"In this industry, the new owners prefer to kill anything they weren't responsible for."

- Tom Berenger


  • by ReneeSmith on 01/05/2014
    From the first sentence, I knew it was going to be good. I laughed at loud. This short story reminds me a lot of Langston. But I never read anything told from the perspective of someone outside of the culture who wanted in. This is fresh. I really enjoyed it. Music is a universal language and I feel that jazz, especially, is all about the conversation. This story is jazz... read
  • A review of Bloody Agency Nurse
    by shastina456 on 01/05/2014
    The story had an English feel to it. I know it was set in London, but, I was hearing English accents reading the dialogue. The title was a bit goofy to me. Sounds like a horror story. I think, " Bloody Good Nurse " would have been better. I wanted to know how Gail snapped after her drunken mum and her mum's boyfriend beat her. What was the detailed reason that caused Gail to... read
  • A review of Working Class Satan.
    by shastina456 on 01/05/2014
    The whole Satan sacrificial thing was not scary, at all, because there was no reason for it. It was just three hicks who did not know what they were doing. I thought the moral of two kids rescuing a girl who was rumored as being a slut, when she really was not, was a good spice in your story. When I read the ending, I felt like something was left out. Something like : Hunter... read
  • A review of Infernal
    by mbryan1985 on 01/05/2014
    Infernal is a quick read with a few scares here and there. It lacks originality though and the characters are pretty flat. STORY: The story involved a family trying to overcome the death of a loved one. They move to the country since the rent is low and Cole lost his job. They get settled and strange things begin to happen to the family. There's nothing new here. The Conjuring,... read
  • A review of Stark Raving Madd
    by jsoriginal on 01/05/2014
    I just finished reading your screenplay and I have to tell you that this screenplay is driving me crazy. Was it an easy read? Yes! Was it funny at times? Yes! Was it well structured? Yes! So, why did I not fall head over heals for this screenplay? I want to just preface my comments with the fact that it is apparent that you are a really good writer and thus I feel you... read
  • by Casey Major-Lehto on 01/06/2014
    I received "The Lives of Outlaws" for review but in actuality had been reading "The Last Great Western" is the title page? As far as westerns go, i am the furthest from what you would call a buff, imaginable. However, this script was very entertaining. I enjoy the morality lessons through out the tale "No one bad deed makes a man. He has choices to make better decisions... read
  • by Brodie Cotnam on 01/06/2014
    Liked the intro part "It's much worse". The feel, which I'd assumed you're going for is similar to that of the Great Escape of sorts, eg: dirt disposer, cooler, forgers. I like the historical context of the war but found myself wondering how exactly Ireland got so powerful in the first place? And why would they ally themselves with or trust the Germans in the first place?... read
  • by theauthor on 01/06/2014
    I enjoy sci-fi, even strange worlds. However, there was too much unexplained wording. It is important to create a world, but more in concepts than made-up vocabulary. (Then, our concepts, like lawyers, stand out as earthly elements out of harmony is a strange and distant planet.) As to grammar, please, please revise. There are too many paragraph errors, including almost the... read
  • A review of Casey's First Time
    by micheleraedejean on 01/06/2014
    This was a decently enough written story but it was too long for the subject matter. A person tries pot and beer one time, coughed and then was given warm beer (which is really bad), gets caught by her mom, feels guilty and never does it again. This should have been a very short tale. I found it rather odd than the author can excuse her parents so easily for hitting her, that... read
  • by MarcTwine on 01/06/2014
    I genuinely liked this story. Growing up in Chicago, I could envision the clubs on So. Michigan Ave ,the transition from speakeasy honky-tonk to jazz, the evolution of "new music" propelled by newly relocated black musicians. Minor points: "hock" an item, not honk. Owed 'em', not owe'd em Nice use of patois. Great visualizations: "traveler's voice", "wheels chewin' on... read
  • A review of Psychogenesis (2013)
    by mbryan1985 on 01/06/2014
    STORY: Christian Stark experiences several horrific events... that's really about it. I was never sure if he was in Hell or wasn't since the story continued to cut from scene to scene without any real hint of what was going on. CHARACTERS: Stark/Drake had no substance. His character changed, just like everyone else, from story to story. He was supposed to rob a house then... read
  • A review of The Beneficiary (V3)
    by Jsparano on 01/06/2014
    The writer has a really good handle on action. The characters are all very thick and feel real. There are lots of nice turnaround moments and some pretty snappy dialogue. I always enjoy a screenplay that takes me behind the scenes of something that I only have a minor knowledge of. The writing is gritty, realistic, and unexpected. On those strengths alone, I feel he has a good... read
  • A review of Infernal
    by Gerardoserrano1973 on 01/06/2014
    This script remind me a lot the movie Poltergeist, it isn’t an entirely horror movie but it is filled with lots of scares, and, it is family friendly, surely enough to not be rated R, but as this story deals with the devil and has lots of blood, and R rating is possible. It has elements of other horror classics, even Little House of Horrors classics. It is about a family father... read
  • by Adamrc on 01/06/2014
    I will right away tell you that honestly I am not a fan of the western genre. If Django was written by anybody other than Tarrantino I would never have given it the time of day. There is something about the genre as a whole that I never have been fully able to enjoy. Now, with that being said I am not one of those guys who just because they aren't fan of western are going... read
  • A review of Jersey
    by **DELETED ACCOUNT** on 01/06/2014
    There were far too many stock characters in this. I don't believe that there was ever a true cause for Sean to want to kill himself. Why would he make a pact to do so then? The dialogue in this is very placid and often unnatural. The fact that Robert didn't express sadness at the sight of his dead friends is something too. You need to play off the character's emotions and know... read