"If the cavemen had known how to laugh, history would have been different."

- Oscar Wilde


  • A review of Making of Hollow Book
    by sarahsheldon on 04/20/2014
    It was a simple yet very pretty short video. Honestly the lighting was more gorgeous for these 1.5 minutes than for anything I have ever captured with the video, ever. The burning and disfiguration of the photographs I think was my favorite part, just because it was eerie and artsy. Overall I thought it was a great short video. It had good texture, lighting, and composition... read
  • A review of The Fuzz That Wuzz
    by InPost on 04/20/2014
    Who are the most annoying southerners, you guessed it, Mazurins! Ha ha this is a really funny short. Well executed and the music is really amazing. I can't tell you why I wanted to watch this little short to the end,but my guess is that it is very well written. It moves at a very comfortable pace, and delivers the payoff. The offbeat humor as well as the format are refreshing... read
  • A review of Don't Say Nothing
    by Nidhi on 04/21/2014
    I really had fun watching your film! It has a smooth structure and easy to get. The lead character is not a villain, but a grey person and yet a likable character. Everyone has a boiling point. It's human. You could have added more quirkiness, like how the murders are done. It's like a network of operators who are interconnected and even though this caller is thousands of miles... read
  • A review of Unknown Number
    by dwan on 04/21/2014
    This movie offers very little to the viewer. There is no story, reason or point. There is no reason for the murderer (if he was a murderer, because we don't see what actually happens) to write messages to the victim, other than for a futile attempt from director to create some sort of suspense. I'm glad it only lasted 2 minutes.
  • by Nidhi on 04/22/2014
    It's a good informative non-fiction video. But what is the point of putting it here? Also, it is not going to cater to everyone. Your video has a good flow. This is more like a home video or something you could post on cat-lovers' websites or video blogs. Good Luck for your future endeavors.
  • A review of Toni
    by Nidhi on 04/22/2014
    This looks like a scene, I will not call it a film. Also, there is nothing outstanding in this. From writing to acting, it's a mediocre scene. I am sorry but next time you think of a film, please think out of the box. Even if it is a 30 second or one minute film, it should have an impact or make an impression with perhaps a bang on climax with a twist. Good Luck.
  • A review of You Deplete Me
    by Weezbo on 04/22/2014
    It is difficult to pull off convincingly a one-man or one-woman piece, but I think that you did, and did it admirably. I found the acting very convincing, with the character frighteningly real. The script was good, just the right touch of drama and insanity. I liked the dark, Ingmar Bergman-esque set. It totally worked. A small niggle was that sometimes when switching from... read
  • by Zorzal on 04/23/2014
    The story is the beginning of what would lead to a possible full scene or maybe a longer developed story. What is presented is the beginning. It is a promising beginning. So there is the expectant mother's position of wanting to have power that is certainly evident, which is good, no doubt about her intentions. But it might be possible for her to be so power hungry that she... read
  • A review of Travelers
    by Zorzal on 04/23/2014
    There are moments that some of us will have to live--they are maybe a few moments of joy where there is freedom, romance, love, beauty, and moments of poetry, but that is then followed by ending up stuck hopelessly inside a life of missed opportunities, and so then just about anyone, more often than not, will be trapped for what is a sad and tragic lifetime, inside of an existence... read
  • A review of A Chorus Girl
    by InPost on 04/25/2014
    I have to say, I LOVE the theatre. And although, this is more of a taped rehearsal than a short film, it by far exceeds the quality of acting of many, many, many of the the shorts I have watched on TS. The actors are very talented, I was instantly brought into the drama of the subject, although I would have loved to see them have Russian accents for this. Also, it's obvious... read
  • A review of LA/NY
    by nraei on 04/25/2014
    This short film had its funny moments, namely one (the toothbrush). However I did not connect with any other aspect of the film. Perhaps I am looking through a subjective lens. Regardless, I feel like it did lack creativity and ambition. The purpose of a short film should be to engage some human emotion. For me the film did not achieve that purpose. Good luck with your future... read
  • A review of Brides of Desire
    by nraei on 04/25/2014
    Congratulations on the film I thought the idea and execution were great. I am not sure if you intended the final product to be noisy or just not a very good job of color correcting, regardless I thought it worked well in some parts of the shots and not as good in others. For example darker shadows did not handle the noise well for me. Besides that I thought it was a very interesting... read
  • A review of You Deplete Me
    by Frankvespe on 04/25/2014
    Great directors almost never do sequels, such is the reason Spielberg didn't direct Jaws 2 and John Avildsen didn't direct Rocky II; sadly though, the team of Tombola can't shake their favorite camera angles, perhaps same actor, and peculiar inter cuts on their You Deplete Me. After seven seconds I knew I was going to see the same kinda film I reviewed before as their Macbeth,... read
  • by Frankvespe on 04/25/2014
    Jumping off a bridge to end one's life seems so easy, so boring, so uncreative; I'm surprised filmmakers still use this as a FADE TO BLACK from reality, I mean, jump off Yankee Stadium instead, a place which is unique, gets lots of attention where thousands will see you make an ass of yourself. Why be like thousands of others who took the leap from the exact same spot that... read
  • A review of The Club
    by Frankvespe on 04/25/2014
    I thought for a second I was gonna see a bunch of my friends from Astoria, Queens, even seeing what looked like a glimpse of Astoria Park at the end made me feel good, but that's where it ends, as the film was nowhere near where it could've gone, had the editor just edited and not have the director decide in and out points during editing; too long, too much dialogue, too much... read
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