• by Cab Coola on 06/30/2014
    An eye for an eye. This story started off with a son inheriting a farm from his father. He finds him getting harassed by some local hooligans until one day he had enough. This is brought on by several howls from a wolf at night. Each howl getting closer than the last. Until finally he comes back home and finds his blunderbuss broken and his door kicked in. He takes it out... read
  • A review of Relief
    by Cab Coola on 06/30/2014
    Finally, he can get some shut eye. Very well-written story about overcoming one's fear. It seemed as if the protagonist needed this to happen to finally get peace. In dreams, he was unable to react, frozen in his bed but upon, catching the thief in real life, he realized how strong he could be which ultimately gave him relief. I only saw one minor error: "At some point... read
  • A review of Paul-pulation Bomb
    by BUNKER on 06/30/2014
    Well, I read the title when I read the story last night, I just didn't think much of it until right now when it registered what it actually says and how it relates to the story. Speaking of the story, I'm a fan of the style, writing and overall tale. The only suggestions that I would make is the use of the cancer early in the story. I feel the story would be much stronger... read
  • A review of Track Changes
    by filmfamman on 07/01/2014
    This was more of an essay then a story, but it was well written none the less. Yes, modern convenience and the information age is a double edged sword. Big Brother Face Book is already invading our privacy, but is the downside worth the up side? But as you pointed out later in your essay, if they can down load the contents of our brains, they do not really have the true... read
  • A review of Angel
    by micheleraedejean on 07/01/2014
    The writing was good and the story easy to follow but there are a lot of details in this story about things that I didnít care about. Somehow this didnít strike me as a first time experience. I was also sixteen my first time but it was with a seventeen year old boy who didnít know much more than I did. It wasnít until I went out with a twenty one year old when I was eighteen... read
  • A review of Lost Love
    by filmfamman on 07/01/2014
    This was a very well conceived tale of two (or three?) lovers who had been, in a sense, cheated of the loves of their life by the Vietnam War. The drama of the story kept me on the edge. At first I thought that revealing Betty's demise came too soon in the story, but not after Evelyn was introduced. The dialogue was well written as well. There were some typos, though, but... read
  • by Cab Coola on 07/01/2014
    Troy finally has a sequel. This was a fun read with well-written action sequences. It started out with a group of 'Fangers' stalking their prey only to find a stranger lurking in the shadows. And the stranger turns out to be a mix of Blade, Buffy with an ancient warrior feel. He carries a Khopesh and is dressed accordingly to a what many people wore back in the B.C. From... read
  • by shastina456 on 07/01/2014
    This is different. When you say something is a million times better than something from Earth, please describe why that is more. I liked when you wrote, " though there really weren't any days in space since the sun was always out there, never setting or rising. " That caught my mind good. You need to use commas more, because, without them, you will have run-on sentences. Please,... read
  • A review of Korban
    by filmfamman on 07/01/2014
    Hey, Cab, this was another fine story of yours. The style seemed a lot different from the other story of yours I read this morning. Of course the genre is completely different. I particularly liked how you described the translucent beings. It reminded me, partly, of that bleak novel called The Road (I actually did not read the book, but saw the movie instead). But, thankfully,... read
  • A review of The Fifth Host
    by Cab Coola on 07/01/2014
    I enjoyed this short story very much. It was a look into a dystopian future where the world was over populated. They eventually manufactured female robots to take the place of passed loved ones and to minimize the births. But can a robot fall in love? If programmed to do so. I didn't spot any errors and the story read quickly. The concept was fresh with and structure was... read
  • A review of Track Changes
    by writer546 on 07/03/2014
    I never did like red light cameras. Now I don't like them even more. You do a great job of going from the red light camera, something we can all relate too, and pushing it into a dystopian future. That and Facebook. It's almost seamless the way you hide it. I have my problems with Facebook too. If there was anything wrong...I think it would benefit from having an actual... read
  • A review of A Happy Tale (rev 1)
    by micheleraedejean on 07/03/2014
    I understand the reason to write a story about a dog because they do emulate human emotions. I wrote one about my two wolf dogs because they act like children, they say dogs are about as smart as a five year old and thatís pretty smart. The point of my story was to show how much like human children that my canine friends behavior is so similar to. I had trouble figuring out... read
  • A review of Tales of Cilla II
    by Cab Coola on 07/04/2014
    I usually hate being assigned a 'Part 2' when I haven't read the first one. But this one felt like a story on it's own which was good. It was written from a girl's journal about her life in the free love era of the 70's. The trials and tribulations, the successful partners and the failures. But this girl was still a virgin with a wild curiosity. i don't know if this was a based... read
  • A review of Korban
    by sergiev2 on 07/04/2014
    Hey Cab, I was taken with your narrative. It had overtones of The Road and Canticle For Leibowitz. A story of a second coming. Alien creatures that give man his salvation through sacrifice. Did these otherworldly creatures read the bible? I would have liked to have a little bit more of a backstory of these other tribes. Apparently there was some promise of them inheriting... read
  • by Cab Coola on 07/05/2014
    Shu-zeezle! I wouldn't necessarily consider this a part two. It was more of a fleshed out original. The Zorbatone's had more of a back story along with Zoe and Zax which gave the characters more life. I enjoyed reading earth's historical account seen from the eyes of Aliens. It was a very good read. And I enjoyed riding along for the search. Few very minor errors: Pg... read
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