"All a writer has to do to get a woman is to say heís a writer. Itís an aphrodisiac."

- Saul†Bellow


  • Genres: comedy, horror

    It's american pie meets Friday the 13th

  • Genres: action, horror

    A town is overrun by a cannibalistic outbreak

  • A grieving girl and her widowed father are besieged by a malicious game that drives its players mad.

  • Genres: comedy, horror

    Rex, an amiable white trash redneck, must save his trailer park family from the gruesome Doggy Style Killer.

  • A serial killer uses his lullaby to possess teens to finish what he started.

  • Genres: drama, historical, horror

    A man and his household must deal with the repercussions of his wife's resurrection

  • A jaded artist strikes a deal with the devil.

  • A serial killer uses his lullaby to possess teens to finish what he started.

  • After a zombie virus devastates New York City, a survivor fights to help an infected teen regain her humanity.

  • Genres: horror

    A student learns from a horror novelist an ability to enter nightmares and unwittingly unleashes them.

  • A private investigator must save his daughter from a serial killer who possesses people with his lullaby.

  • Genres: horror

    Months after her passing, a young man's ex-girlfriend returns from the dead.

  • A happy couple suspect they are sheltering a killer in their house and must tap all their strength to survive.

  • Genres: horror

    A young man awakens a deadly sickness when he desecrates an ancient Indian burial mound.

  • A detective learns a serial killerís favorite victims are Jews and heís been murdering them for centuries.

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