"Life canít defeat a writer who is in love with writing, for life itself is a writerís lover until death."

- Edna†Ferber


  • A fatherís paranoia over his familyís safety drives him to frightening extremes to protect them.

  • A Colombian counterfeiting boss enslaves his workers until his money laundering network is infiltrated.

  • The spirit of a deranged sorcerer returns to complete an immortality spell.

  • A detective is introduced to a form of justice she never knew existed.

  • Chosen as a test subject, a fugitive must uncover the truth before he's caught and convicted of murder.

  • A couple on their winter getaway start to drift between the mortal world and the realm of a familiar ghost.

  • A recovering gambling addict gets tangled up in a conspiracy involving parallel universes.

  • A writer with Hypergraphia suspects the murders in his books are occurring in real life.

  • Three city boys fall when climbing in the Andes. As they return home, their lives begin to unravel.

  • An elite force attempt to track down two brothers who are planning to release a mutation drug into the world.

  • A young couple is lured into an apartment building where they become the victims of a chilling conspiracy.

  • A young man sells drugs to take care of his younger sisters until he is hired into the mob as a chauffeur.

  • Be careful who you let in, be even more careful what they let out.

  • One flower will make his work life-affirming or else another will consume the lonely, the loveless.

  • The spirit of a deranged murderer returns to complete an immortality spell.

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