"You don’t write because you want to say something; you write because you’ve got something to say."

- F. Scott Fitzgerald


  • A review of Thy Will Be Done
    by Cab Coola on 06/25/2014
    The writer starts right off by taking me by the hand and walking me through, at first, what seems to be a murder of a popular figure. And the who, what, when, where, and how it happened. But as the story progresses it is shown there was a murder but of a celebrated fictitious character named Sherlock Homes. The story was well-written and the little poems at the beginning of... read
  • by Cab Coola on 06/25/2014
    I like the idea of this story. But for the most part, it felt rushed. A young girl forced in labor by her mother, working mine-shafts? The writer never really specified what work or why they were in desperate need to work. And what era are they in? I felt like it was the early 20th century when school wasn't as imperative as work. But again, I see where you're going but it... read
  • by micheleraedejean on 06/25/2014
    I missed how there was a big truth revealed here but maybe I missed it. I am not a big fan of zombies so I am not the ideal audience for this story but since they have been written about for almost two hundred years I guess I should get used to them. This was kind of slow, it took a long time to get to the climax, I think it could use a little more action along the way. I liked... read
  • by micheleraedejean on 06/25/2014
    I had a manic depressive boyfriend for twenty years and I could instantly relate to this scenario. One minute he loved me to death and the next he looked at me with a cold look of hate. Over nothing usually and it wasn’t anyone’s fault but it also wasn’t fixable. Stinky was said too many times, try a different word for some of the stinky’s. “Mary let her free hand scrap along”... read
  • A review of Paul-pulation Bomb
    by blueberryjim on 06/25/2014
    Hey Caleb,this is the third story of yours that I've reviewed now and I have to say I've enjoyed all three. This one, Paul-pulation Bomb, was pretty short so there really isn't too much to nitpick or suggest. I'll give you what I liked and then some suggestions on what you might do to enrich the story a little. First off I think you did a good job describing your three characters... read
  • by Cab Coola on 06/26/2014
    I'm starting to figure these characters out after reading two in this series. And it is very intriguing. But I felt that this story really didn't start to take off until about halfway through. There were a lot of characters and descriptions giving them life but there wasn't enough to the story. I liked the metaphor that was used, vultures and stool pigeons and how they resemble... read
  • A review of Role Reversal (Rev.)
    by Windlasher on 06/26/2014
    Very detailed, almost too much so in that by the time I was a page or so in, I felt that this would not end with them actually having sex. I felt like, ok, this scene is perfect so it has to fail somehow. Thats ok though. It went from her mate would come home and catch them, to this guy is going to get nailed for leaving that condom. When he put on his ring, I already knew... read
  • A review of Rivers
    by Cab Coola on 06/26/2014
    This story was great and I was caught off guard by the ending. The writer did a good job of putting the puzzle together without giving away too much too soon. It started out normal enough with a father driving to see his estranged daughter. But as the tale unwinds I found out there was more than meets the eye. Very good twist at the end, having the whole meeting with his... read
  • A review of Love In A Can
    by micheleraedejean on 06/26/2014
    Another new drug gone bad story. The story was decently written and easy to follow but I couldn’t buy into the concept, to me a story has to be somewhat believable even if it is fantasy and that can be done but this didn’t do it for me. I understand it is supposed to be silly but it was too exaggerated. I didn’t quite understand what this meant “throw the whole lot down with... read
  • A review of Paul-pulation Bomb
    by sergiev2 on 06/27/2014
    A cancerous world - one man has the ability to save humanity - but he must first save himself! The good: Nice interaction between characters. Good use of language in the narrative (halo off bald head). Nice idea. Suggestions: I've noticed a theme in your writing: you like to describe men who lead crowds. The philosophy of Paul's crusade (like St. Paul?) is very strange. I... read
  • by Cab Coola on 06/27/2014
    Very interesting concept that had me hooked from the first page. Although, I felt the prose could use a little work, the story was there. It's starts out with Eddie who has just been freed from prison for stabbing someone. But before he is able to leave an inmate warns him of a 'hit' on his life. Eddie spends the day at a bar, convincing his cousin to carry his coffin because... read
  • A review of Misawa, Japan
    by Cab Coola on 06/27/2014
    I really enjoyed this story, maybe more than the others and that was because it hit close to home. I served five years in the U.S. Navy and the characters in this story and atmospheres they were in were reminiscent of some of the places and people I ran into on my travels. This story took you through the day to day life of two sailors in Japan, Travis and Tim. One a married... read
  • A review of Lost Love
    by johnregan on 06/27/2014
    Lost Love review Good story Cab. I love bars and pubs and conversations and I often listen to people speak at them to hear how people really talk. I think if you sharpen and tighten the dialog this could be a great story. I also like how you used the beach. Here are some suggestions by page: Page 1 “Care for another one?” a voice said. Good job with the dialog. When... read
  • A review of The Tipping Game
    by johnregan on 06/28/2014
    The Tipping Game review by John Regan Another quality piece of writing from Taylor. The dialect once again is the axis on which this successful story spins. It reminds me a little bit of The Cowboys movie with John Wayne and some of Unforgiven. You capture the open west well. It reads like a western. Good work. I made some page by page comments below. PAGE 1 Good start and... read
  • A review of The Fix
    by BUNKER on 06/28/2014
    First off I have to say this is a well written script. I can almost feel the writer’s love of the sport of baseball and passion to tell this story. I liked the quick sidebar following the mysterious introduction that gives us a quick look into Jack’s backstory. I love the reason why this measly sum of money meant so much to this millionaire, this secret stash of freedom that’s... read
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