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  • by ALEX THE GREAT on 05/10/2012
    I've appriciated the story and how is articulate.A story without time,in the sense the author gives informations about time, but time losts importance and what stays is just their frindship. There are no names, the importance is the fact that he chosed to die, their freindship and the that a person miss another one. language: monotonous language, which doesent' mean boring... read
  • A review of I Chanced Upon a Faun
    by Tripsheet Revision on 01/12/2012
    I’ve been away several years, but in finding this wonderful, strange, bewildering story it feels like I haven’t been away at all. I love it now as I did before. There’s a spirit here, rebellious and roving and riotous, a sense of thumbing the nose at convention, of shunning pretention, so that one lives at the very furthest outskirts of society proper. This coupling had,... read
  • by **DELETED ACCOUNT** on 06/30/2013
    A pleasant diversion. Good coffee break reading material. No problems with style/punctuation/grammar. Would do a little work on the formatting, though. If there was a theme in the story it was to point out the insecurity/uncertainty of youth. It was nicely done without the ham-fisted, wordy prose of some authors. I liked the recurrent use of "The Day...", even though at... read
  • by **DELETED ACCOUNT** on 02/01/2013
    As a city resident I recognise the authentic feel of this story. New York is as much a character as any of the people. I only know New York from fiction from previous generations so I do not know if this is what contemporary New York feels like but it reads real. The concept risks being too hackneyed but is handled well and it makes for a gripping story. The characters are... read
  • A review of Rivers
    by **DELETED ACCOUNT** on 02/08/2013
    This tragic tale is set inside the head of a man destroyed by guilt. It is a place that only a writer can go and it takes a strong imaginative writer to make it convincing. It is pulled off well and the grief and guilt of the father is touchingly portrayed. Flash backs I found jarring but I think that was a good thing. The change in font and narration style take you away from... read
  • A review of Hope's End
    by **DELETED ACCOUNT** on 08/12/2011
    Hey there, Jrnyman2! Concept: I thought that the concept for your story was very good. Pitting moral philosophies against each other is always a topic that can draw the reader in and cause them to put themselves inside of the characters' shoes. I thought that in some way you could have elaborated on that a tad more by adding in more of a backdrop as to why each character felt... read
  • by **DELETED ACCOUNT** on 06/14/2012
    Jake M.'s very short story "Conspiracy" concerns a man caught in a set-up; everyone is involved, from his wife to the fake cops who eventually murder him. That the story needs proofreading is far less annoying than the fact that the "conspiracy" is so overly dramatic as to render it unbelievable. One of the crimes would have been sufficient to put the protagonist away, yet... read
  • by williamf129 on 09/02/2014
    This is not a short story. Unlike a novel, which can twist here and there, the short story is a straight line. There is too much going on here, so much so that it is pointless to critique it as a story. Nonetheless, here is a list of some of its shortcomings:the sentences, which are the bedrock of language, clearly demonstrate a lack of understanding of the structure and several... read
  • A review of Trouble down the line
    by chessaol on 03/13/2009
    The young woman is going to work. The train comes and her life is about to change. . . The storyline is about an event on the train. The plot and sub plots merge seamlessly and flow smoothly.There are no lapses or pauses in the storyline and there is a continuity of elements that is rarely bettered. The story very poignantly pointed out the senselessness of some actions... read
  • A review of Trauma (REV)
    by chessaol on 11/19/2008
    When you have a job with the lowest orders of society you must remember who they are and more importantly who you are! The story is about a man being beaten to death. He wronged the wrong guy who later recognized him and the beating was on. A story that is a little bit confusing in that it wasn't streight forward in giving information. The essential elements were fed to the... read
  • A review of My Argument with God
    by slarabee on 09/26/2009
    I am not sure what to say about this one because the main character did not seem to have any real personality or any redeeming qualities. Even though in the end he at least got the girl he was driving home and got her to the couch, I was half expecting the story to end with him being in a world of problems when she was found dead from a concussion the next day. In fact I... read
  • A review of Executive Status
    by writerrenorick on 03/26/2011
    An interesting insight on a Wall Street situation that may have come about from the writer's own experience. Thomas does indeed paint an exciting picture of the opulance extant in the money capital of the world. Even his character, a Harvard graduate, did not anticipate the table-turning he got but apparantely was willing to accept his fate in a matter of fact almost 'flip'... read
  • A review of Lost Love
    by johnregan on 06/27/2014
    Lost Love review Good story Cab. I love bars and pubs and conversations and I often listen to people speak at them to hear how people really talk. I think if you sharpen and tighten the dialog this could be a great story. I also like how you used the beach. Here are some suggestions by page: Page 1 “Care for another one?” a voice said. Good job with the dialog. When... read
  • A review of Demon Beat
    by mnjones on 09/23/2010
    Reading along, I'm getting into it fast, the relistic depiction of the band with its great name, Demon Beat, but right away I'm confused. Isn't Dwayne complaining about Rick's tattoos and his continuing to cling to outrageous antics (biting bats' heads off) that Dwayne no longer believes in? "Of all people, Rick thought Dwayne should understand." But then Rick wants to say... read
  • A review of The Flyover
    by dunphoid on 02/10/2013
    This is a fun story in which a guy resorts to murder in order to secure the girl of his dreams. The strongest part of the story for me was within the Silver Link pub. That scene buzzed with life. I would have liked more of the story to have been set in there. I could really 'see' and hear this place, whereas all the other locations didn't appear to me as well. I couldn't... read
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