"What no wife of a writer can ever understand is that a writer is working when he’s staring out the window."

- Burton Rascoe


  • A review of Traveling Man
    by micheleraedejean on 06/05/2014
    I normally wouldn’t read, or review, such a poorly written piece but I already was assigned something today that I had already read which I deleted it so I am stuck reading this. This is poorly written, it is partially a script and partially a story, and the whole thing needs to be redone or thrown away but without seeing a rewrite I can’t even say if it’s worth a redo. There... read
  • by gromano on 06/05/2014
    I'll start by saying this really isn't my type of movie. It's way to corny for my tastes. That being said, I'll try to be as fair as I can. PAGE NOTES: pg 1--2nd action...Keep it simple. Stick with "overachiever" for the description. Let the way his stepfather treats him tell the rest. Show don't tell. We get the idea from how his stepfather talks to him; High School, since... read
  • A review of The Zombie
    by Nelson B on 06/05/2014
    STORY: I hope you're aiming for a "Haunting" mood because that's what you achieved in the beginning. But you overachieved it to the point that much of the dialogue seems aimless. I like the way you set up your story without jumping headlong into the blood and guts. You have great pacing within scenes. But I don't like that a horror movie holds back its zombie until page 30... read
  • A review of Leroy and Tony
    by roberthenry on 06/05/2014
    This screenplay is not what I was expecting and I'm not sure if thats a good thing or not. First theres a lot of spelling and formatting problems. The only character I had a good feel for was Tony and even then it wasn't consistent. Martin is a rather boring character and hes just getting dragged from scene to scene while not having any obvious emotions except being annoyed... read
  • A review of What Would You Say
    by neverquitt on 06/06/2014
    Powerful idea and beautifully executed. Despite not being a believer myself, I was moved. Mainly because you really got people to open up and be honest with you. Getting to see people being intimate, vulnerable, and talk about something that they obviously care a lot about is rare and precious. It was also refreshing to see that you talked to people of different backgrounds... read
  • A review of The Infinite Flu
    by neverquitt on 06/06/2014
    You've done exactly what I've been pulling out my hair to do. It's very challenging to get to the point and to do it in a stylistically engaging way. Respect! You didn't waste any time with unnecessary shots, while the shots you did use were visually appetizing. The editing complimented the rhythm of what was happening. The actor was funny without trying to be - that's refreshing!... read
  • A review of Role Reversal (Rev.)
    by micheleraedejean on 06/06/2014
    The characters in this story have names that sound like porn stars with names like Vicky Venus and Aphrodite Jackson. If you want this story to be realistic I would change the names, but if you are just going for a somewhat sarcastic and black humor with a short twist story then leave it the way it is. I guess everyone got what they deserved. I only noticed one spelling error,... read
  • A review of It's Just A Movie
    by linusonline on 06/06/2014
    This really made me nostalgic for those days in the 80's and the birth of digital technology. This was a time where violence in film and media was a very topical issue, but that was thirty years ago. This piece while good, feels dated. I feel what is lacking from this piece is a perspective from today's viewing audience. What is their impression of violence and censorship?... read
  • by linusonline on 06/06/2014
    The concept for this is original and interesting. I liked the guy coming over to rob a woman who is about to kill herself. It's a neat little moment, but why does he stay? Seems like he would take the money and run. Does he do enough to really get her to jump? She seems so shocked by his careless demeanor that she doesn't kill herself, why? I think the characters motivations... read
  • A review of Book of James
    by linusonline on 06/06/2014
    I enjoyed the back and forth between the two boys, but how is this a comedy? This feels like more of a clip from a larger piece than a short film in of itself. Book of James is a good start to a character introduction and I'd love to see more of these two as they interact and philosophize over religion. It's a nice touch to see a side of an alter boy who is supposed to be... read
  • by linusonline on 06/06/2014
    Creepy and cool. I love the concept and the tone. If this was turned into a trailer for a feature then you'd have a fantastic indie horror film that could be satirical and gleefully horrific; everything a solid horror movie needs. I think you did an excellent job with setting up a crazy world and this is the start of a very cool idea for a feature. I hope you keep going... read
  • A review of The Dead Birds
    by Cab Coola on 06/06/2014
    Whoa... I'm not totally sure I know what happened. The story follows Harold investigating the strange deaths of birds which seem to fall in one particular area. But the investigation soon begins to drive him mad. He mistakes his keys for a bird, sleepless nights, and constant irritation from the mysterious deaths of the birds. But from there I got lost. I assume that he... read
  • A review of Remembrance
    by Cab Coola on 06/06/2014
    Very sad and chilling story. A old veteran returns to his annual pilgrimage. Staring at the tombstones, he remembers back to the soldiers that fought alongside him. The good times they shared, snacking and telling jokes to the pain and horrified screams of war. The end was the only thing that I questioned. At first, I believed he was just so overwhelmed with emotion that's... read
  • A review of Lavender Panthers
    by Ryabusa on 06/06/2014
    Overall, this was a pretty quick and easy read. I enjoyed certain aspects of it but it still feels like it needs work. The concept isn't bad, but I felt like it took a little too long to get to the core of the story. The characters are decent and it's great that they each have their own voice. And it really did feel like NY of forty-some years ago. (not that I was there) Some... read
  • A review of Role Reversal (Rev.)
    by filmfamman on 06/06/2014
    Hi Cab. This was a very effective embellishment from the first version of this story. As I recall the first version was more like a poem then prose. But you filled out the characters very well indeed, here. I like the names you gave the characters, Eros, Vicky Venus and Aphrodite. It is all very well fitting in a tale like this. That was also a very good effect of having... read