• A bank robber forces a hostage to hide him in his secluded house, only to find out HE is the real hostage.

  • Genres: horror

    A young agoraphobe is trapped in her house while a savage killer stalks her from inside.

  • A girl is held hostage by two psychopaths who believe they are her parents.

  • Genres: action, horror

    Two cops attempt to survive against a city of the undead

  • Genres: horror

    Two lowlife brothers rob a woman in a lone desert house but become tangled in her supernatural torture.

  • The spirit of a deranged sorcerer returns to complete an immortality spell.

  • Genres: horror

    A group of slasher film fans try to avoid a crazed vengeful serial killer who they previous outwitted

  • A young woman, down on her luck, injects herself with DMT so she can talk to inter-dimensional beings.

  • Genres: horror

    In small town Arkansas, a group of high school kids go on a hayride way back in the woods.

  • An elite force attempt to track down two brothers who are planning to release a mutation drug into the world.

  • Genres: action, horror

    When a small town is overrun by a cannibalistic outbreak a small group of survivors attempt to find a cure.

  • Genres: comedy, horror

    Rex, an amiable white trash redneck, must save his trailer park family from the gruesome Doggy Style Killer.

  • The spirit of a deranged murderer returns to complete an immortality spell.

  • Genres: drama, historical, horror

    A man and his household must deal with the repercussions of his wife's resurrection

  • A jaded artist strikes a deal with the devil.

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