"An original writer is not one who imitates nobody but one whom nobody can imitate."

- Vicomte De Chateaubriand


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  • by **DELETED ACCOUNT** on 05/10/2009
    I took this script with me this morning to the laundrette, thinking that I'd dip into it to get a flavour before properly reading it this afternoon with a pint or 2 of Stella. Instead I found myself being tapped on the shoulder by an elderly lady wanting use of my washer which had stopped cleaning my clothes about twenty minutes ago. I was on page 102 of 111. I really liked... read
  • by williamf129 on 09/02/2014
    This is not a short story. Unlike a novel, which can twist here and there, the short story is a straight line. There is too much going on here, so much so that it is pointless to critique it as a story. Nonetheless, here is a list of some of its shortcomings:the sentences, which are the bedrock of language, clearly demonstrate a lack of understanding of the structure and several... read
  • A review of The Hero
    by Mr Popcorn on 07/15/2006
    In watching this movie one of the first things that REALLY hit me was that it reminded me purely of the silent movie era in which it is all physical, absolutely no dialogue at all almost throughout the movie. And I feel it should've stayed that way throughout it's entirety so that I could really get a feel for 30's silent cinema, complete with that great Piano score from Steven... read
  • A review of 1am
    by The Govnor on 12/03/2004
    Finally, a 16mm film on TS that actually uses sync-sound! Ever other 16mm short I have endured has featured the same insufferable pretentious voice over narration. Looks like you also laid out the extra cash for negative stock rather than the usual cheep-o reversal; if this isn't the case, then you did an even better job. The exposure looked really nice; well done. The audio... read
  • by BeanJTSnow on 04/27/2006
    Bertrand's proposal to Shombay, against Francesco propping up Luciani as a traditionalist, is the crux of the screenplay. I think, for it to be most successful, a reader who begins with no allegiances needs to be torn between Luciani and Shombay, changing sides from scene to scene. While Shombay would necessarily remain the Protagonist, Luciani should be a Protagonist in his... read
  • A review of The Role of Earth
    by boxsterghost on 02/12/2003
    Your dialogue is good and your word usage is fantastic. However, Sci Fi/fantasy is so over done that there is big problems of writing cliches. It seems like you took some 50's saturday morning serials and made it into a movie. If the screenplay is made into a movie in this style then that is great. It would make a good genre film. It was an easy read. One major suggestion,... read
  • A review of Wrong Number
    by smpost on 08/29/2004
    This is a good film -- a well-made film. Mark Jones takes a big risk, making a serious short film about a person who dies on 9/11. The tragedy is built-in and easy. Added to this is the possibility of another tragic loss of life -- the suicide motif. And a little girl who loses her father and is too innocent to understand (we do). There's such a fine line between insight... read
  • A review of Sherman Pi (strike 2)
    by Jellytots on 10/18/2005
    Wow. That was an interesting experience! This is a really interesting concept for a film. I liked the general idea- the Think Tank, the change in perception, what is perception etc etc. You do a good job with creating an image- I liked your descriptions and most of the dialogue works. Using "Mind" as a character works really well- it's nice to see the internal workings of... read
  • A review of Starry Night
    by gapoz on 10/05/2012
    I see from your BIO that this is your first screenplay. Pretty damn impressive for a first effort. You obviously spent some time learning the craft along the way instead of just puking up something on the paper. That's a step ahead of many first efforts. On top of that, I think you have a nice style and voice and an imaginative story here. This is not a novel, and you obviously... read
  • A review of Soap On The Ropes
    by Imaginationmachine on 10/10/2004
    This was a average film to me. It didnt do much for me in the way of a story line(im not a fan of driving a film with curse words). I did like the camera angles that were used, and the audio was good with some good sound effects. Not really a fan of repeating words. That is a interested twist on the ending. Overall id give it a 5 out of 10.
  • A B Non Credited Review
    A review of AIIB (A2B)
    by bo hitchcock on 05/28/2005
    Disturbing ah yes power packed disturbance, nicely juxtopposed with the tranquil scenes. The roses add to the drama and the floating or flying pedals are a neat technique. Such a strange set of circumstances seemed to demand a little more explanation, a little more story. The camera work, music and acting all held well up in a tough to make film. This one grades out at A B... read
  • by Chris H on 03/19/2009
    It's hard to believe the author is a "newbie" at this. Granted, it's the third revision, but this is one of the more well-written scripts I've read so far on TS. The Arrangement is a textbook romantic comedy, following a tried-and-true formula - Boy and girl bump into one another again just in time to avoid marrying the wrong person. There's nothing new here, no twist on... read
  • A review of Pâtisserie (v.2)
    by Campo on 02/24/2011
    You’ve created a memorable script with “Patisserie.” The story is poignant and gives viewers a look into a sad history that existed many years ago but which still dominates our culture and sensibilities. You’ve made that backward look into a distressing time original, fresh, and painful. We grieve with Andre and Emilie. We rejoice that there is a neighbor like Durand who cares... read
  • A review of Hunting the Lion
    by Lflo on 01/05/2003
    This starts out as a good character piece, showing a developing hatred from one brother to another, but then it just loses it. From the introduction of the "witch", this got really bad. First off, nothing is ever really explained about the witch, which I guess is supposed to give a feeling of mystery, but ends up giving a feeling of "can't really explain this". Secondly,... read
  • A review of AnnggaAnngga
    by kooop on 11/21/2002
    Excuse the bad pun. Didn't find it funny, in the least. I don't think there was anything very creative or interesting about it. Not realistic, not interesting, not worth my time. Maybe the fact that this was done in 2000 has something to do with it's horridity.