• Genres: horror

    During the WWII invasion of Iwo Jima, Americans and Japanese band together to survive a zombie infestation.

  • When blood is spilled overnight, a red sun will rise in the morning.

  • Genres: adventure, horror

    An aimless graduate must travel the world to escape a spectre that never stops moving.

  • Embittered by his motherís murder, Eric desecrates himself as he lusts for revenge.

  • Genres: comedy, horror

    An unlucky man uncovers a vast conspiracy perpetrated by diminutive clowns that only he can see.

  • Surviving an auto accident head trama, homely Emma is confronted with her deadly, erotic, dark side.

  • Genres: horror

    Drake, an old vampire, tears a small town apart looking for his reincarnated wife Lillith whom loves Henry

  • Genres: drama, historical, horror

    A woman must decide if the stranger who comes to her aid is a benefactor, or a depraved serial killer.

  • Genres: horror

    A young teen calls upon Santa Claus to send The Krampus, a demonic former helper, to rid him of bullies.

  • Genres: action, horror

    Outlaw bikers square off against Army Deltas, redneck cops and hordes of crazies.

  • Isidora fallsfor a charming Aristocrat but when she discovers his past, she must face her deepest fears.

  • Genres: horror


  • A gritty, urban romantic horror story set in Dublin against the backdrop of a religious conspiracy

  • In the wake of a stressful time Joseph's nightmares become concrete and force him to question his own reality.

  • When the lure of the Goblin fruit seduces Laura, Eliza must fight to save her and the flame of their love.