• A review of The Infinite Flu
    by JohnnyCoffeen on 07/23/2014
    This is by far the best film I've seen on this website. With that said, I feel its greatest weakness is the acting -- actually more so with the voice actor on the other line of the phone. I feel like if this were to be redone, maybe rethinking the dialogue a little bit more wouldn't hurt -- possibly that would help the acting if it were to be handled better. But conceptually,... read
  • A review of Beach House
    by max sappa on 07/26/2014
    I love (yes, love) how you have started the movie... the montage at the beginning and the one in the middle (where the characters get wasted) are absolutely great! And I do appreciate that you wanted to make a movie (I believe) with the 'camp-zero budget-exploitation-of-the-time'... teenagers going to haunted house and get killed... and yet, well... the toilet with a printed... read
  • A review of Sunset
    by max sappa on 07/26/2014
    OK, this film is a homage to the glorious 20's and yet this is the new century so where are the interesting characters, plots, feelings gone? Two perfect strangers meet during the sunset and without even a vaguely interesting conversation nor believable chemistry just walk off together... now in love???? Only positive aspects are the cinematography and the music..... read
  • by Schism83 on 07/28/2014
    Hey, Max. Here are my thoughts and comments on 'Happy Bday, My Dear'. This was a cool little film. The plot is simple but intriguing; there are some subtle camera movements that work nicely; and the pacing is good. Realism is something that I think is really important in film, and you manage that well, in terms of actions and reactions, impetuses, and general scope. I... read
  • A review of A Perfect Cocktail
    by EugyBizzaro on 07/30/2014
    I enjoyed this film. The acting was good and the characters believable. I liked the flow of this movie. It had a double twist of the plot at the end...SURPRISE! The story was good and original. The cast and crew were great. April and Dan were natural. I would like to see this made into a full length feature. This short film was a cliffhanger. Excellent short film. TY E.B... read
  • A review of Comet (v2)
    by NickLacey on 07/31/2014
    Whilst the idea was interesting, and the visuals accompanying the voice over, engaging, it was unclear who the audience is. The educational element suggests youngsters, particularly in the intriguing angle taken on the topic. However, the suggestion that the table was a poem was not clearly explained implying it is for an older audience who would more readily consider the poetry... read
  • A review of Haiku + 1
    by marley209 on 08/01/2014
    Okay, I have to admit, I laughed a little here. I think the concept is kind of clever (haiku+1) and there is an audience for this type of film. Can't say much about the production values, though, since there really weren't any. I've seen some of your films before and that could just be what you're aiming for (or just because this is an early one). But if you were to reshoot... read
  • A review of View From My Window
    by JeffreyGonell on 08/02/2014
    The window is his eyes, and what he sees through the window is his perception of the world. Therefore, a brick wall, is really a crazy, but not so intense, fight scene. Another window, two lovers who aren't really lovers - we don't know. Another wall, an illusion of himself:"This is my world." His perception is disarrayed by his imagination, or not.
  • A review of Thinkin' Big
    by sangstercollins on 08/03/2014
    So, this film is a bit odd. Which is fine. Odd is good. However it seems to lack any sort of narrative. Our main character is telling us that we need to think big and make our own definitions and I don't know why. Also, the effects used in this are pretty low rate and out of place with the music and stock footage. The editing is done tastefully, I must say. Though I thought... read
  • A review of Celebration
    by sangstercollins on 08/03/2014
    Celebration started a little awkward, a little slow... but really surprised me in the end. I was pleased with how about a quarter of the way through the cinematography and shot composition improved. Now, this could have been a deliberate choice by the writer and / or DP to shoot the start of the film very on-the-nose like the dialogue is, but when the dialogue loosens and is... read
  • A review of Scene from Macbeth
    by VonNiederauer on 08/04/2014
    Shakespeare can be difficult for actors, so much is at risk. The stilted prose can have them walking a fine line between artist or arse. Thankfully, this short does not fail in that respect. The actor, delivered a solid performance, a believable accent and quite the kingly presence, even while wearing a skirt. The setting was, im guessing, a way to update it or make it relevant... read
  • by VonNiederauer on 08/05/2014
    First thing that struck me was that this was the most technically professional filming and editing I have seen so far. The sound was clear and the use of single colour effect was nice. The special effects make-up and casting of actors was great. The only thing that was a little confusing was the concept. Are they hunting the humans or the cars? The action moves too fast to... read
  • A review of Thinkin' Big
    by grimmfilmservices on 08/05/2014
    The production value was good for a zero budget film. The green screen and stock footage seemed to flow with the subject matter. This one felt like a former streetwise beatnik telling the younger folk his version of narcissism. Belief in one’s own abilities is fine, but the real magic in life comes with working hard and doing the little things every day. Case and point... read
  • by grimmfilmservices on 08/05/2014
    Production value was better than most on this site. Sound and shot selection were great. Not supposed to do episodic content here, but it pretty much stands on its own so lets move on. The main actress and the tweeker were both good and should keep going. Everyone else needs work or better direction. As far as the story, it should work for webisodes, or The WB if you... read
  • by VonNiederauer on 08/06/2014
    Being a great follower of horror and suspense, I guess I am not the right person to review this short. My expectations will be much higher than most. I understand it was an homage to films that make use of night vision camera work, however I am not a big fan of those sorts even when done by the professionals.The idea behind that style is to lend some verisimilitude to the action... read
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