• A young business man ponders his existence.

  • A fantasia on the life of Condoleezza Rice.

  • Genres: comedy, political

    Political ad. Satire.

  • Genres: action, crime, political

    Independent media group subMedia, (www.submediatv.com) has completed a short film inspired by CrimethInc.ís book... more

  • A look at the world we live in through the eyes of the creator.

  • a short documentary/ interview with a heroin addict on sunset avenue in hollywood. greg has always been in denial... more

  • NYer Elmer discovers his buddy Ted in Oakland has the big 'C'

  • If they can bring back Kotter, Why Not The Best?

  • A study in pain and destruction

  • Genres: drama, political

    Nick is a struggling writer. What starts as a simple case of writer's block turns into actual frustration in that... more

  • Genres: drama, foreign, political

    A film dealing with the process of loss and grief...

  • Genres: action, comedy, political

    It only takes one tiny spark to start a raging inferno.

  • A determined man persues the secret to his self-confidence.

  • Uncle Sam goes to the United Nations for some help fighting terrorists.

  • UHF

    A man sits alone in a room, his only company an old Television set that seems to influence his every action.

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