"Life is a tragedy when seen in close-up but a comedy in long-shot."

- Charlie Chaplin


  • Even when the dead walk the Earth, despair can be the most deadly predator

  • A man facing the torment of life.

  • A Vicar's son goes on cybernetic quest to save not only his family and friends, but the World.

  • This story is based on truth about a man with an intense desire to learn of life's mysteries.

  • A runaway hippie girl confronts a walking nightmare in Portland, OR.

  • A Policeman arrives at a house in the dead of night to search for Mr. Groboski

  • Time Traveler or Genius Criminal?

  • Geoff goes for total abandonment on his new project.

  • Every life contains a private joke. What's yours?

  • An aging fortune teller is chosen by the spirit of a murdered transgendered prostitute to expose her murderer.

  • A grieving husband tracks his wife's killer to Cambodia, a non-extradition country.

  • A man visits an old adversary before he is executed.

  • A modern day superstar has lost all faith, but finds salvation from an unexpected source.

  • This story is based on truth about a man known for his intense desire to learn lifes mysteries.

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