"No one ever went broke in Hollywood underestimating the intelligence of the public."

- Elsa Maxwell


  • A review of Aswang Abomination
    by love my craft on 05/02/2014
    The introduction instantly sucked me right into the world of the narrator. I remember thinking at a point while reading that I wanted to stop reading, but I kept going. Then I got to the point of, “This is really f*cking scary” when I got the part about the aswangs’ sounds that they make. That’s some scary… Anyways. And then how to kill them? So it goes from scary, to bada$$... read
  • A review of The Last Thanksgiving
    by James Moriarty on 05/02/2014
    "Thanksgiving" is a real world experience. All readers know them. When an appliance breaks down, we call the REPAIRMAN. He examines the machine, orders a part and installs. Then a large labor + parts bill. But it's tough when it happens during the holidays. BLACKFORD tells this mundane, but real story. REAL PEOPLE. Good writing: "cancel hit." The writer, as many other writers... read
  • A review of Clickety Click
    by telliott on 05/02/2014
    With nearly 50 reviews on the story I will forego any mention of grammar, punctuation, spelling, word use (English vs. American) because I’m sure the writer has already heard them. This story is a snapshot of a family taking a snapshot. The use of the words whirring, clickety, etc, bring that home. Okay, I said I wouldn’t mention word use, but I was a bit confused by the... read
  • by telliott on 05/02/2014
    I started to go through this story point for point but I think it would make for a better review to say that, while the writer has some good ideas, some of them need to go by the wayside to tell the real story that lies within. What story is at heart? I think the kidnapping at the beginning is just a vehicle for a much larger story. Therefore, the writer simply needs to... read
  • A review of After Birth Rev. 1
    by telliott on 05/02/2014
    I’ve heard stories and seen movies (THE MAGDALENE SISTERS) about what ‘wayward’ girls used to have to go through, but most often such scenarios were abroad. Kudos go to the writer for bringing this story to ink. It unfolds charmingly with descriptive passages and characters that could live next door to the reader. While I enjoyed reading this heart-tugger I think there are... read
  • A review of Fred of Wartsville
    by rexb99 on 05/03/2014
    I'm a little confused as to whether this story is intended for children or not. If so I would say the age appropriateness is about four. Children of all ages are very tough critics. A smart one--and they are all pretty smart--is going to say 'But the emeralds in King Thadeus' crown don't glisten because it's dark in Wartsville. NOTE: You don't need to say 'After that, the... read
  • by rexb99 on 05/03/2014
    This is a fragment of a screenplay, not a short story. (Pg. 1) How does the audience know what Tim is waiting for? (pg. 3 4/8) NOT A SENTENCE: 'they’re running their business they’ll be driven into the ground in a few weeks anyways. You should proof your work. There is a lot of punctuation missing. Not much here makes sense, but maybe that's the intention. Even in an absurdest... read
  • A review of Rats
    by micheleraedejean on 05/03/2014
    This story certainly had an unusual plot. A sleazy guy's dog accidentally gets poisoned and the owner takes revenge for it and then he od’s and the person who was responsible for the poisoning saves his life and the man turns his life around. The author calls the sleazy owner of the boat son of a bitch too many times, I got that the girl didn’t like him, calling him by the... read
  • by micheleraedejean on 05/03/2014
    I have been on a fishing boat when someone caught an octopus and it was pretty creepy watching it move around the bottom of the boat before it was finally freed from the line and thrown overboard. What a strange sight it would be to have one walk by you on land. I don’t remember that it moved with the great speed you imply here but I have to believe this must be somewhat of... read
  • A review of Hearing The Meat
    by johnregan on 05/03/2014
    Hearing The Meat -- review by John Regan Like the meat itself, this story is a good start with plenty of room to grow and expand. The writing mechanics are solid and it reads like an early draft that will just get better and better. Effective description of the plant, factory, your dual life, and Marjorie is slowly introduced to us, which I like. I like the duality of plant/plant... read
  • A review of Soul Survivor
    by micheleraedejean on 05/04/2014
    The story line is unusual and has potential. The execution is a bit flawed as this is written in overly descriptive manner using different forms of the same idea repeatedly. The first three sentences use the word gravel three times, one revised sentence about the gravel would get idea across. Much of this story suffers from similar redundancies. You got a little carried away... read
  • A review of Our Fall
    by telliott on 05/04/2014
    After I read this story I thought of the iconic song performed by Billie Holiday. “ … Here is fruit for the crows to pluck, for the rain to gather, for the wind to suck. For the sun to rot, for the trees to drop. Here is a strange and bitter crop.” The use of apples in the story is probably what made me think of the song. STRANGE FRUIT, as we know, is about racism experienced... read
  • A review of Memorabilia
    by johnregan on 05/05/2014
    Memorabilia review by John Regan A lovely story that is effortless to read and I know from experience how much work it takes in order to make that happen. The characters of Farah, PJ, and especially, Mrs. Kashani were well-drawn and interesting. The story (the most important part of any piece of writing) is interesting and you did not give away too much too early of telegraph/foreshadow... read
  • A review of Night Owls
    by telliott on 05/05/2014
    Two men struggling in a post apocalyptic world meet each other on a path. Neither wants to go back. Neither wants to trust the other but trust does develop. They end up not going forward or backward on the path on which they met. They forge their own hopeful way via a sideways trek. Brilliant. Masterfully written. One of the best short stories on TS. Reminiscent of... read
  • A review of An Experienced Woman
    by telliott on 05/05/2014
    By references to TS in a short story? By posting a one-page story when it is supposed to be at least two? Did the download of this story not go through? I honestly don’t know where to begin. So I won’t. Give me a story to read and review. Give me more than a one-page joke about an experienced woman, which, by the way, is offensive. Show everyone that you are an experienced... read
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