• A review of Scal's Big Tip
    by brokenarrow on 12/22/2013
    Well, who said you can't learn from movies... I now remember how to grasp a golf club – Thanks! Having had a job that relied on tips to supplement income, I had to check out your short movie. You did a very good job with the whole production; from story, to actors, to scene location, lighting, direction, angle on, close-ups, daydreams, and a very hats off to your editing –... read
  • A review of Still Falls the Rain
    by brokenarrow on 12/22/2013
    Very well made movie. Story was simple, but created great scenes from an era long since over. Actors sure put a lot of emotions into their faces, movements – Well done! The only thing I didn't care for that much, was the chase scene. It was too jumpy in spots losing center tracking of the characters. It may have worked better to use slow motion in some of those segments. In... read
  • by EugyBizzaro on 12/22/2013
    I like this gritty little film. The acting was fun. The characters were entertaining. The movie threw in a little twist. I liked the tongue in cheek twists in the story. Annnnnnnnnnd in the end, everyone lives happily ever after. Refreshing for this day in age. Oh, and nobody died. Yeah!!!!!!! Cute. Funny. I watched it a second time. I really like the characters because they... read
  • A review of Awks
    by EugyBizzaro on 12/23/2013
    There wasn't enough meat in this film to get my interest. The film needs more development. It almost hits the mark but doesn't land. Kerlunk! Perhaps, throwing a little more information about each of the characters so the viewer would actually care about listening to what the characters have to say. Maybe, it is just that, I as a viewer just can't get interested in the film... read
  • A review of Bill's Dilemma
    by EugyBizzaro on 12/23/2013
    I have always loved stories about time travel. This short little film exposes some of the problems that man has when traveling in time. It's always a curse to some degree when one decides to jump in time to avoid pain in the present time. Since everyone only has one time stream then decisions on traveling in time have to be seriously weighed. Humans do want to avoid emotional... read
  • A review of It's Just A Movie
    by melaniebooth on 12/23/2013
    It had a good reason to it, promoting a different side of view is educational. The art direction was original, and made things very literal- which was fun to watch. The editing was spot on, including the special effects. All over I really liked it. Not enough people still incorporate campy-ness in their movies- especially shorts!
  • A review of Parallel Misdirection
    by nick74 on 12/25/2013
    I haven't done a Free Will review on a short film in -- jeez -- over a year, but I find a young filmmaker auteur such as yourself and I just couldn't resist, even on Christmas. In my unprofessional, layman's opinion, I see a lot of creative processes going on in this film. The stylistic use of a goolge map, the video game motif, the film's editing — it was all spot on. I... read
  • A review of MERCY
    by melaniebooth on 12/25/2013
    This seemed like a long version of a movie trailer. I thought it the director of photography was creative with shot design and lighting.. I didn't really understand the story. The ADR noises didn't really match up with the dog barking and it having a closed mouth, and a human looking monster in a mask doing a jaguar roar. I think it had great elements, but could be better... read
  • by melaniebooth on 12/25/2013
    I would consider this more of a video blog for YouTube, rather than a short film. That's not to say its bad, it's to say it's formatted differently. It was an interesting little narrated story. I think you could get a good fan base if you vlogged daily on YouTube.
  • A review of A Random Chase
    by melaniebooth on 12/27/2013
    I sat down for what I thought was a film...Okay it's just a scene- now I get it :) I thought the music the guy made himself was good. Over vimeo, the sound seemed like maybe it wasn't mixed properly. I think it's a good scene for a music score reel, and to showcase that talent. It has good elements, but just like all of us there is room for improvement.
  • A review of Scene from Macbeth
    by melaniebooth on 12/27/2013
    I think the acting was great, believable accent (if it isn't real, I can't tell!) The camera work was good for the most part, I did see it go out of focus once maybe twice. The sound design was well put together, I enjoyed the kind of echo feel. Editing was effective, I loved the effects overlaying the video to give it a vintage feel.
  • A review of Awks
    by melaniebooth on 12/27/2013
    Funny concept, and the actors did a believable job. Shot well, stayed in focus. The editing could have been a little more creative, but it got the job done. The credits should have had talking or music behind them, it was kind of an awkward silence...but maybe that is what you were going for? My only real problem , was that the credits were longer than the film..... read
  • A review of Fight or Flight
    by melaniebooth on 12/27/2013
    First of all, i would love to know where this is shot, because it's BEAUTIFUL! I loved that you shot it in black & white, for a more dramatic feel. I like that the camera is hand held, we shake when the character does. The acting was also well done. The editing could have been better, it had glitchy jump break in it- which distracts from the story. The sound design didn't... read
  • A review of Comet (v2)
    by levisurfer on 12/28/2013
    A great little short which showed great imagination and a creative mind. It had me totally hooked from beginning to end and I was totally surprised by the twist at the end.Never really been a great fan of comedies in shorts like this but the mixture here was just right and had me entertained all the way through.
  • A review of Reeled In
    by sonjahodgen on 01/03/2014
    “Reeled in” had me initially hooked. Why would these two unlikely companions be out fishing together when they didn’t even seem to like each other? But then it felt like I was being reeled in too soon with the plot revealed too quickly and obviously. It would have been nice to have been dangled a bit longer. I liked the change of pace in the camera treatment and the irony... read
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