• A review of THE DECISION
    by lizzayn on 12/26/2013
    LOGLINE: Okay, it does pique the readerís curiosity. CONCEPT: Good and original. I donít think Iíve seen a screenplay like this. STORY: From the outset, Rene is a very quiet character, which isnít a problem, however, I do feel if youíre going to stress she canít get a job that it shouldnít just be the potential employers that have an issue with her but it needs to be... read
  • A review of Stark Raving Madd
    by Jsparano on 12/26/2013
    First of all, I have to preface this review with the fact that I donít particularly like this type of movie. I donít think the depiction of these kinds of stock African American characters do anything good for the film community as a whole. As accurate and believable as they are, and as much success Tyler Perry has achieved by exploiting them, I would rather see someone take... read
  • A review of In the Name of...
    by macaggiano on 12/26/2013
    I think you're off to a good start. There were a lot of aspects to this that I enjoyed. You seem very familiar with the neo-noir genre. Excellent world building and tone. Your character descriptions were vivid and felt right given the genre. My biggest suggestion for your next draft would be to dig a little deeper into the conflict. This script is packed with confrontation,... read
  • A review of A Random Chase
    by melaniebooth on 12/27/2013
    I sat down for what I thought was a film...Okay it's just a scene- now I get it :) I thought the music the guy made himself was good. Over vimeo, the sound seemed like maybe it wasn't mixed properly. I think it's a good scene for a music score reel, and to showcase that talent. It has good elements, but just like all of us there is room for improvement.
  • A review of Scene from Macbeth
    by melaniebooth on 12/27/2013
    I think the acting was great, believable accent (if it isn't real, I can't tell!) The camera work was good for the most part, I did see it go out of focus once maybe twice. The sound design was well put together, I enjoyed the kind of echo feel. Editing was effective, I loved the effects overlaying the video to give it a vintage feel.
  • A review of Awks
    by melaniebooth on 12/27/2013
    Funny concept, and the actors did a believable job. Shot well, stayed in focus. The editing could have been a little more creative, but it got the job done. The credits should have had talking or music behind them, it was kind of an awkward silence...but maybe that is what you were going for? My only real problem , was that the credits were longer than the film..... read
  • A review of Fight or Flight
    by melaniebooth on 12/27/2013
    First of all, i would love to know where this is shot, because it's BEAUTIFUL! I loved that you shot it in black & white, for a more dramatic feel. I like that the camera is hand held, we shake when the character does. The acting was also well done. The editing could have been better, it had glitchy jump break in it- which distracts from the story. The sound design didn't... read
  • A review of Restoration
    by micheleraedejean on 12/27/2013
    This was a nicely written descriptive piece about a man reflecting on his life through the projects he has worked on around his house and yard. There is not a lot of action but the scenes are vivid with emotion. There isnít anything in particular that I can see that needs to be improved on. Hopefully his home improvements will be better late than never enough for him to get... read
  • A review of Lucky Flakes
    by theauthor on 12/27/2013
    The basic frame-work of this story is good. The execution is riddled with problems. There are a lot of unnecessary paragraphs. Make sure each paragraph is several lines, not a single one. Also, if you are the narrator, don't rely on his inner thoughts. Show us, don't tell us. Foul language was not needed either. Tell the story straight out. The dream of cereal over-taking the... read
  • A review of Bobcat hunting
    by micheleraedejean on 12/27/2013
    I wasn't sure I would like a story with this title but it turns out what I didn't like had nothing to do with the bobcat hunting. Since this story is several years old I am going to assume that you have already been told that the grammar, punctuation and formatting are screwed up and you donít care. Otherwise you would have taken it down, rewritten it and re-posted. It was... read
  • by Jsparano on 12/27/2013
    This is the second time I have read this script and this version is greatly improved. Adding a focus in the beginning with Billy helps center the revenge idea and gives the reader a bigger sense of what is about to happen. I feel like there was some tweaks in the descriptions that made things more clear, and the characters also felt a little more real. The writer cleaned up... read
  • A review of THE DECISION
    by Gerardoserrano1973 on 12/27/2013
    Iíve never liked the concept of romcoms. They are all the same and are a trite genre that should be eliminated from the face of the Earth. But they got their followers. When I ask to my mom why she watches soap operas, she tells me because she is bored stiff. She doesnít question them, donít see how they try to make you do things you donít want to but are portrayed as the... read
  • A review of RAVE
    by Mikeynz on 12/27/2013
    Really like this one a lot. Of the seven or so screenplays Iíve reviewed so far this one is fantastic. Everything from the pace to character development and dialogue is top notch. Love the story line and there are no bases missing. All the main characters are well drawn and believable. Also like the fact that people arenít being dropped every five minutes like some of these... read
  • A review of In the Name of...
    by mbryan1985 on 12/27/2013
    "In the Name of..." started out promising, but couldn't deliver on the premise. Elijah Kingstreet is a tough vet of the streets who's trying to cope with the disappearance/death of his wife. He's then given a new partner in the form of Laura Daniels, the police chief's daughter and untested officer. Together they're sent out to track down a missing girl and get caught up in... read
  • A review of Comet (v2)
    by levisurfer on 12/28/2013
    A great little short which showed great imagination and a creative mind. It had me totally hooked from beginning to end and I was totally surprised by the twist at the end.Never really been a great fan of comedies in shorts like this but the mixture here was just right and had me entertained all the way through.
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