"What is originality? Undetected plagiarism."

- Dean William R. Inge


  • A review of Don't Say Nothing
    by linusonline on 06/10/2014
    I liked the idea and you show a great point of view as a filmmaker by showing a classic scene about the mental state of a man pushed too far at a soul crushing job, but I felt like you went a little too far with the believability and the short stretched into a full blown cartoon. It was just too wacky for my taste. The guy on the phone was way too unrealistic. No one calls... read
  • by James Moriarty on 06/10/2014
    Filmfamman can throw a good fast ball and create excellent metaphors/similes/analogies. He takes the reader into deep space and picks up the sounds of rock n roll from the Earth. Fats Domino for one...and Eddie Cochran "Summertime Blues." "You're too young to vote." Most errata are trivial, but clean 'em, writer. According to the plastic Quick Study.com guide: quotation marks... read
  • A review of SLIP/THROUGH
    by aminzula on 06/10/2014
    Well constructed and believable, with fancy gadgetry one would expect in an outpost in the corner of the universe. The problems are the shenanigans of the Inhabitants that we met. Some are long winded and repetitive, while others are big Brutes, without race or creed. Page 2: What’s Dash age? Page 5: And throughout the screenplay there are Apostrophes issues. I believe... read
  • A review of Cliche
    by micheleraedejean on 06/10/2014
    That was the only cliché I think you missed in this silly little ditty. There is not much to review here, the story is actually fairly coherent considering the nonsensical way it was put together. Why you decided to do this is a mystery but who cares. The fact that you managed to construct a semblance of a story out of all these clichés took some work. I think “the splitting... read
  • A review of Disaffection
    by Avishai on 06/10/2014
    First off, let me start by noting the positives. On a scene by scene level, this is, for the most part, extremely well written. The description, disregarding some errors here and there, is clear, coherent, and paints a picture. It never over-describes. The scenes have conflict, the action is nicely staged, the dialogue sounds natural, and the story does raise some interesting... read
  • A review of Necessary Evil
    by sogd79 on 06/10/2014
    "Necessary Evil" is a dark psychological thriller/crime drama full of twists, shocks and surprises throughout the script, but with a slightly predictable ending. (IMO) I enjoyed reading this screenplay, especially the first and second acts. I must admit, I really like your writing style: it's sparse and effective. I read the entire screenplay in one sitting. You did... read
  • by NealNekyia on 06/10/2014
    So I feel that there is a great potential to play more with the pastiche of 1950's culture especially from the vantage of an Alien species. As a concept I will rate this as Good, there are a lot of good ideas here. It's always fun to view something we ourselves are familiar with from another point of view. That said there is a lot that can be worked upon. For one you are... read
  • A review of The Giving Folk (V2)
    by smike07 on 06/10/2014
    The script needs to be edited, as many words are misspelled, entire words are missing from sentences, causing sentence fragments, and many words don't belong, at all. For instance: Allot does not mean a lot, alongside is one word, and diner and dinner are not the same word. Ma'am is not spelled mam, either. The likelihood of a producer reading a script with that many errors,... read
  • by xzilez on 06/10/2014
    I give my thoughts while I read the script. I don’t go in depth with characterization or dialog because nothing is perfect. Film is something for people to escape reality. In my opinion if I want real reactions or realistic dialog I’ll talk to real people. Here, we let our imagination run wild. If you want a dummy character in your screenplay, go right ahead. We write scripts... read
  • A review of Death Imitating Art
    by xzilez on 06/10/2014
    I like the concept you have here. A comedy about man killing his soon to be wife's ex for something he did to himself is pretty funny. In the beginning I didn't like Gabby after she viewed his bank statement. I thought that was a sign of her being a gold digger cunt, but then again it makes sense, since they will be marrying soon. I would introduce this a different way with... read
  • A review of Manna from Heaven
    by ProfRedSweater on 06/10/2014
    Okay, this story hit me with a fun punch at the end, I must admit I didn’t see it coming and it made me chuckle. For a quick joke it’s not a bad little tale. For greater insight into God and Man, I feel as though it’s an idea that’s been done and batted about for ages, so it wasn’t revolutionary. For two pages though, what can a reader really expect? If anything I’d like... read
  • A review of THE MAFIA TYPE
    by Nidhi on 06/10/2014
    Your film does boast of some good acting, but somehow the feel is very dated. It's a good angle but not a great one. The feel is that it is from 90's. The production quality is below average. Yet, I see a lot of potential in you as a filmmaker. Good Luck!
  • A review of Toni
    by linusonline on 06/11/2014
    This definitely feels like a scene for a bigger story so I'll try to focus with that in mind. I enjoyed the camera work and the lighting and sound. From a technical standpoint everything holds up. The acting wasn't very good however. The performances felt rushed. Watch your swearing. I'm not saying censor yourself but when characters just say fuck over and over to sound... read
  • A review of What Would You Say
    by linusonline on 06/11/2014
    I understand the theme of this piece, but it just didn't resonate for me. Not for spiritual reasons but because it was too long. This could've been a thirty second commercial and it would have more of an impact. The stock footage and city shots in the beginning lasted 2 minutes! I was like "okay, I get it". And most people gave the same response. There were some variety... read
  • by Ryabusa on 06/11/2014
    I have to be honest, I feel like the zombie genre has been done to death, warmed over and picked down to the bones (pardon the puns). Anything zombie related these days is going to have to really bring something special and unique to the table, so I went into this with cautious optimism that it could be one of those rare gems with something new to say or give. I'm sorry, but... read