"What no wife of a writer can ever understand is that a writer is working when he’s staring out the window."

- Burton Rascoe


  • When you flirt with death, there's a price to pay.

  • A young couple, lured into an apartment building, might become the victims of a chilling medical conspiracy.

  • The spirit of a deranged sorcerer returns to possess children with a lullaby, turning him into Death itself.

  • A aging mercenary is taken under the wing of a dying businessman to take over a blood-run empire.

  • 4 thieves with a second chance, 2 women who don't exist, 1 serial killer in control. 0 ways out.

  • A man of assumption conquers a world of mystery. Sex, lies and murder sprinkled with a Fedora.

  • What if Death makes appointments with his victims, but the victims never remember?

  • Once you choose a path, or the path is chosen for you there is no turning back.

  • Elite players on a High School football team spiral into darkness, after a hazing incident goes fatally wrong.

  • A bank robber forces a hostage to hide him in his secluded house, only to find out HE is the real hostage.

  • This black comedy occurs when bodies are butchered in the middle of a very appetizing Italian market

  • A girl is held hostage by two psychopaths who believe they are her parents.

  • A father’s paranoia over his family’s safety drives him to frightening extremes to protect them.

  • A Colombian counterfeiting boss enslaves his workers until his money laundering network is infiltrated.

  • The spirit of a deranged sorcerer returns to complete an immortality spell.

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