• A review of The Dead Birds
    by JakeFree on 05/15/2014
    I liked the story until the end. The flow of the whole thing kept the readers attention and keeps them wondering what's going to happen next. The end throws it off though. When you bring in "Her" I get the impression that some kind of witch hunt took place, but I don't really know who "Her" is. Which may be what you were going for. I feel like you could have elaborated more... read
  • A review of CONVICTION
    by JakeFree on 05/15/2014
    This is probably the best short film I've seen on this site so far. Great camera work, Good editing, great script. It's a good concept that you address in such a way that makes the audience think and still able to enjoy the film without becoming too controversial, although whenever anybody addresses whether or not god exists, its going to be considered controversial. That's... read
  • A review of When Hope Is Helpless
    by JakeFree on 05/15/2014
    I liked this video. You could tell it was something real that happened and you just kind of set up the camera and let the viewer go through the experience with you. I think some of the best stories are told like that. Just sucks the experience had to be a negative one. I feel like some of the usage of pictures was a bit repetitive but doesn't effect the emotion or message you're... read
  • by **DELETED ACCOUNT** on 05/15/2014
    This was a pleasant surprise. There is a lot to like about Albumology. It’s gritty and violent. The dialogue for the most part—is very good. You have some memorable one-liners and some laugh-out-loud moments. But at the same time, some of it can be scaled back where it seems out of place or expositional. I didn’t’ see too many. Have some of your friends read the various dialogue... read
  • A review of Lonely Joe (Final)
    by serge rocco on 05/15/2014
    The look of the characters, the background scenery and the lighting are cool and pretty well conceived. The animation is a bit stiff though and the voice-over too monotonous. Lots of the characters' moves seem to be repeated. You have the nice looking design, a good concept, you can improve it by making it move more smoothly and adding more locations in the story.
  • by macaggiano on 05/15/2014
    Hey Eric, I enjoyed this. Heartfelt, professionally written and a nice change from the more typical high-concept, genre holiday films. Only a couple suggestions, but keep in mind I enjoyed this as written. I like how Olivia's innocence and basically her childhood are the stakes of the story. But I think there's some room beef up this aspect. As of now, she only seems... read
  • A review of House of Gates
    by xzilez on 05/15/2014
    To be honest in the beginning this was a tough read for me. Not because it was a bad script, but because this isn't my type of genre, I love horror, but period pieces is not my cup of tea. None the less, in my opinion, you have a winner here. The story drags me in quickly. I fell in love with your characters. They weren't one dimensional and expressed multiply feelings. I... read
  • A review of A Town Called Climax
    by on 05/15/2014
    THIS REVIEW CONTAINS SPOILERS The screenplay was interesting but left me wanting a little bit more. You needed to focus in more on the bicycle and Will hitting Matthew. You need to show that is what happened or at least that is what Will suspects. It all seemed a little vague until I read the part where it was confirmed. Also, I know there is a suspension of disbelief in... read
  • A review of No Singing In The Bar
    by micheleraedejean on 05/15/2014
    This was very real. I could feel the authenticity. The emotion in this story was raw but the story was a little rough. This is a good story and I think with just a little bit of work it could be a great story. We need a little more detail on the back story, yeah we know the wife died of cancer but that shouldn’t make the whole family fall apart if it was solid before that... read
  • A review of REDtest
    by max sappa on 05/15/2014
    Great directing, mise-en-scene, and nicely shot but the suspence, drama and mystery is just not there. In fact, I don't even know why but it feels long too. I think that for this kind of short you need to label it well. Well, I would have ticked the experimental genre for starters. It needs another editing too and bring the whole thing down to a minute. So technically great... read
  • by max sappa on 05/15/2014
    Elmer! After 3 or 4 reviews of your work I feel entitled to call you by name (whether it is real or fictional). What can I say that I haven't already said about your movies before? Probably that the quality is always pretty average but the content... well the content hey? I am warming up to it... and yet I am in two minds with this (yeah, I've got issues of my own) and although... read
  • A review of The Empty Planet
    by Dan Cassell on 05/16/2014
    THE EMPTY PLANET THE EMPTY PLANET is a high end, big budget apocalyptic tale steeped in ancient mythology. Whilst apocalyptic dramas are hardly anything new in cinema, the Atlantis twist does put an interesting spin on proceedings. The multitude of far ranging locations (Mars, Earth, Moon, space and bottom of the ocean) points toward a big budget film, which, if nothing else... read
  • A review of House of Gates
    by Jason Asnes on 05/16/2014
    “House of Glass” is good ghost / horror screenplay with a great opening scene. It builds & keeps the action & pace flowing well to the end. I think that it would work. as is, on screen. i would, though, re-read it & correct the MANY typos throughout. Here’s a few: “The carriage pass through”, “Mrs. Weatherbee’s eyes shoots dangers at Martha.”, “As he does he sleeve of his... read
  • by micheleraedejean on 05/16/2014
    This was most definitely an unusual story. This has been reviewed enough times all the errors have probably been pointed out but since it is my first time reading it I feel I should give you your money’s worth. “If you make the wrong choice. I'll be there to ram it down your throat until you cough out a confession” shouldn’t these two sentences be only one without the period... read
  • A review of SLIP/THROUGH
    by joshnw on 05/16/2014
    Slip/Through was a engrossing read, to say it truthfully. It was a mixture of Blade Runner, Chinatown, with a bit of Elysium thrown in. The overall story was well thought out. A serial killer in the sense that the victims deserve what they get. It also shows the gritty world that all of the main protagonists and supporting characters inhabit, as well as the upper echelons... read