"Don't part with your illusions. When they are gone you may still exist, but you have ceased to live."

- Mark Twain


  • Taking an irrational leap, and how it feels to be rewarded by irrational forces.

  • A pair of orphans from East Baltimore battle an evil high priest to save an ancient kingdom

  • The adventures of two young adults teaming up to defeat an ancient evil threatening to wipe out humanity

  • A future-Earth family heads to space for a vacation ...

  • A young boy becomes trapped in his favorite comic book.

  • Follow along with I as she tries to find her missing U!

  • A bird prince sets out to return home ruler after being sent away to an evil cat king for his inability to fly

  • A former cop has to escape a prison in order to seek revenge for those responsible for his family's murder.

  • Kasko, a diesel-stealing fairy, tries to steal power from a ley line to become visible to humans.

  • In the distant future, 2 rival ballerinas face off at a final audition that takes a turn for the unexpected.

  • Genres: animated

    The gift of life with only one limitation...

  • Stranded in space after a tragic disaster, young Carl must rely on the help of a robot to find his way home.

  • Genres: animated, comedy

    Are things so bad in Ireland that Dark Vader is Signing On?

  • Drake is an "ugly-duckling" type given the task of delivering a baby after a Stork crash lands in his pond.

  • A town of squirrels must rise to the occassion and go to battle with a group of militant raccoons

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