"Finishing a book is just like you took a child out in the yard and shot it."

- Truman Capote


  • A review of Toni
    by Gordon Milburn on 04/03/2014
    Luv'd the music, opening credits and the filming, thought, alright this looks professional. But just couldn't get into it, the actors didn't quite buy it, so therefore didn't quite sell it and the character on the bed, left me with more questions than answers. The use of counterfeit money instead of the usual drugs and street girls, was a nice change. Good Luck with your... read
  • by curtdarwin on 04/04/2014
    This was an enjoyable little film. T'Lane Balue stole the show. She was the best part in your short. There wasn't any funny lines or jokes but her personality made it funny. There are several actress that I have come across in Hollywood who have her personality. Jim O'Heir did a good job as the cab driver. He did well playing the gruff cab driver who wishes his cab fare... read
  • by sanandreasfault on 04/04/2014
    A few things up front - love the writing. Very funny and obviously comedic. The intro first 'rant' sets us up and - we have no idea where we are! Then as you tell the story (in less than 2 mins) you learn it's horror. Great job. would love to see more of your work! a few small notes - take what you want or leave it all. 1) The dialogue in the very beginning (maybe even... read
  • A review of Optimistic 9
    by curtdarwin on 04/04/2014
    Your lob line is: A pure soul attempting to find her path away from someone that has been entirely corrupted. First of all, a pure soul doesn't murder someone. I didn't understand that part of your script. Your short film was visually shot will. Will done with lighting and framing. It had a nice creepiness to it. But I would like to have known why your antagonist wanted... read
  • A review of Don't Say Nothing
    by Akinscribe5 on 04/06/2014
    The narrative here is quite thin but it is very funny. The girl was cute & brought dimension to the piece. But ultimately it feels like this is the just the beginning of a larger tale. Our main character is bored for much of the short & wheb the protagonist is bored, then the audience is bored.
  • by dedekmraz on 04/06/2014
    You will have a good laugh over this one, I know I did! It is a innovative horror/comedy, acted out with puppets. The story itself is pretty weird one, but it only adds the comedic effect. The jokes are good for the most part, some are orginal, some already heard ones, but still they are delivered in a funny enough way, that this doesnt bother you. All in all a nice funny short... read
  • A review of April Dreams
    by linusonline on 04/11/2014
    the cinematography is really fantastic during the dream sequences. It really painted a lovely and colorful dream sequence. well done there! the characters were interesting enough to want to see more from them in a feature or a 45 minute short film setting. I'm intrigued by the backstory and I'd love to know more about your lead character. some of the sound is a little... read
  • A review of Comet (v2)
    by InPost on 04/11/2014
    I don't know if this work was created in the 90's or if there are some digital effects to make it look that way. I suspect that former. But I really like the docutainment format, and this is a very interesting piece. Although, this isn't really a narrative and I'm certainly not qualified to comment on the science. So I guess the only thing I can comment on is the production... read
  • A review of Big Big Boy
    by JackDixon on 04/12/2014
    I thought the short film was artistic in a post modern and contempery way. The music fitted with the video well. I did not see it as a romance film much more as a art film which is fine and can be seen as romantic but I did find it slow moving and rather strange and tedious but that is just my taste and there are many art post modern art fans out there who would like the film... read
  • by rexsikes on 04/13/2014
    I am glad it was short. It made me think. It was brief and to the point, self contained. Potential for larger story, short film or idea to build into full story - what happens next? Simple, inexpensive, done well. As an emotional exploration it is probably too tried. She is about to jump, obviously distraught but in this small amount of time we don't really have time to feel... read
  • A review of Travelers
    by patcan338 on 04/14/2014
    A nice film about being stuck behind a computer at work and wishing life were different or a least better. There are bills to pay and the corporate ladder to climb, but the day dreams of adventure and the "love of your life" keep calling your thoughts away. How could you pay for such a life? Does not really matter; you know you stuck behind that desk for 30-40 years. Who has... read
  • A review of Toni
    by dwan on 04/14/2014
    My opinion is, that this shouldn't be called a movie. This is one scene, without context, explanation or reason. Actors struggle to do the best they can out of this script and partially succeed. The woman shows some aggressivnes, but the male is too passive. Overall, I didn't like it and am glad it only lasted two minutes and half.
  • A review of It's Just A Movie
    by dwan on 04/14/2014
    The movie with it's special effects and scary music creates a certain scary sensation. Altough I didn't really get, what exactly it was about, but I guess it was about how TV promotes violent behaviour. And apparently the only way of solving this problem is smashing the TV with a sledgehammer and VCR with an axe. Seems a little violent, don't you think?
  • A review of tulip or rose
    by CarolineKuzel on 04/14/2014
    I really enjoyed watching this short film. It was very heartwarming but also shows the conflicts that there are in real relationships and the anxiety that parents have when they are nervous about how they are going to raise a child. I also really enjoyed the fact that there was a perfect balance of drama, comedy, and romance in the film.
  • A review of Brides of Desire
    by Ian Kane on 04/15/2014
    Cleverly written by emerging director Ben Gutteridge, this short film begins with Henry (brilliantly played by Peter Moreton), a nervous looking boob of a man with a pale oval face and the countenance of a sweaty humpty-dumpty figure. Henry, standing outside of his local post office, seems to be thinking hard about something until he finally takes a big gulp and rallies the... read
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