• by tishanddavid on 06/01/2014
    Hi Rex! Great to finally get to read one of your short stories, I guess Davey beat me to the last one.This was a fine existential piece. Very nice to get to read a short story that tackles this subject without coming off as an essay or a self help book. Believe me - you, I've had my share of reading a lot of preaching on this subject, here on good old TS. Good premise to... read
  • A review of Glimpse
    by tishanddavid on 06/01/2014
    Hi Nick this reminded me of Kings short story The Moving Finger. Not sure if you've read that, but Ive a feeling you have. If you did then this must have inspired you to some large extent. Ive been an avid reader of horror since I was a little kid an my mother an I would buy boxes of just a step above a penny dreadful,at used book stores and garage sales .All that campy stuff... read
  • A review of Midnight Ride
    by tishanddavid on 06/01/2014
    Hi Ive read you before, and honestly relieved to see you cut the violence down on this one drastically. This was VERY short, I wince when I see a story jammed into 2 pages, it usually means there's not a lot to be expected. That pretty much held true for me on this one as well. The last few paragraphs you wrote that it was the first time he had smiled in weeks. THAT to me said... read
  • by sergiev2 on 06/01/2014
    Hey Rex, I was excited that I got another one of your stories down the pipeline. After having read Hearing The Meat, I was tickled at another chance to review your work. I got lost. Jimmy worked in a fishery, had some misunderstanding with his coworker, lopped off his ear, got drunk, took some sleazy broad to his parents house and fucked everything up? Wouldn't his work... read
  • A review of Alligator
    by kevindjack30 on 06/01/2014
    When I first started reading this story I automatically seen where everyone was. t was either due to me having friends from Louisiana or because I live in Florida, but the swamp as well as the alligators seemed familiar. I love the dialect the story was spoken in, It felt more authentic as the story progressed. Seeing the direction of where the story was headed I can sympathize... read
  • by JoseMiguelH on 06/01/2014
    This is my first ever review assignment. I am glad I was given the opportunity to read such an inspiring piece of work. At first, I was curious to know what direction you were going with the story. It really encouraged me to keep reading. The story is well written. There are a few typos but nothing that cannot be fixed. You use this character to get a point across. It is... read
  • by Casey Major-Lehto on 06/01/2014
    Another well written story with a very interesting concept from you. A first person narrative about a young boys thought of the afterlife. Like I said the concept is original and thought provoking because it is done from a childs perspective. Ironically my family just lost a family member a couple weeks ago and we had to explain death to our five year old. So, as I was reading... read
  • A review of The Room (Revised)
    by Cab Coola on 06/02/2014
    I really enjoyed this story. Jake, a real estate agent,has trouble dealing with an empty room in his house so much so that he moves only to be troubled again by another one. What was in the empty room? It didn't matter. It was underlining meaning that the reader really grasped. The room was a metaphor for addiction. And how people struggle with it. One can move, change the... read
  • by Cab Coola on 06/02/2014
    Very cool story which leads me to believe that there is intelligent life out there and that it's not very different than our own. Teenage aliens from another planet and solar system, led by Zoe in her lemon of a spacecraft, go on a road trip through space one last time before becoming an adult. I enjoyed this story immensely. It was a sci-fi tale that any human could relate... read
  • by filmfamman on 06/02/2014
    This was a great short story written through the eyes of a 12 year old. The questions she ponders in her English composition are the same that perplexed and continues to perplex philosophers, scientists and such since we as humanity still lived in caves 20,000 years ago, and probably a lot further back then that. In my old retirement years I have been studying Hinduism and... read
  • by micheleraedejean on 06/02/2014
    Some kind of zombie-man walks the roads and eats motorists and then meets God. From the vague description of the Feeder why would anyone stop and pick him up, he should be suspicious if they do. This is painted on the front of a car “a long-legged blonde in crotchless panties and platform boots, which stretched up to her knees at either side as she sat spread-legged and smiling?”... read
  • by filmfamman on 06/02/2014
    This was a very long, but interesting short story. The prose was well written, especially the descriptions of the love interest and leading lady. The dialogue was well constructed for a rural people in 1964. The story kept my interest to the end, especially when there was a hint and fore shadowing of a possible death in the air. I remember those mail in forms to become... read
  • by micheleraedejean on 06/02/2014
    “What Happens When You Die” is an age old question. The kid says she needs to write about something for class and the assignment is to “write some paragraphs about something we didn't know anything about” which is obviously a very large category. I grew up in the sixties and we had to look up stuff the old fashioned way, in books. I am pretty sure libraries and encyclopedias... read
  • by sergiev2 on 06/03/2014
    I can dig on your story for having elements of fantasy in it. These aliens can do just about anything. You take much liberties with these creatures. I wish I got to know them better. Your world was vet dense but your story was loose. I don't know what part 2 is gonna have - hopefully it ties up some loose ends. Why does Zoe stay with Zax? Why are they so much trouble to one... read
  • A review of Next-of-Kin
    by filmfamman on 06/03/2014
    This was a well written scene to what could be a good and much longer story. The description of the detective having to perform a rather grim duty to inform, not just the wife, but all the fair haired children of a man who had obviously been murdered. It is Las Vegas in 1970, so we assume the victim was the recipient of some form of revenge via the mob, or some other low... read
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