• After discovering they've been abducted, a group of dinosaurs must work together in order to escape.

  • A woman prevents a child from seeing his mother, dead in her room

  • An artist accepts a bet that she can help an anti-Christmas musician find the Christmas spirit.

  • A pair of orphans from East Baltimore battle an evil high priest to save an ancient kingdom

  • A Minor League pitcher turned priest gets a 2nd chance to return to the game and the woman he loves.

  • Mikey.....just a boy.

  • Jamie ventures into a story beyond his imagination. Where friends are in need of a rescue and safe return home

  • An engineering prodigy helps a washed-up rock singer compete in a lucrative but deadly monster-truck race.

  • The resolve of a tired service technician is tried as he's forced to run another call.

  • Genres: children/family

    A young scientist navigates common idiocy - not a science fiction story

  • An unlikely pack of small town sluggers tempt the odds and make their way to the Little League World Series.

  • A lonely drive through a lonely town begins a lonely time of year.

  • The adventures of two young adults teaming up to defeat an ancient evil threatening to wipe out humanity

  • Three girls learn more than just sewing in a Fashion Camp

  • Genres: children/family

    Bella and Hunter are 6 and 9 years old and they fight about everything

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