"The realization of ignorance is the first act of knowing."

- Jean Toomer


  • A successful lawyer is forced to complete four cruel tasks for the man that has abducted his wife and son.

  • A happy couple suspect they are sheltering a killer in their house and must tap all their strength to survive.

  • An inexperienced priest gives his first Last Rites after witnessing an accident.

  • One crime can have limitless possibilities

  • A possessed young girl is about to have her world shaken by a mysterious new intruder.

  • Three American College students hack into a foreign nation's computer systems to overthrow a dangerous leader.

  • What if you could go back and fix your mistakes

  • A corrupt narcotics detective wakes up strapped to a polygraph-triggered bomb.

  • Diamonds are a grrrrrls best friend.

  • Hallucinations; If you know what you see is NOT real, does that make it any less disturbing.

  • The dark Memories of a home remembered

  • In the future, even the most powerful people's reach exceeds their grasp.

  • A man becomes obsessed with getting to the bottom of the noises that his house makes at night.

  • A man's dog has the mysterious ability to find buried murder victims in the woods

  • A vampire from when the Earth was young, Isabelle, searches through the centuries for her lost lover

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