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  • A review of My Argument with God
    by slarabee on 09/26/2009
    I am not sure what to say about this one because the main character did not seem to have any real personality or any redeeming qualities. Even though in the end he at least got the girl he was driving home and got her to the couch, I was half expecting the story to end with him being in a world of problems when she was found dead from a concussion the next day. In fact I... read
  • A review of Quietus
    by dbialy on 12/05/2007
    The short definitely has a good production values. It looks neat sleek and professional. Including the credits. The opening CLOSE-UPS however, do not really point towards the main theme, literally or metaphorically, as they should. To me, the story itself also lacks a sufficient visual impact to match its high technical value. It seem too talky; "Are you the best? Are you... read
  • A review of The Road
    by Fox on 11/23/2002
    The only thing this script has going for it is the idea of a vampire versus a werewolf, and this never actually happens. It's supposedly a story about a young man, Layton, on his way to someone who knows how to kill him in order to end his werewolfing ways. 1. No obstacles pop up to stop Layton from his goal. He meets up with some adventures, but none actually threaten to stop... read
  • by **DELETED ACCOUNT** on 05/29/2006
    The synopsis for this script really drew me in. And the first act paid off on that. But then, in the second, as the action drifted away from Spider to other characters, I lost interest. The script wraps up well enough. But that second act is just a killer. If you could somehow compress all of the action to make the whole script Spider's one night on the town, that would be... read
  • by David Muhlfelder on 12/01/2011
    I always cut historical dramas a lot of slack, because I don't think people should learn their history from the movies. I expect historical stories to take liberties with the facts in the service of creating great entertainment. Nowhere is this more brilliantly accomplished than in Tarantino's "Inglorious Basterds." That being said, I found this script to be, if not the worst,... read
  • A review of 13-Romeo (v2)
    by hepleronline on 12/15/2012
    It's a premise we recognize: a seasoned cop is supposed to retire, but duty calls. It's an engaging story, with a lot of great detail and momentum. As per usual, I'll start with a page-by-page critique and follow those up with some last thoughts. Opening: The whole tense-police-situation into practical joke scene is fun, but somewhat confusing. We get a good sense of the characters,... read
  • A review of The Hunted
    by mmvideoproductions on 12/23/2002
    He just wasn't cool enough. Buffy, he ain't. Not a bad job with editing, but the bad acting of the lead guy and the overall silly plot did not really impress me much. Black and white was a nice touch and super-fast play at times worked. Just work on the plot a little more next time and do a better job at casting, especially your lead roles.
  • A review of The Snowman
    by EarWorm on 03/30/2005
    Very enjoyable. First rate! The conflict between the "artiste" and the "vulgarian" was excellently written and excellently played. I can find no fault with this one. It has a good script, good actors, good crew, and a good time for the viewer. I wish every movie was this good.
  • A review of Red Balloon
    by **DELETED ACCOUNT** on 01/22/2006
    After viewing this short film I've noticed some errors in filming this. The audio halfway through is cut (there is no audio) and I found it to be a bit confusing. In the vein of the "silent film era" I felt as if it was appropiate, but there was audio in the beginning sequence (the two robbers talking) and I was somewhat confused. It seemed like a great premise for a short... read
  • A review of Red Balloon
    by **DELETED ACCOUNT** on 08/12/2007
    Technically this film is has a lot of problems. The sound levels are all over the place and the camera gets a few bumps here and there. Creatively though, this film has a lot of problems. There's not much of a story, the film is shot almost entirely in full shots and only occasionaly moves in for a medium-full shot. In terms of the story, there almost isn't one. The balloon... read
  • by **DELETED ACCOUNT** on 12/17/2003
    At first I thought this was gonna be shite. But the insistant re appearance of large hairy B****CKS changed my mind entirely. This was f*ckin' hillarious! Would bring a tear to any general skeptic's eye. I can now go on with my life and stop wondering what the answer to all these questions that have mystified humanity since the dawn of times is. Thanks for the laugh guys!
  • A review of Ape Shit
    by elmerlang on 12/31/2006
    I thought someone was finally going to exploit that fact that gorillas or one of the apes, can get it on with humans. Alas, that was not to be. This was cute, the characters lovable, but it didn’t have much sense though maybe a little internal logic, things just happened so fast, but then this is a movie so why not, a little monkeying around never hurt any one…did it?... read
  • A review of The Indecisive Bandit
    by HORNER8 on 03/07/2007
    Funny, funny stuff happens here. PLOT. Good beginning. Money worries piling up. Page 22. Jordon apologizes for robbing the store and then waits for the bus. Funny stuff. Page 24. The dream about the police. Not so good because it’s only a dream not a real problem. Page 34. Detective Cone appears. This seems late into the story to introduce a new character. Can you add her... read
  • A review of Executive Status
    by writerrenorick on 03/26/2011
    An interesting insight on a Wall Street situation that may have come about from the writer's own experience. Thomas does indeed paint an exciting picture of the opulance extant in the money capital of the world. Even his character, a Harvard graduate, did not anticipate the table-turning he got but apparantely was willing to accept his fate in a matter of fact almost 'flip'... read
  • A review of Lost Love
    by johnregan on 06/27/2014
    Lost Love review Good story Cab. I love bars and pubs and conversations and I often listen to people speak at them to hear how people really talk. I think if you sharpen and tighten the dialog this could be a great story. I also like how you used the beach. Here are some suggestions by page: Page 1 “Care for another one?” a voice said. Good job with the dialog. When... read