"All a writer has to do to get a woman is to say he’s a writer. It’s an aphrodisiac."

- Saul Bellow


  • Genres: action, crime, drama

    A middle-aged butcher living in 1960s Ariziona lives a mundane existence. That is until one day...

  • A vampire from when the Earth was young, Isabelle, searches through the centuries for her lost lover

  • Genres: drama, horror

    A young girl finds the meaning of being a friend.

  • Genres: drama, western

    Some fellas know their time . . .

  • Genres: action, adventure, drama

    After The End of an apocalyptic event, a group of survivors band together to save America from slavery.

  • On the wrong side of the Berlin Wall, an East German teenage rocker struggles with the communist leadership.

  • Genres: drama

    It's a stereotype that Italians are involved in crime!

  • Genres: crime, drama

    If you cut the head off the snake another one will grow in it's place.

  • Genres: drama

    Domestic Violence will stimulate your mind and make you question your character!!!

  • Genres: comedy, drama

    Not coming out as it is commonly known, but harrowing just the same

  • Genres: comedy, drama, romance

    An interracial couple faces the racial insecurities brought to light by their unborn child.

  • Genres: drama

    An early morning shocker

  • Mikey.....just a boy.

  • Genres: drama

    A mental health worker battles to save his job and fracturing relationship

  • Lone Dialogues