"Just as appetite comes by eating, so work brings inspiration, if inspiration is not discernible at the beginning."

- Igor Stravinsky


  • Young Black Boys speak about their fears of police brutality after the murder of Sean Bell.

  • A short Film depicting the problems of traffic faced everyday by different people.

  • Genres: documentary

    A short documentary about 3 friends and their journey in the wrestling business.

  • Where the North meets the South in the heartland of America.

  • Genres: comedy, documentary

    Everyone has a secret.

  • Rush , caused by the elevated heart rate,dilated blood vessels and increased glucose level

  • Genres: crime, documentary, drama

    Rebutting the lies from the media.

  • Genres: documentary

    Amy, watching the sea...

  • Grasshopper: I wanna be a movie star!

  • Genres: documentary, foreign

    An introverted man reaches people's hearts and interacts with them through the art form of rock balancing.

  • The bizarre true story of a rooster that was arrested for laying an egg.

  • A man walks from Delaware to San Fransisco looking for the good side of America

  • A two-minute short film made for Roskilde Festival Statement's competition

  • Genres: documentary

    Tattoo Artist Brian Monk Taylor goes through the process of covering an old unwanted tattoo.

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