on 08/11/2004
    The premise is okay. I like the voice over setting up the premise, but the line "I may be color blind, but . . ." is hokey. The video image quality is poor. I like the musical score. I like the scene driving down the road, but only to a point. At first it built anticipation and curiosity about what would happen next. But it became too long to hold my interest. Stopping... read
  • A review of BLOOD TIES
    by jangura on 08/25/2003
    I'm a spanish writer so i'll try my best in english writing... A well written script. Descriptions are short and evocative, so you can get in the mood of the scene in a easy way. First act is pretty well setted up, but I think the openning scene is not necessary: it reveals thinks we don't need to know (I mean the cardinal could be unrevelaed creating the doubt at the end:... read
  • A review of Parashites
    by Damian P Ramsajan on 04/03/2011
    This script was fun, enjoyable and really funny for such a shitty story (sorry couldn’t help it). You get the story started quickly, efficiently with dramatic impact and a style that keeps the pages turning. You should remove the unfilmable descriptions like ‘is a senior at Martin College and the star of their award-winning show choir”, I know you’ve probably heard it before,... read
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